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Centrality Token Holders And Distribution Chart

Address: 0x1122b6a0e00dce0563082b6e2953f3a943855c1f

Centrality Token description

DApps across different use cases work together to acquire users, data, merchants and content. The use of smart contracts across the Centrality Platform ensures different companies can trust each-other. Each application created will allocate a number of their initial tokens to Centrality Platform, and Centrality Platform will have the discretion to airdrop these to the holders of CENNZ tokens. Centrality has built a platform, services and a library of applications that can be used as building blocks to create a decentralized application ("DApp") business. This component-based design gives startups flexibility over their product, while ensuring a standardised look and feel across all Centrality Platform DApps.

You store CENNZ tokens in your own wallet, they are under the control of your own private key at all times. Centrality is building a platform made up of core services. These core services will be the foundation for enabling a more equal and fair world for those that use DApps built on our platform. We believe the Centrality eco-system will put people back in control of their data and allow smaller companies to succeed by working together, this allows for a fairer world for everyone. ETH is deposited into the escrow account on the Smart Contract System.

However, we have a product roadmap full of exciting new features, modules and APIs for developers. We are also planning to release our own unique blockchain platform, which solves many of the issues with scaling and user experience from other chains. CENNZ is different because the applications on Centrality can work together to help each-other grow. For example, our decentralised taxi application could work with a decentralised restaurant application to bring passengers or deliver food.

It must also be noted that any value arising from the secondary market is a likely a by-product of expected platform growth and not a primary driver for CENNZ listing on exchanges. CENNZnet will support several standard token models for things like non fungible or asset backed tokens.

Tokens used in the platform will be ‘burnt’ and replaced on a 1-for-1 basis. The other 25% of tokens are used to buy the intellectual property in the Platform from Centrality Investments, with 5% set aside in a reserve for Centrality Platform. The Smart Contract System which trades your ETH for tokens is decentralised and runs on the Ethereum blockchain, so any token purchase, whether successful or not, will be visible to all. We do not hold your ETH at any stage until a token purchase is successful.

Centrality Token description

Centrality currently has 8 apps in market, generating revenue with a rapidly increasing user base. Many of these applications have partnerships with listed companies and major corporations to help accelerate growth. The Centrality Platform is already proving the benefits of sharing of data, users, merchants and insights to these apps. This is creating lower acquisition costs and faster scaling.

Centrality Token description

Centrality will airdrop its 5,000,000 SNGX into the CENNZ token in the coming weeks. When Ethereum appear in your new exchange account (it may take a few minutes), you are read to trade it for CENNZ in the new the exchange.

Centrality Token description

If you want more information about how Centrality works, the problems it aims to solve and how the CENNZ token fits in, take a look at its detailed white paper. Separate dapps can interact with each other to acquire users, data, merchants and content, with smart contracts ensuring trustless engagement.

Read our beginner’s guide to Centrality, CENNZ tokens and how to buy and store CENNZ.

Centrality Token description
  • This makes it difficult to employ critical technology such as big data and machine learning in a world where these technologies are set to dominate the landscape.
  • Centrality has already proven the business model and technology.
  • Centrality is a Kiwi company formed by like-minded individuals that are interested in cutting edge technology and creating something purposeful.
  • Developers create modules to add to the service catalogue that the Centrality Platform provides.
  • DApps across different use cases work together to acquire users, data, merchants and content.

This address should only be used once to import the SNGX token address into your wallet. You cannot mine Centrality as it has a different network structure than Bitcoin. Transfer Ethereum from your Coinbase account or any other account/wallet where you keep your ETH to the receiver/deposite ETH address from the step #3. After you have opened an account at one of the exchanges from the above list, you should find your ETH wallet address. Transfer Bitcoin or Etherium to an exchange that supports Centrality currency.

Which wallets can I use to hold CENNZ?

CENNZ will be used to help connect applications built on the Centrality P latform modules, linking the customer information to different processes. CENNZ is also the fuel for the Centrality ecosystem, used to access the network services, purchase modules to build applications from and to enter commercial agreements between application developers assured by smart contracts. These tokens will be ERC20 compatible, which support the interaction and standards with the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem. The ‘Centrality Effect’ will mean both users and DApps who hold CENNZ tokens share the utility created by the Centrality Platform. Everyone is incentivized to continue to drive activity to share in the mutual success.

Centrality Token description

If I’m building an application and the network gets congested for a reason totally different to my application, the cost of running my app goes up. At the same time you want to optimise usage of the network and prevent attacks. We think we have a great way of achieving predictable cost and optimal usage. The infrastructure of our platform, CENNZnet, will have three layers. At the base will be the network which provides the underlying infrastructure to build applications on top.

This is the first blog on our series on Centrality’s token economics. It is based on the keynote that CEO Aaron McDonald presented at Japan Blockchain Conference 2019.

To purchase CENNZ tokens in the TGE, an applicant must enter into a subscription agreement and meet the eligibility criteria which includes KYC/AML compliance. The Issuer will undertake a TGE to sell circa 840,000,000 CENNZ main tokens to qualifying wholesale purchasers. This number represents 70% of the total supply of CENNZ tokens of circa 1.2 billion. that no person who subscribes for CENNZ tokens in the TGE will sell, dispose or otherwise distribute CENNZ tokens to any person who is not a wholesale investor within the meaning of clause 3(2) of schedule 1 of the FMC Act. The applications all cooperate to enable each other to develop, building an exceptional application commercial center that uses a standard token; the CENNZ token.

This also provides the mechanism for secure communication. Data storage will depend on the application’s requirements, with a bias towards storing in-chain where it makes sense to the user experience and economic model. This allows developers to build complex services that can transparently interact with pure Blockchain components.

Centrality Token description

Users will always own their own personal information. When a user signs up, their profile will be created and stored on the chain via a smart contract.

Centrality Token description

How to sell CENNZ

Centrality Token description

But generally, we want to maintain as low a cost as possible, to encourage as many applications to be built. Developers will have to buy spending tokens off CENNZ holders and use them in order to make their applications work. The more apps in the ecosystem, the more spending tokens in circulation the better off CENNZ holders are.

Centrality Token description

Note that you may not be able to directly exchange CENNZ tokens for the currency you want. CENNZ tokens are currently only available from the HitBTC digital currency exchange.

Apps like Sylo and SingleSource have special permissions in our ecosystem and sit within the blockchain runtime. We want the community to be able to choose new applications into this special domain. CENNZ holders will be able to use their tokens to help in this curation process for applications. Dapps can be plugged into the Centrality platform and require CENNZ tokens for their creation. The Centrality platform creates the technical foundation for dapps.