About US

Cryptolisting is a fundamental authority for concise and clear advice, offering unrivalled breadth, depth and scope of information, bridging the gap between the crypto strength and conventional financial markets.

By aggregating and assessing tick information from internationally recognised trades, and seamlessly incorporating different datasets at the cryptocurrency cost, Cryptolisting supplies a detailed, holistic summary of the marketplace. In a high level level, we create: cryptocurrency trade information, order publication info, blockchain and historic data, social information, reports along with a package of cryptocurrency indices.

We pride ourselves on our information integrity and range of information and we constantly invest in our technologies and API to make sure our infrastructure stays solid and the retail and institutional investors can get information to fulfill their investment portfolios. Cryptolisting adheres to the most rigorous criteria to protect data integrity, normalising international sources to guarantee consistency and confidence in the marketplace. To guarantee the integrity of the information, we regularly examine crypto exchanges, track for market manipulation and choose regional anomalies and geographic moves under account.