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The code can be generated and placed on a website in a way described above. Additionally, we developed a plugin for WordPress websites, which provides integration with Adshares AdServer for publishers. It makes the implementation even more straightforward and automates the process of placing the code on the website. At this point, you need to create a new campaign, upload your banners and choose settings. Your ads will be displayed on our partners' websites.

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Any user is authorized to change the second, the third and the fourth status bits of another account in the same node. The first status bit is reserved and indicates a deleted account.

We will improve the protocol and propose additional features. It allows the free transfer of value between participants.


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Once your campaign is up and running, you can check how each of the banners is performing and make some adjustments to the campaign in case it's needed. To achieve the best results, we advise to always upload banners in all formats supported by the platform. If adzone options makes adshares ads unavailable backfill/fallback code will be displayed. When You collect all needed data, execute change_account_key command.

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The global account object is the state of the account as seen by the network, possible before submission of the transaction. Both objects can also differ if there is a transaction from the network (deposit) that was not yet processed and committed in the local database.

The signature is used only as the checksum of the new private key. Many examples start with the get_me method call. This call is needed for ads to load the latest account data (the account msid and hash) to correctly sign the next transaction. This call is not needed if the account msid and hash is provided as command line option or is set in the settings.cfg file. account.paired_address address of the cousin account, displayed only if there is a linked account.

Once you click the transaction ID, you are transferred to the Block Explorer, where you can check your account balance. 15 minutes, as soon as the blockchain scans it.

After selecting all the exclusions and going through the pop-up ads settings you can move on to banner ads sizes. In case you decide to make a deposit using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or one of over 30 other cryptocurrencies, hit the “Deposit with NOWPayments” button. Once you enter the amount you want to deposit and click “Deposit” you will be redirected to NowPayments.io. The minimum amount you can deposit is $25, and the maximum is $1000. If you are depositing ADS coins there is no minimum and maximum amount.

Two-way (sending and receiving) short codes:

It is a demo of key components of the Adshares ecosystem that features a user-friendly web interface. There are two panels available - one for advertisers and one for publishers.

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  • AdServer operators are responsible for choosing all other services in order to maximize the user’s profit.
  • One of the key advantages of our ICO model is the use of good incentives.
  • Let’s walk through all of the parts of our ecosystem.
  • If the node parameter is not 0 and not equal to the local node id, the node will assume that I request the creation of an account by a remote node (remote account).

This is one of the most exciting features that Adshares will bring to the market. Below you can see all Adshares components and a short description of their usage. If you’re a programmer and want to contribute, check out the GitHub links. This is a fairly simple layer that takes care of actually delivering the ads and displaying them on websites or inside mobile apps. There is a supplyAdServer for publishers and demandAdServer for advertisers, but you can easily use both.

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Let's try to connect to the node and get the current status of our user. The ESC’s architecture allows users to easily add two-step verification, without the need to trust the wallet operator. We are currently working on a mobile version of the wallet, in order to make the ESC usable on mobile devices. All value transfers happen on the ESC blockchain. The blockchain collects a 0.1% fee for processing transactions.

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What is important, ADS Wallet also supports Testnet, so each user can try it prior to handling actual transactions or storing real keys. The plugin operated in Testnet mode uses Testnet accounts.

ICO Adshares

account.id user id of the account (number of account in node). If the transaction was successful the node returns the updated local user account object. If the transaction requested info about the account the local and the global user account object is returned. Further processing of the transaction stops if the --dry-run switch is set and the transaction is not submitted to the node.

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The selection dropdown is available in the upper left corner. Each of the panels offers a wide range of settings and options. Both, the advertisers and the publishers, also have access to history, as well as to e-mail and password settings. This manual will show how to start ADS node and change key of main (technical) account.

Usually you will also need to specify an IP address. ADS Wallet uses our own JSON-RPC to communicate with blockchain. It is publicly available on our GitHub along with the documentation. If you want to know how to transfer your funds from the Adshares platform to your ADS Wallet, click here.

Adshares (ADST) Circulating 28,584,180

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By default first account has the same key as node. To setup the ADS node, you will need to provide a node identifier (4 hexadecimal characters) and a secret key which consist of 64 hexadecimal characters.

One of the key advantages of our ICO model is the use of good incentives. We offer extensive buyback for ADST tokens, and we have limits on the use of collected funds. We take the issue of buyer protection seriously.

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It is main (technical) account, which number is 0. By default secret key of node and main account are the same, so it is suggested to change one of them. ADS Wallet is a secure identity vault for Adshares, that was designed to store keys and provide cryptographic transaction signing. It can also be used to create or import accounts and send basic transactions. Our wallet provides integration with internal and external services connected to Adshares network.