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Market Cap $6.95 M
Volume 24H 2294727 CAS
Open 24H $0.007
Low/High $0.007 - $0.007
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Cashaa is an Ethereum-based banking platform powered by the technology of Auxledger. It offers an exchange and money transfer services between fiat and cryptocurrencies. financial technology combined with fiat will enable real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services across all the Blockchain. The integrated Cashaa's wallet system enables its community to save, spend, borrow and get insured, with a simplified user experience in a legally compliant way. 

CAS, an EIP-20 token, is used as the main currency of Cashaa's ecosystem and allows its holders to acquire premium services, trade cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world, provide the credit score for lenders, participate in governing mechanism of CAS usage, and publicly trade tokens.

Mkt.Cap $ 6.95 M Volume 24H 2.29 MCAS
Market share 0% Total Supply 1,000,000.00CAS
Proof type Open $ 0.0070
Low $ 0.0066 High $ 0.0073

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February 28 — Cashaa — A next generation banking platform for the next billion. This is a stage ahead for Cashaa in scaling new heights and presenting new technological strengths to the world. I would like to clear, Cashaa full marketing will start hurting many coins which used ico to create financial application without even doing a KYC.

The latest Tweets from Cashaa LTD (@CashaaLtd). The Next Generation Banking Platform for the Next Billion. London…

You can checkout the Cashaa (CAS) price forecast for various period of the future like tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, after 5 years. We are considered as one of the Top and legit Token sale of Q and our team is working hard to make sure that all our participants get the advantage of Cashaa Tokens “CAS”.

Hello Cashaa Family,

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Through blockchain, Cashaa’s vision grew into being the next generation bank offering of financial products to the unbanked, under-banked, banked and Business tools as a global fintech initiative and decided to take head-on, the first mover advantage in its homeland, India. Kumar’s team started out at first developing a bitcoin exchange whereby persons interested in the bitcoin blockchain technology and purchasing bitcoin itself were able to have access to trade the coins. In doing so, the bitcoin also posed a value proposition whereby the coins would naturally be a medium of Fiat value transfer without any intermediary to decide how and what cost it will be transferred, and to the efficiency of transferring directly to the destination wallet. Cashaa reached 729 days ago on 06.02.2018 the all-time high of 0,150 €.

Cashaa description

Partnerships with many Huge Financial Institutions are on the way. Despite perceived delays everything is on schedule in creating the Next Generation Banking Solution. Keep this group full of energy and good vibrations, no FUD allowed here. Now I have to get back to making partnerships, token distribution, KYC and much more to make sure Our vision is growing. Cashaa will be the world’s first bank built on Blockchain infrastructure with regulatory and liquidity from existing central bank currencies.

With the Business Account Services, Cashaa will allow the client the relevant and needed functions that any business will require on a daily basis to operate fully and functionally. Cashaa will be offering a complete package, whereby clients would not need to leave the Cashaa Ecosystem to manage their business operations. Organize a fully compliant ICO using our KYC/AML and reporting service.

He and his associates took it upon themselves to solve both these issues and have them complement each other towards a possible solution. Cashaa has a market capitalization of 2.101.927 €. This is a 0,001 % market share (dominance) of the entire crypto currency market, 0,001 % from Bitcoin (BTC) i 99,96 % from Legolas Exchange (LGO). Cashaa is a P2P marketplace powered by the Blockchain to transfer cash anywhere in the world.

Know from our Founders on how Cashaa has come a long way in a short time, ranking now in Top 20 of the 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies Worldwide. Cashaa has recently completed its Token sale where we sold more than $33 Million USD worth of Cas token and set a guideline on how to conduct a compliant Token sale by rejecting more than $14 Million USD. Since Cashaa is the first ICO to implement such stringent KYC please be patient as we finish the KYC process.

As the world continues to attempt to regulate crypto, the tight regulations in India is in favor of Cashaa. We congratulate our community for supporting a fully compliant ICO and being patient with us as we finish our KYC. Only Follow ICOs which hold KYC in the utmost importance, KYC is such an important factor many past ICO have failed to realize. Everyone, thank you for being calm and patient. I can see the group has been growing strong and loyal, everyday.

Cashaa is currently extremely undervalued merely because Cashaa is avoiding any hype. It’s the opportunity to load up some CAS if you haven’t had the chance with the ICO wich took place in November of 2017. Cashaa — CAS utility tokenFind below a dynamic overview of all the “Cashaa News Telegram Channel” messages sorted by date.

