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It is important to note that the 504 code does not represent a request failure, but is unknown. It is very likely that it has already been executed, and it is possible that the execution will fail and further confirmation is needed.

The exchange has further banned trading for users from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, and China. CoinBene, currently, provides cryptocurrency exchange only, and fiat deposits not accepted. Get Kline data information for different specified periods. The maximum amount of data for a single request is 200. If your chosen start / end time and time granularity result in exceeding the maximum amount of data for a single request, your request will only return 200 data.

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CoinBene Coin reached its highest price on 21 June, 2018, when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 0.690772. Withdrawing means to withdraw your crypto assets from one address to another(e.g., wallet or exchange).

Private Interface - Batch Order

The exchange does not have a customer support phone line. And, many customer reviews online state that customer support is slow to respond via email.

Each private request must be signed using a canonical form of authentication. The private interface needs to be verified with your API key. If the trading fee under the receivable currency transaction is USDT, it will be converted according to the market USDT and CONI exchange rate, and the latest price of CONI/USDT market will be taken. The latest price in the market is updated in real time.

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It has a strict total volume of 1 billion, which will be created and never increased. Coni will run on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20.

Which Cryptocurrency do you want to buy, transfer or store?

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If you have not completed your KYC, the withdrawing limit is 2 BTC per 24 hours; We suggest that you complete your KYC as soon as possible for your account safety. Additionally, the iPhone app isn’t listed in the App Store. Instead, you have to scan a QR code on the CoinBene exchange website and go through a manual install. Although this process is simple enough to do, it’s easy to question why these extra steps are even necessary.

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40% of the net profit of the CoinBene platform is used to reward Coni holders in 8th of each month such as the first reward time is July 8th and so on. Based on developing of CoinBene, the monthly rewards will be replaced by weekly rewards.

  • CoinBene MoonBase is a Blockchain Asset Priority Platform.
  • Compared to other centralized exchanges on the market, CoinBene’s fees are competitive.
  • Still, CoinBene does offer a variety of customer support contact options.

This was seen as an important strategic partnership for CoinBene to differentiate itself from others in the cryptocurrency exchange market. Blockchain/crypto companies that are also part of the McAfee alliance include Docademic, Apollo, Ethershift, and several others. While some people might expect this to be a given from a cryptocurrency exchange, the reality is that many exchanges don’t offer this functionality. Those that have good reviews are even rarer, and unfortunately, CoinBene isn’t an exception. Like many exchanges on the market, CoinBene has a native token that you can use to reduce trading fees.

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If you want to get enough granular data over a larger time frame, you need to make multiple requests with multiple start / end ranges. Follow the timestamp + method + requestPath + body string (+ for string concatenation), and secret, encrypt using the HMAC SHA256 method, and finally return the byte array of the encrypted string to a string. If a valid API key is passed, the user id is used to limit the rate; if not, the user's public IP address is used to limit the speed. HTTP 504 indicates that the API server has submitted a request to the business core but failed to get a response.

You can submit info in “account-identification” for KYC to improve security by trading as well as by withdrawing. We sincerely suggest you complete KYC as soon as possible. Normally, we will approve your KYC request in 12 hours.

About CoinBene (FAQ, Help, Support, Contact)

Crypptocurrency expert Nick Schteringard said on Twitter yesterday, that the hacker appears to have stolen roughly $6 million in Coinbene Coin and $39 million in Maximine Coin, which it later dumped on the market. It should be noted that none of the two cryptocurrency exchanges have put out exact figures of the sums they've lost, and none have responded to requests for comments from ZDNet. Two cryptocurrency exchange portals, DragonEx and CoinBene, have disclosed hacks this week and have both gone into maintenance mode to investigate and improve their infrastructure. CoinBene Token (the "Coni") is a crypto-token developed by the CoinBene exchange.

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Additionally, English language support isn’t the best. Still, CoinBene does offer a variety of customer support contact options.

CoinBene Future Token price chart

CoinBene’s Coni token (CONI) cuts trading fees in half, to only 0.05%. Fees are also the same for market makers and takers. Compared to other centralized exchanges on the market, CoinBene’s fees are competitive. As of October 2018, there are 29 trading pairs for USDT, 75 for ETH, and 59 for BTC.

CoinBene supports a range of cryptocurrencies, comprising of three main trading pairs such as Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), with deposits allowed to be made only using these currencies. As of now, there are a variety of cryptocurrency pairs; users might find some popular cryptocurrencies, and some “not-so” popular cryptocurrencies as well. Also, there are 35 trading pairs of USDT, 80 pairs of ETH, and 111 trading pairs of BTC. The British mobile-based cryptocurrency will now trade in India, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia after its listing on CoinBene, one of the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges. Within nine months of its launch in November 2017, CoinBene’s daily trading volume was more than $300 million.

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Coni holders will also get a discount of 70% on trading fees. It is essential to consider the locations exchanges operate in. At present, CoinBene has around 0.9 million registered users in more than 150 countries. The platform has barred US users from participating on its platform.

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CoinBene is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers users a simple-to-use platform for crypto-to-crypto trading. In our CoinBene review, we look at this exchange’s advantages and disadvantages by examining a variety of categories that are important for any cryptocurrency trader to consider. CoinBene offers Coni, a crypto token of the exchange platform. Coni holders get rewarded with benefits such as a 40% share of the platform’s net profit either on a weekly or monthly basis.

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You can find QR codes to Telegram and WeChat support on the exchange homepage. You can also find customer support options on Twitter and Weibo.