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The Ambrosus project aims to improve the global food supply chains by creating an ecosystem where the team can record the entire history of products and execute commercial transactions accordingly.

Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol and smart contracts, Ambrosus is building a community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety & origins of products.

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Ambrosus — ICO Review

Introducing Ambrosus IoT Product Kits

In Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon, Aurelianus is depicted as the ageing High King of Britain, a "too-ambitious" son of a Western Roman Emperor. His sister's son is Uther Pendragon, but Uther is described as not having any Roman blood. Aurelianus is unable to gather the leadership of the native Celts, who refuse to follow any but their own race. The novel Coalescent by Stephen Baxter depicts Aurelianus as a general to Artorius, Briton and basis for the legend of King Arthur. In Baxter's novel, Aurelianus is a minor character who interacts with the book's main Roman-era protagonist, Regina, founder of a (literally) underground matriarchal society.

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This way Starbucks can send the coupon to users without any loyalty tokens. These coupons can be transferred, exchanged and redeemed separately from the loyalty tokens. The coupon smart contract can add additional functionality like limiting the number of coupons per customer similarly to sidechain-only assets. “Pegging” of assets can be implemented using the same approach as with the main sidechain asset (using Oracles and bridge smart contracts). Restricted transactions — restricting exploitable transactions on the sidechain (personal transfers between users) while making other transactions (e.g. to redeem a coupon) — free.

Ambrosus Gateway API Search Results & Alternatives

The proposed sidechain-based approach will divert most of the asset related transactions from the main network to sidechannels. Pegged assets must have a corresponding smart contract on the main network. These assets are independent of the main sidechain asset but can be used in the sidechain. For example, the same as previously, Starbucks has a loyalty token and decides to issue a coupon.

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In Rosemary Sutcliff's The Lantern Bearers Prince Ambrosius Aurelianus of Arfon fights the Saxons by training his British army with Roman techniques and making effective use of cavalry. By the end of the novel, the elite cavalry wing is led by his nephew, a dashing young warrior prince named Artos, whom Sutcliff postulates to be the real Arthur. In the sequel Sword at Sunset, Artos eventually succeeds an ailing Ambrosius as High King after he deliberately gets himself killed while hunting. It is not clear how these various traditions about Ambrosius relate to each other, or whether they come from the same tradition; it is very possible that these references are to different men with the same name. Frank D. Reno points out that the works call all these men "Ambrosius"/"Emrys".

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Alternatively, assets can have a mainnet “reflection” that pegs them to the main network. These assets can be implemented similarly to the main sidechain token — by bridging two smart contracts on the two networks. They can be used independently from the native sidechannel token (e.g. you can transfer and exchange coupons between accounts).

Interoperability with other Ethereum-based protocols ensures seamless integration and functionality of Ambrosus dApps. Commercial agreements between manufacturers and their supply chains are encoded as smart contracts on AMB-NET, Ambrosus’ Ethereum-interoperable blockchain. Quality, safety and logistical data generated by sensors and transmitted by AMB-NET Masternodes initiate contract self-execution and automate incident resolution, in the event of counterparty disputes. Ambrosus is a blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, enabling secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases to optimise supply chain visibility and quality assurance.

Without fees they can keep sending the same token forever, creating a high transaction load on the sidechain and making it unusable. The three fact sheets devoted to ‘middleware and communication protocols’ concentrate on explaining how the data collected from IoT devices can be communicated to the Ambrosus Network and underlying blockchain infrastructure. This overview outlines different solutions involving BLE, LoRaWan, as well as LoRaDTN. Furthermore, a technical description of the Ambrosus Multisensing Platform as well as its edge gateways are provided explaining the underlying purpose of such technology.

Data from a complex number of environments can be securely collected, transmitted, stored, and visualized utilizing the different components of the Ambrosus Network. In the coming weeks, more IoT products and relevant documentation will be released pertaining to more complex IoT solutions that Ambrosus is currently in the process of further developing. You will be working with the corporate clients/partners of Ambrosus (multi-billion-dollar producers, distributors and/or retailers of food & beverage products) who wish to integrate Ambrosus blockchain-IoT platform into their operations.

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When circulating through the network, tokens might not be transferable which undermines its liquidity on the market. If the token has a real technical utility rather than being a stock equivalent, we still strive to size the demand for such token from a technical standpoint considering specifics of supply-chain stakeholders. Baby food or fish products are showcased as for marketing purposes by Ambrosus. As such, they show how a wholesale marketplace for food could benefit from Ambrosus ecosystem; one could buy a fish online, with detailed info (provenance etc.) and pay via Parity in ETH (Parity being a strategic partner). If those use cases seem legit — anyone is looking for non-contaminated/fresh/labeled food — , it is hard to anticipate an important adoption at this stage.

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For Ambrosus to become the number one global cryptocurrency and defeat Bitcoin (BTC), a minimum price of at least 1.060,701 € (+7.115.911,62 %) is necessary. Ambrosus builds an universally verifiable, community driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety and origins of products, by combining sensors with blockchain protocol and smart contracts. It is used to link the information with the products in the supply chain, but also as a fuel for the Ambrosus ecosystem. In Stargate SG-1, Ambrosius and Arthur are one and the same. Merlin was an Ancient, fleeing from Atlantis and later Ascends, then comes back in order to build the Sangraal, or Holy Grail, to defeat the Ori.