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, a UK-based banking services platform, is enabling businesses to open a bank account in currencies like GBP, EUR, and USD. Cashaa is not a bank in itself but it has built strong partnerships and tech integration with various financial service providers, banks, PSP, EMI and integrated it through the Cashaa account to create a unique platform that is better than any bank.

Cashaa price prediction or you can say Cashaa forecast is done by applying our in-house deep learning(neural network) algorithm on the historical data of CAS. Based on the historical price input data the system predicts the price of Cashaa (CAS) for various period of the future.

  • Cashaa — CAS utility tokenFind below a dynamic overview of all the “Cashaa News Telegram Channel” messages sorted by date.
  • Please be prepare for trolls and fight together as community.
  • Best of all this Cash sender or the Cashaa never get exposed to Cryptocurrency volatility risk making its safest way to use cryptocurrency in FIAT world.
  • Cashaa has recently completed its Token sale where we sold more than $33 Million USD worth of Cas token and set a guideline on how to conduct a compliant Token sale by rejecting more than $14 Million USD.
  • There are also 490 users who have not added their ether wallet and 568 users marked as refund.

In our case, 100% users funds are deposited in a segregated account with Bank of England with no access to Cashaa to use, lend, invest your money or risk in any form.

How to recover your Cashaa wallet password?

The price is now lower by -0,15 € (-97,55 %), this equates to a loss of -0,0002 € (-0,13 %) per day. Cashaa is a win-win model for all the participants. There is no fee charged to the cash sender or receiver and he gets Higher FX rate than any existing player in the market. While traders using cryptocurrency only used for speculation now got Global market and higher profitability.

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These are some of the most common queries that impatient or amateur investors have. The fact is - no one can accurately predict future of Cashaa (CAS). All we can do is use various algorithms and run technical analysis of the Cashaa (CAS) using its historical price data and perform Cashaa forecast. If the future follows the same pattern as in the past, this predictions/forecast can be very accurate. It goes without saying, that Cashaa is a front-runner and will be the lead Fintech Platform for numerous businesses and enterprises in time to come.

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Despite all blocking and reporting, such accounts still keep coming back — everyone be aware that we are not giving away Eth, Cas or whatever else the fake accounts come up with. For any tweet, make sure it comes from us, twitter handle cashaaltd. Cashaa is built on Auxledger, an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure that currently powers applications across different governments and huge enterprises such as IBM, HP, etc. Cashaa’s vision and main goal is to build the payments and banking infrastructure for the future and to become “The Next Generation Banking Platform for The Next Billion”. The future of remittance relies on technological advancements and blockchain companies such as Cashaa, Ripple and Stellar are now becoming part of main industry decisions to change the future of money transfer, which is a need of billions of people worldwide.

We have raised more than $14.1 USD through verified sources, while rejected $14.34 Million USD,(Total $28.4 M USD) to comply with standards and set a role model for upcoming ICOs. We will soon start appreciating it more when the regulations kick in.

In order to overtake the predecessor Legolas Exchange (LGO), the price would have to rise to 0,004 € (+0,04 %). For Cashaa to become the number one global cryptocurrency and defeat Bitcoin (BTC), a minimum price of at least 265,136 € (+7.230.508,73 %) is necessary. Check out ourBusiness Bank Account service and open your account in 10 mins.We are also working to open upcountries like India which can bring a huge adoption in crypto.To know what Cashaa is doing in India, click here to know about Vision Blockchain 2030. At Cashaa, we have prioritized our business banking services and launched the bank account services in April 2019, to help the crypto business who are underserved by the banks. 7996 Members of Cashaa community concluded the great token sales without involving any whales.

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Utilize Cashaa’s awesome utility where you Do not liquidate your crypto assets to meet your short term operational expenses and avail yourself of a Cashaa credit line against your crypto holdings to keep operating and grow your business. International transactions would be more easily had with more options for currency exchange. Also incorporated into the business accounts, would be the offering of prepaid cards specific to the business accounts so as to keep track and have a quick go to for funding when needed for added convenience. With access to multi-currency availability, it opens up business to a truly global field of funding initiatives from worldwide interested investors via the fully compliant and regulation adherence that Cashaa enforces. At first, it was primarily solving the issues with Remittance, but quickly evolved into something much more than just “Remittance”.

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Cashaa's ICO campaign will feature Bounties and Bonuses, and the token will not be mineable. Cashaa will be holding its ICO on November 1st, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 51% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 510,000 tokens available, for 0.001 ETH each at the offering. The ICO funding cap is 200,000 ETH and is expected to end on December 1st, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached.

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