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What is DeepBrain Chain?

It is primarily designed to help AI companies overcome their hurdles by lowering the computational cost and protecting data privacy. DeepBrain Chain is a computing platform that merges artificial intelligence with blockchain technology. The project’s ICO for DBC was held in December 2017, with one NEO being the equivalent of 2200 DBC at the time of the sale.

DeepBrain Chain description

Individuals and organizations can mine for coin that is given in exchange for these resources. The DeepBrain Chain recently announced its partnership with Singularity NET in June 2018. The companies decided to launch a platform which will grant public access to the AI algorithms. Both the companies are looking forward to building and supporting a decentralized AI framework. Singularity and DBC are combining their computing power and resources, permitting the users to access information, algorithms, and data on both the platforms, which will further result in a joint marketplace.

It is worth noting that this project has been in development for quite some time now, and there is still a lot of work to be done. The AI testnet is still under development, and users will be able to start submitting AI training requests soon. Later this year, we will see the finalization of the testnet, alpha and beta tests of the reward system conducted, and cooperation with a well-known university or organization in the world of blockchain or AI. The mining and reward system should be ready for use later this year, although timelines are always subject to change.

DeepBrain Chain description

CTO Shu Chang is considered an expert in the AI, blockchain, and cryptography space due to his involvement as the Director of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Shanghai. If DeepBrain Chain is able to establish itself as a pioneer in the blockchain-based AI space, it will have some substantial footing in a potentially trillion dollar industry.

This allows DBC users to access or obtain the DBC token by using their crypto holdings, bypassing the need for more KYC norms. DBC mining involves the miners are paid in DBC for the work they have done on the entire network which goes towards the computational needs of AI. The miners also get payment in GAS as DBC is on the NEO platform too.

DeepBrain Chain description

However, in PoW mining, an enormous amount of computing power often gets wasted. By combining mining with AI training, DeepBrain Chain pools together globally scattered computing power to help AI companies to complete their training tasks. In other words, it turns wasteful blockchain mining into highly efficient AI deep learning, machine learning and computing while providing miners the same, if not higher, income. By aggregating decentralized AI computing capacity, the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem allows AI companies to purchase computing resources at a much lower cost. And as the number of mining nodes increases, it will form a virtuous cycle where every participant wins.

DeepBrain Chain description DeepBrain Chain description

Launching a project that uses both AI and blockchain. Since a DBC coin is based on NEO, you can store the crypto in any NEO or NEP-5 compatible wallet, such as NEO Tracker.

The blockchain employs a hybrid consensus mechanism consisting of Proof of Importance and Delegated Proof of Stake to validate the blocks of the ledger and generate new coins. After the completion of its token sale, DeepBrain Chain was launched in April 2017. The project and its team are based in Shanghai, its members consisting of individuals that have a great deal of experience in technology and AI. With only 9% of the total tokens going in the ICO, it’s far from a decentralized ICO that many investors are used to. However, 50% of tokens are generated through mining, in the same something like Bitcoin’s supply inflates over time from proof of work.

DeepBrain Chain description

However, most of today's mining, such as mining of Bitcoin or Ethereum is still PoW, a mechanism much criticized for its waste of resources. DBC features a strong alliance with NEO (considered the “Ethereum of China”). It is currently touring the USA, Ireland, Holland, Germany and other countries. The DBC tokens have been listed on the exchanges including Lbank, Kucoin, Gate.io, Allcoin and Huobi.pro.

What is DeepBrain Chain (DBC)? Future of DBC Cryptocurrency and know how to buy DBC

DeepBrain Chain description
  • Computational power for AI companies will be supplied from countless nodes from all around the world, and will also receive DBC as rewards.
  • If about 10-30% of the total budget of an AI company is estimated to being spent on hardware, DBC claims to reduce the total price on this by around 70%.
  • As DBC is not traded against any fiat currency, you will have to purchase the coin using crypto.
  • DBC is marketed as a decentralized AI solution, yet up until this point the project has focused on development of a centralized AI training network, all the while missing a number of key milestone by months.

DeepBrain Chain was originally built on the back of $NEO, a next-generation smart economy platform. DBC has since created its own blockchain network called $DBC Mainnet. The system provides a decentralized network with huge amounts of compute resources. Using blockchain tech, the DeepBrain Chain team has created a low-cost, privacy-protected as well as a decentralized AI computing platform which will include a wide range of services and products.

DeepBrain Chain description

Since anyone will have access to this pool, the project still retains some decentralized components. The centralized part is that many of the tokens are held by the team and foundation, which will be released over 10 years.

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DeepBrain Chain description

In the blockchain industry, mining is very important. Compared to investing in the secondary market, mining is less risky and generates more steady income.

Recently Updated Profiles at DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain (DBC token) is a blockchain created for use by Artificial Intelligence (AI) developers. Recognizing that building AI systems creates massive computing challenges, the DeepBrain Chain team seeks to offer dedicated resources to AI teams, without the barrier-to-entry of a mammoth computing infrastructure. There are multiple benefits to using the DeepBrain Coin as part of this ecosystem.

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After 1 year, the founders will only have 3.5% of the total supply. Every DBC token corresponds to the computation value of the service. This means that the token is tied to real value, and if the DeepBrain Chain can pull off this ambitious project, investors would be able to see some pretty substantial dividends. It’s essentially a platform made for data computation and data trading to distribute spare computing resource.

DeepToken Exchange, a digital asset exchange dedicated to trading AI-related tokens. The ICO will offer DeepToken (DPT) to investors, which will be utilized under a vote-to-mine scheme to screen and select projects for listing. While DBC will be included on the exchange, USDT, ETH and BTC comprise the initial base trading pairs. Idle computing nodes can be deployed for use to earn DeepBrain Coin (DBC).

Its tech team has finished the design of iteration 1 framework and testing has begun. They have also finished the design of the AI training status real-time monitor system and started the design of iteration 2.

But DeepBrain Chain is not the only project of its kind. More and more AI-based ledgers and coins are entering the blockchain scene. As DBC is not traded against any fiat currency, you will have to purchase the coin using crypto.

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In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the DeepBrain Chain project and its crypto, the DBC coin. DeepBrain Chain is offering a decentralized artificial intelligence computing network and platform for a variety of artificial intelligence products. DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized artificial intelligence computing network and platform for a variety of artificial intelligence products. Even if computational demand were to peak, the DeepBrain Chain should be able to deal with such fluctuations. Idle nodes will be switched on whenever the demand outweighs currently-shared computing resources.

A total number of 10,000,000,000 DBC coins are in circulation. What’s more - with CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, you do not rely on a separate wallet from the exchange to store your PIVX cryptocurrency. Instead, all transactions happen to and from your own personal private wallets. The primary goal of DeepBrainChain is to provide cheaper computational resources to the AI companies as the resources gradually grow more expensive.

DeepBrain Chain description