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ECH global system for distributed energy industry development is to point to by block chain technology for the energy industry to provide one-stop supply chain finance solutions, and provide energy products distributed digital deal with payment and settlement services.On the other hand, ECH takes the digital currency of energy as its core and actively explores the block chain form of energy based on the whole-network participatory public chain, so as to build an ecological circle of energy digital economy that integrates global consumption drive and sustainable development incentive.

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Etherecash✅ Initial Coin Offering

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EthereCash description

The Etherecash concept is designed to address the primary pain points in the financial service sector through the adoption of blockchain and smart contracts to bring transparency and clarity to the industry. This is done through the efficient use of smart contracts in accordance with the terms of the contracts. Haven’t you dealt with exaggerated timelines, exchange rates, excessive regulations every time, while sending money to your friends, family and peers across borders? Well, all that can take a backseat with blockchain.Intrigued by the idea of moving over banks to lend money to people in other countries?

What is Etherecash?

Without diversity and transparency in the current lending system, these young people could well have a very hard time accessing capital. But millennials more than any other group have been known quickly adapt to new technologies. Cryptocurrency, thanks to its naturally unbiased nature, may very well end the minority lending problem.

EthereCash description

All information presented on the website regarding the description of ICO projects, cost, and investment opportunities is for informational purposes only and is not a public offer under any circumstances. ECH is an ERC20 utility token that will be used as the payment method for the services offered on the EthereCash platform. Etherscan Dapp Page enables an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for you to interact with the Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. Trading and investing in digital assets is highly speculative and comes with many risks.

The smart contract is executed on the ethereum platform facilitating a complex transaction which is peer to peer, and the transaction details are recorded on the ethereum blockchain. This enables individuals or companies who have cryptos to borrow against them, to generate immediate cashflow, without comprising the position of their cryptos. Borrowers can use their cryptocurrencies as collateral, on a safe, rapid and cost saving platform. Similarly, lenders who have unutilised funds, can provide loans as per their comfort level and still achieve higher returns than typical bank deposits.

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EthereCash description

ICOs are here to stay. Top 5 Reasons to participate in them

EthereCash description

5 etherecash | SPENDSENDLEND | 208 deal they're offered. Unfortunately, the gap between those with access to finance and those without, has grown exponentially. This has further strengthened the positions of lending institutions and made it more difficult, expensive and lengthy for individuals and often SME's to obtain loans. Below is a summary of Euro area SME's that described 'Access to Finance' as the most pressing problem they faced back in 2014. [17] This is one of the main challenges witnessed in the financial industry due to the high costs of expanding operations, resulting in economic exclusion.

Considering the following breakdown of diversity in private equity and venture capitalist firms as detailed by TechCrunch, the future for minority borrowers seems bleak. It is easy to think all that needs to be done is to diversify the investment boards and the minority problem will go away. But while the SBA has made recommendations to do so, there are some glaring problems with this solution. To begin with, the process of diversifying boards is not one that can be done overnight.

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Cryptocurrency investment is very risky and you may lose all your money. Risks include but are not limited to, theft, fraud, exchange failures, and technical errors leading to partial or total loss of funds.Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. You should look to avoid investing in an ICO which is a tad too similar to an established project. These ICOs often ride on the hype of other successful projects.

Convinced by how blockchain can take care of your payments? Then you should definitely look forward to leveraging our Etherecash token, which will be up for sale through our ICO, come October 25th. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) happen to be the latest craze amongst investors in the cryptocurrency space. A brainchild of the Ethereum team, it is a form of crowd funding, that allows fledgling projects to raise capital for development of decentralized projects (primarily). etherecash | SPENDSENDLEND | 230 Roadmap Creating the idea of Etherecash and its prime functionalities.

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Etherecash can significantly improve transparency, security and reliability using Smart Contract technology which is lawyer backed, to provide peer to peer loans backed by crypto. Also, in case of non-achievement of funding for the project, there should be a condition in place to refund the contributed money back to the respective investors. This acts as a fail safe in a case where a project ends up under funded.

  • [17] This is one of the main challenges witnessed in the financial industry due to the high costs of expanding operations, resulting in economic exclusion.
  • Please do your own research on all of your investments carefully.
  • Also, in case of non-achievement of funding for the project, there should be a condition in place to refund the contributed money back to the respective investors.
  • Can we fix this clear inequality, or do women and minorities need to start looking elsewhere?

