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Market Cap $187.04 M
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Mkt.Cap $ 187.04 M Volume 24H 522,052.00CHSB
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swissborg sucht Junior Strategist Internship in Lausanne, CH

SwissBorg believes the banking industry doesn’t look the way it should in the age of digitalization. They detest the current, monopolistic and slow banking system where change is discouraged.

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Scala Romandie at our Lausanne office, Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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A gamified Bitcoin price prediction app that educates us-ers on Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading, the Community App has already been adopted by millions of users and community members worldwide. The benefit of holding a CHSB token is that a token holder will own negotiable security registered in the cooperative registry via the Smart contract System.

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Quantitative Crypto analyst

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SwissBorg provides a cyber bank platform created to provide wealth management services with a community centric approach. The company's cyber bank platform is powered by ethereum and uses deep learning algorithms that offers smart mandate, investment strategy and rewarding model, enabling individuals to optimize their cryptocurrency holdings. The SwissBorg project aim to revolutionize wealth management solutions with a community centric approach powered by Ethereum. Powered by Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, and our community’s Swarm Intelligence, our team of fin-tech experts is creating a holistic crypto wealth management solution accessible to everyone.

A great, solid digital ID project that was also nominated for the FinTech Germany Award, Helix is a perfect fit for the SwissBorg ecosystem. Unlike the distribution of the CHSB reward the distribution of HIX tokens will take place after the completion of the Helix ICO based on community members’ participation in second SwissBorg referendum. Swissborg is building the new era of wealth management on the blockchain.

The initial soft cap was set at US$5 million at the price of $0.10 per CHSB token (SwissBorg Network Token). They successfully raised US$10 million within the first 12 hours, with no signs of slowing down.

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[to] promote community-centric values, where individuals, institutions and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) will benefit from a democratic, transparent, and trustworthy, investment platform. TrackICO does not encourage investing in any ICOs published on the platform. Make sure to do your own thorough research before putting money into Initial Coin Offerings.

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Besides that, professional wealth management services are only accessible by the elite. The company offers a wealth management solution which gives token holders the ability to choose the direction in which the network will develop. The organization is a DAO which will be in charge of issuing CHSB tokens to the holders.

SwissBorg Korea Update (November) SwissBorg reached the A+ level (highest grade) on Xanlge the blockchain company’s public disclosure platform. A Wild Month For SwissBorg & The Cryptosphere Read all about our Alpha testing, how the market acted, how we grew in numbers, and all the progress we made this past month. Graduated from an engineering school, Anthony Lesoismier worked for investment management companies in Paris, London for almost a decade before becoming an entrepreneur.

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  • The combination of AI, swarm intelligence and smart contracts could enable new financial services.
  • Buterin believes that the tokens of the future will have many of the characteristics of traditional stocks.
  • The idea of a community-driven bank offering tailored financial services is very appealing.
  • SwissBorg Korea Update (November) SwissBorg reached the A+ level (highest grade) on Xanlge the blockchain company’s public disclosure platform.
  • By utilizing the community-centric approach, SwissBorg aims to offer best of breed investment solutions fully focused on the community.

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All content on TrackICO is meant to be used for information purposes only, and should not be taken as financial or investment advice. The concept of using swarm intelligence could enable them to become superior at investing. SwissBorg uses a Swarm Analyzer to analyze proposed investment strategies.


The company is managed by an international team with over 90 years of cumulative experience between them, with varied backgrounds ranging from private banking, hedge-fund management, and algorithmic and quantitative trading to Wall Street. SwissBorg is a Swiss fintech company headquartered in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland, decentralized to the world. It is the first Swiss crypto-wealth management platform based on the blockchain, developed by a team of financial experts. SwissBorg wants to create a wealth management solution made in Switzerland and entirely owned by its community members.

We heard some fun stories on their personal experiences, breakthroughs in crypto and thoughts on what the future of blockchain technology will bring. These videos are guaranteed to “edutain” you and with the sharpest minds sharing views on the latest trends. Universal access is a game-changing mission yet a purpose that, just like Rome, cannot be built overnight. One of the most vital ways to give equal investment access to all is by having the local national currency enabled. This feature can drastically improve the community user’s experience thanks to what we call FIAT CURRENCY gateways or “on & off fiat ramps” as some people like to say.

If a CHSB holder wishes to become a member of the SwissBorg Cooperative and wants to be more involved in the cooperative governance, they can become a member of the cooperative. By holding this token you will be able to participate in the governance of SwissBorg and will be entitled to dividends in the future. Having 4 fiat trading pairs on a single platform is a very strong argument for other tokens to be listed on our wealth app and we already can see people coming our way for partnerships. As a result, we can see that only roughly 30% of crypto exchanges around the globe are “viable”.

It has been built with the least tech-savvy user in mind, to make diversified and automatically re-balanced crypto portfolios accessible to all. By utilizing the community-centric approach, SwissBorg aims to offer best of breed investment solutions fully focused on the community. Today, we are inspired to help create a new era of wealth management entirely based on Trust and Fairness. Initially, the project started in 2015 as a robot adviser but the actual SwissBorg Blockchain business model was defined in 2017. SwissBorg discovered the potential for smart contracts to deploy their philosophy and business model.

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Token holders will be entitled to future revenue gains of the DAO as well. SwissBorg is a decentralized wealth management platform based in Lausanne, Switzerland with international teams in both Japan and Canada. SwissBorg is here to disrupt the banking industry with its wealth management solution. The idea of a community-driven bank offering tailored financial services is very appealing. However, the adoption of this kind of bank will be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

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How much is 1 WTC to CHSB?

The ultimate potential of the blockchain lies in its ability to provide a direct peer to peer interaction without the need for a costly and intrusive intermediary. Through utility tokens, the community will turn blockchains into networks and markets.