This solution can be applied to both pegged and sidechain-only assets at the same time. Creating custom assets (AMB-A5, AMB-B2, AMB-C5, etc.) with the sidechain approach means simply deploying a custom smart contract in the sidechannel (or in the main network too). There are two main ways to introduce additional assets into sidechains. Assets can be sidechain-only the smart contract only exists in the sidechannel. These types of assets are derived from the native sidechain token.

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Therefore, we cannot know if Ambrosius Aurelianus or his successors took part in the battle.[4] The names of the Saxon leaders in the battle are also not recorded. Ambition is to build a private Ambrosus blockchain that will be accessible to anyone willing to use the network. Ambrosus team is working on developing hardware sensors that feature plug-and-play compatibility with their blockchain network (see below).

  • The novel Coalescent by Stephen Baxter depicts Aurelianus as a general to Artorius, Briton and basis for the legend of King Arthur.
  • Lawhead alters the standard Arthurian story somewhat, in that he has Aurelius marry Igraine and become the true father of King Arthur (Uther does marry his brother's widow, though).
  • They only describe certain conditions for a user to be able to buy something with his tokens.
  • The coupon smart contract can add additional functionality like limiting the number of coupons per customer similarly to sidechain-only assets.
  • Developers can also use any external identifiers for assets, such as GS1’s GLN, GTIN, SSCC, and others.

In this story, Romulus Augustus marries Igraine, and King Arthur is their son, and the sword of Julius Caesar becomes the legendary Excalibur in Britain. In the 2007 film version of the novel, he is played by Colin Firth and his name becomes "Aurelianus Caius Antonius".

Ambrosus description Ambrosus description

Much of the book is set at his court in Brittany or during the campaign to retake his throne from Vortigern. Later books in the series show that Merlin's attitude toward Arthur is influenced by his belief that Arthur is a reincarnation of Ambrosius, who is seen through Merlin's eyes as a model of good kingship. In Stephen R. Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle, Aurelianus (most often referred to as "Aurelius") figures prominently, along with his brother Uther, in the second book of the series, Merlin. He is poisoned soon after becoming High King of Britain, and Uther succeeds him. Lawhead alters the standard Arthurian story somewhat, in that he has Aurelius marry Igraine and become the true father of King Arthur (Uther does marry his brother's widow, though).

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Altogether, the factsheets outline different technical designs, as well as the underlying importance of ensuring secure data management and connectivity, between connecting devices and the blockchain. This is a 0,001 % market share (dominance) of the entire crypto currency market, 0,001 % from Bitcoin (BTC) i 98,68 % from True Flip Lottery (TFL). In Jack Whyte's Camulod Chronicles, Ambrosius Aurelianus is the half-brother of Caius Merlyn Britannicus (Merlin) and helps him lead the people of Camulod (Camelot).

Daniel Jackson also comments that it would mean that Ambrosius was 74 at the Battle of Mount Badon. Amber (AMB), the cryptocurrency underlying Ambrosus infrastructure, is the world's first altcoin to be accepted for a Security Token Offering. The system of contracts is written in Solidity and compiled to EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Contracts are combined together to co-operate and create services around quality assurance in food and pharma supply chains. They are abstract building blocks for different applications.

Middleware and Communication Protocols

Developers can also use any external identifiers for assets, such as GS1’s GLN, GTIN, SSCC, and others. Ambrosus provides a holistic and flexible data model that enables the frictionless onboarding of all real-world supply chain entities (product, batch, box), the measurement of their attributes, and the tracking of related logistical events.

Sidechain-only assets may not behave like conventional assets (e.g. you cannot send a specific coupon to somebody). They only describe certain conditions for a user to be able to buy something with his tokens.

Every request on Ambrosus, such as creating or reading assets or events, must be cryptographically authenticated. Every application or device talking to Ambrosus needs an account, with corresponding private and public keys to verify their identity. Every request to the Ambrosus network needs to be signed using the private key, which is then matched by AMB-NET to the entity’s public key, in order to be approved by the system. A digital identity for any physical or conceptual element in your supply chain.

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Built for both enterprises and entrepreneurs, Ambrosus offers cutting edge IoT devices, alongside a robust blockchain-cloud infrastructure designed to holistically secure and manage data collected from the real world. Ambrosus is a blockchain-based supply chain with its own AMB token. Ambrosus ensures that items can be tracked from point to point such as food and medicine. This “bonded” token derives its value from users of the network willing to track products (not end users accessing final information).

Scores are based on common sense Formulas that we personally use to analyse crypto coins & tokens. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Sidechains can improve the transaction capacity of the Ambrosus mainnet. Deploying and using more smart contracts on the sidechains should result in further performance optimization and scalability.


End users expressing real concerns for food quality might be more sensitive to local/regional products and fair trade aspects than “tech-backed” products. On the other side, this could a major improvement for many supply-chain actors, at all stages of the chain, that would be able to make sure their products are treated the right way as well as mitigate any issue using smart contracts.

Ambrosus description

Cerdic, who is of both Germanic and British descent and raised as a Roman citizen, served in his army as a young man. In the novel Ambrosius is a separate character from Arthur, or Artorius, who appears much later as a foe of Cerdic. The most significant appearance of Ambrosius is the story about Ambrosius, Vortigern, and the two dragons beneath Dinas Emrys, "Fortress of Ambrosius" in Chapters 40–42.[3] In this account, Ambrosius is still an adolescent but has supernatural powers. When it is revealed that Ambrosius is the son of a Roman consul, Vortigern is convinced to cede to the younger man the castle of Dinas Emrys and all the kingdoms in the western part of Britain. Geoffrey also introduces him into the Historia under the name Aurelius Ambrosius as one of three sons of Constantine III, along with Constans II and Uther Pendragon.