Etherecash - Whitepaper

EthereCash description

Ethercash loans are ex ecuted with smart contracts that are on the Ethereum network. The platform also enables fund transfers with low fees and debit cards that can be used to withdraw fiat currency and make purchases.

Establishing how we can add value through this idea. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Building the research and development team to test our hypothesis and the practicality of making it a reality. Connecting with advisors and legal team for structure and set up in preparation for ICO. Finalisation of white paper, website and marketing strategy in preparation for Pre-ICO in Q4. Launching of ICO and expanding of team to streamline activities.

Purchase our Etherecash token through our ICO from October 25th 2017. Developed on the ERC20 blockchain technology with lawyer backed contracts, to make blockchain backed lending and fund management, private and seamless. BABB is building a decentralized banking platform that will offer peer to peer banking services to the under-banked. The UK-based company is applying for a banking licence and is also exploring the possibility of registering in Lithuania. Their blockchain-based banking platform will use AI to assist in KYC compliance, and will implement a digital ID system that uses biometrics.

For example, an ICO may offer a 10% bonus in token distribution for the first batch of investors before a 1000ETH milestone is reached. This means that, if 1 ETH gets the investor coins, instead they would receive coins. Another thing to look for when evaluating an ICO is whether or not the development team is offering a bonus incentive for early bird investors. This can vary widely from project to project.

EthereCash description

Fortunately, blockchain technology is coming to the aid of minorities by providing peer to peer cryptocurrency-backed lending. Millennials and Eliminating Bias through Tech Older millennials who have graduated into a struggling job market could very well be the next victims of the minority lending problem. Over 54% of millennials are looking to start their own businesses and up to 10% are young people of color.

Can we fix this clear inequality, or do women and minorities need to start looking elsewhere? Dissecting the Problem In an attempt to understand the problem and come up with solutions, the Small Business Administration conducted an initiative in 2016. The study’s findings also indicated that venture capitalists are also less likely to invest in people with diverse backgrounds.

BABB's network is powered by the Ethereum-based BAX token. Etherecash is a peer-to-peer lending platform connecting crypto and fiat currencies. ICOs also provide digital tokens or assets to project backers, with the investors hoping that the token will be worth more than the price they purchased it for. platform aims to enhance advanced banking activities such as peer-to-peer lending, worldwide money transfer, and a multi-crypto debit card.


Etherecash is a blockchain-based decentralized platform, designed to integrate the three key services of finance into the blockchain, namely lending, sending and spending. Etherecash users can use a cryptotoken on the blockchain, developed on the Ethereum platform, to lend, send, and spend in an almost instant, pocket-friendly and hassle-free manner.

The description of Etherecash

EthereCash description

It offers a peer-to-peer lending system, debit cards for crytpo funds, and money transfers. The availability of capital has always been a bone of contention in the small business community.

Of the many problems business owners face when it comes to lending, one of the most enduring is a lack of equality. There is a very large gap between capital available to white-male business owners when compared to women and minority owners. This diversity problem has, in turn, created a culture where minorities and women fear applying for capital. And when a 2016 Biz2Credit report indicates that women business owners are likely to receive loan approvals 33% less often than their male counterparts, the fear is understandable.

It is a process that is bound to take years or decades before the investment community can get used to the idea. Without transparency in the borrowing process, it is also likely that the minority problem will not go away by simply diversifying the boards. Lenders have to be willing to be transparent about all aspects of the borrowing process. Regulation of the industry may come into play and that may also take years to implement.

For example, there were many ICOs that wanted to replicate the success of ETH with a focus on ‘smart contracts’. It was a project which promised to create more interesting applications with blockchain rather than just transferring of funds. It’s no surprise that the project developers, Vitalik Buterin and team, were able to conduct the largest ICO till date.

With the loan market increasing day by day and the fact that everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, the lines of credit open to us need to be flexible and reachable. So, let's go back to our roots of getting connected and being transparent. The market for peer to peer payments and remittances globally is worth over $1 trillion. [17] Our aim is to bring borrowers and lenders on a single platform where those with access to finance can connect with those in need of finance, and reach mutually beneficial terms that suit both their needs. Through Etherecash, loans can be achieved using a smart contract which is lawyer backed and secured using cryptocurrency.

EthereCash description