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The new Samsung DeX Pad launches next month – and it's free with Galaxy S9

Connect the USB-C end of the DeX Cable to the port on the phone or tablet, and then connect the HDMI end into the monitor's HDMI port. Connect the DeX Station to a power source using a Samsung branded fast charger (fast chargers have a lighting bolt symbol on them). Indeed, it is the perfect bridge between your day to day cell and desktop/laptop environment. Indeed, from the moment you connect your samsung device to a dock, you can power the android DeX interface from your cell. You can now display your apps and datas on a larger screen, with a keyboard, mouse and many other external devices.

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RIP my PC?

Browsing the internet, checking emails and messaging friends and family around the world can now be done from those useful little rectangles we carry around in our pockets. Once the app is installed and your phone is connected, DeX should boot automatically.

When an HDMI cable is connected to an external display (no extra hardware needed), a desktop environment is projected from the phone to the monitor. The DeX platform contained within compatible Samsung smartphones and tablets projects a full desktop environment to an external monitor in a desktop mode.

How can I use my laptop as a monitor?

Open the My Files or Gallery app on the Samsung DeX screen of your PC, then select the files that you want to transfer. Click and hold files with your mouse to select them.

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With Samsung DeX, you can run virtualized Windows desktops and apps with enterprise-ready VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions³ including cloud-based ecosystems from Citrix, VMware and Amazon. The DeX Pad is currently priced at just $68.88, regular price of $99.99, and includes HDMI, USB 2.0, and USB Type C ports. There is no ethernet port on the DeX Pad, but it also does have a cooling fan and charges up your phone while in use.

Best Samsung Smart TV Apps You Should Try...

There are a very limited number of apps that currently support Desktop Mode, and many apps installed on the Huawei phone do not even show up on the external display when in Desktop Mode. Huawei has a lot of work to do to make this solution satisfactory for the enterprise and at the moment it is primarily a novelty for some basic tasks.

Can I charge my phone through the Samsung DeX Station?

Officers are able to collect photos and data on the phone while on scene and then dock the phone to continue the experience with a full keyboard and monitor. Audio will play via your smartphone or tablet by default.

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Tab S4 and it is the first tablet to support DeX. This was a feature introduced with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

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But while the large-screen Note 9 is fine for those activities, what about for taking down notes and writing articles, which I often do on my laptop at press events? The on-screen keyboard is large enough to type short articles and emails on easily enough, but it can't compete with a laptop keyboard for longer pieces.

Familiar business productivity apps are optimized for DeX with keyboard/mouse and resizable windows support, so you can get the most out of using your device in DeX mode. Samsung DeX paired with your Galaxy smartphone and your agency or branch's VDI client of choice enables seamless access to secure networks. Many banks have adopted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and thin clients to replace traditional desktop computers.

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  • If no mouse is connected, you can use your Samsung phone display as a trackpad when connected using the DeX Pad.
  • Remote Desktop, like all Google products, is easy to use and simple to set up.
  • So, after a week of working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, am I ready to ditch my PC and laptop?
  • Use dual mode to work in DeX mode on your connected monitor screen while using your phone to text, call or take notes at the same time.
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How do I resize my DeX screen?

【4K Ultra HD Resolution】Original Samsung Dex Station only support 1080P resolution, but our HDMI output support up to 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz); backwards compatible to 1080P and 720P.

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Open the My Files or Gallery app on the Samsung DeX screen of your PC, then select the files that you want to transfer. Air Display works seamlessly but the issue is the pricing model. With every major upgrade Avatron Software i.e. the creator of Air Display increases the price. This is something which bothers long-time users like me but hey if money is not a problem then you are good to go. Another thing that bugs me is that you need to installAir Display Hoston your iPhones, Androids, and PCs which you want to use as a secondary screen.

Tap the notification that says "Use your phone as a touchpad." Now you can control the monitor's cursor using your phone! If your phone has a case on it, make sure you take it off before connecting because it may cause connection issues. Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note10/Note10+ and get 6 months of Spotify Premium for free. To run Samsung DeX, the following hardware and software requirements must be met.

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The first thing you will see when you connect your DeX setup is a full display with a background image, application shortcuts, and a launcher for your apps. Multitasking is fully supported, too, so if you have a large external monitor, you can easily run a number of apps at the same time. The Samsung smartphones have stunning power and capability to enable the use of many apps at once. This year's DeX Pad is a flat device where your compatible Samsung phone rests on its back plugged into the USB-C port. Your Samsung phone can serve as a keypad and keyboard, too, so you could just have an external monitor and enjoy a DeX computing experience.

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With Samsung DeX, your team can run virtualized Windows desktops and apps with enterprise-ready VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions2including cloud-based ecosystems from Citrix, VMware and Amazon. Samsung DeX takes the mobile productivity of the Microsoft Office Mobile suite to a large screen so you can more done wherever business takes you. From the office to the manufacturing floor, Samsung DeX lets you connect to workstations and work on the go with one easy-to-carry device. So tasks from pulling up equipment records to checking inventory, resource planning and schematics are seamless from point A to point B. We noted that the new Samsung DeX Pad is like having "a secret Chromebook hidden in your phone." But not everyone will be willing to pay for this extra.

How does DeX pad work?

Samsung DeX enables you to turn your Galaxy smartphone into a true desktop computing experience*. By docking your smartphone into the DeX Pad, your phone will launch a special DeX mode on the connected external monitor and applications can be opened in multiple separate windows.

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How to Access & Use DeX on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

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In related news, Android Q beta 3 has a desktop mode very similar to DeX. You can check out what that could potentially look like in the link below. The Note10 makes it easier than ever to update and annotate documents on the fly in Microsoft Office apps. Here are some tips for using PowerPoint on your smartphone.

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How do you turn off Samsung DeX?

select the Settings app, select "Samsung DeX". as desired. Disable Samsung DeX.

Connect with a DeX cable

Many apps are optimized for the large screen, and this is where the real power of DeX comes into play. With these optimized apps you can see more content such as your email folders with email preview panes on one display. Email, Samsung Internet Browser, Microsoft Office apps, Microsoft Outlook, AutoCAD Mobile, Adobe Photoshop apps, Google Chrome, GoToMeeting, Gmail, YouTube, Spotify, and more are all optimized for DeX. While not related to the enterprise, there are several games that are also optimized for DeX, so if you need a break from work that is a possibility, too. There are ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0, and USB Type C ports on the back of the DeX Station.

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