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Dapp Eristica

But certain videos are still finding their way on to the app. Akimov points to the strict user policy and moderation as a means of preventing harmful content from being published on Eristica.

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Unlike other ICOs in the industry, the Eristica platform has already been in existence since 2015 and has a staggering user base of over 1.25 million users - and still growing rapidly today. Eristica users are also allowed to generate viral content with the videos of challenges getting millions of views on YouTube, and the winners becoming stars. The system of rating, reputation and ranking creates a powerful incentive for active participation.

Meanwhile, you can check out the top APIs that currently available for developers. Mint tokens for BountyFund, AdvisorsFund, TeamFund, ChallengeFund. Fallback function calls function buy(address _investor, uint _ertValue) to create tokens when investor sends ETH directly to ICO smart contract address.

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Dare App – is a global freelancing video platform where content makers connect with their fans and perform tasks (challenges) on video remotely. Eristica is an entertainment app where people film amazing challenges for each other and earn digital currency for it. Eristica a decentralized application platform where users can challenge their friend to do something wild and crazy, record it, post it and win a monetary reward. It also allows users to challenge themselves and show the others what they're made of. 1.2 million users of the platform will add value to Eristica tokens.

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Also, there’s a window of opportunity for incentivizing users for content generation using tokens or cryptocurrency. All fast-growing content services sooner or later face the same challenge – the regulation of user-generated content. With the growth of our user base, there is inevitably more and more obscene content and spam, which must be banned and isolated from users. We will solve this problem the same way as Facebook does – with automated and manual moderation.

Tell us about how you came up with the idea of Eristica. Did you face a problem within the industry or do you think there is a gap in the market for Eristica to fill?

Blockchain opens up a wide range of possibilities. First of all, we wanted to make our platform protected from fraud. Therefore, the platform is decentralized and all challenges are taken with smart contracts. It ensures that all participants fulfill the conditions.

You can find the Eristica Game API portal / hompage here. If you need Eristica Game API support, you can contact support directly at [email protected], or reach out to their Twitter account at @eristicaapp. For more information, check out their API Documentation or terms of service (here). The Eristica Game API is not currently available on the RapidAPI marketplace. Click "Request this API on RapidAPI" to let us know if you would like to access to this API.

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According to Nikita, the app is aimed at people aged 17 to 27, although he has previously claimed the majority of the platform’s users were aged between 13 and 22. Social media apps have come under closer scrutiny over the types of content they can publish on their platforms over fears they are promoting dangerous ideas and exposing young people to inappropriate content. “The Jackass and Johnny Knoxville-inspired content is only allowed if people are verified by the team, so we know they are capable of doing the challenges without hurting themselves. “It’s a really easy and comfortable way to make money. You can pick the challenges you want and choose the videos you want to upload.

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I’m a graduate of Department of Mathematical Methods of Economic Analysis at Moscow State University and Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX) which is the number 1 startup accelerator in Asia. Moreover, I`m an avid musician and I perform with my own music band. We recently sat down with Nikita Akimov, the CEO of Eristica to have a chat with him about the project as well as finding out his thoughts and insights. Seen Eristica growth over last year, and adding some crypto to the challenges sounds like a good way to earn some legitimate profits.

As a FunTech company our mission is to bring fun to people. We don't think that bullying or killing someone is fun. Eristica Leaving Ethereum for BitShares - Michael Taggart - Medium Dec 14, Eristica announced that they will be migrating their blockchain based operations to the BitShares platform. This will add 1.2 million new users to the rapidly growing BitShares ecosystem. Eristica is a revolutionary platform that provides a decentralized way for anyone to participate in challenges, contests and online competitions.

Yes, we are going to move from Ethereum to the Graphene blockchain because it’s much more suitable for us technologically. Every time a user calls a smart contract he must pay a transaction fee for it. We don’t want to force our users to pay for what they can do for free.

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  • Akimov claims some frequent users are making a couple of hundred dollars a month through the app.
  • It also tracks number of confirmations of every single transaction and emits tokens to Ethereum address of an investor, he specified in his personal profile web page.
  • Ethereum is not the only currency investors can use when investing, they can also opt to purchase Eristica tokens with BTC, LTC, BCC and even USD (in debit cards).
  • Promotional videos showing daredevils setting their pants on fire, launching fireworks into themselves, eating mould and squeezing lemon juice in their eyes, helped to get Eristica attention from websites such as Vice and Forbes Russia.
  • Dare App – is a global freelancing video platform where content makers connect with their fans and perform tasks (challenges) on video remotely.

The Graphene protocol allows content producers to make challenges for a minimum price that is close to 0. Moreover, Graphene`s transactional delays are incommensurably low compared to Ethereum. It encouraged us to partner up with Cryptonomex the founders Stan Larimer and Michael Taggart so that they would support us from a technological point of view in this matter. We are very happy and proud that they responded and became a part our team. In 2014 Artem Dalevich and I had a bet — whether I would learn 15 guitar solos for only a couple of weeks.

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Eristica takes a 3% commission from each challenge and also makes money through in-app purchase, such as gaining VIP status and private challenges. It’s simply a fun virtual currency on DARE APP which you can use to create video tasks (challenges) and get it for accomplishing them. By embedding Twitter content in your website or app, you are agreeing to the Twitter Developer Agreement and Developer Policy.

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What do you think is the biggest problem Eristica will solve and why is the problem important to solve?

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Users shouldn`t be afraid that they will not receive their reward for the completed challenge. Indeed it's a little bit like Nerve (we actually watched that together with all of our team members) , but we use several things to keep it clean.

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Ethereum is not the only currency investors can use when investing, they can also opt to purchase Eristica tokens with BTC, LTC, BCC and even USD (in debit cards). Processing of transactions in these currencies is enabled by automated platform, which processes every single incoming transaction and calculates it's USD equivalent. It also tracks number of confirmations of every single transaction and emits tokens to Ethereum address of an investor, he specified in his personal profile web page. Emission itself is processed by bringing up of buyForInvestor method directly from cotroller-addresses (controllersOnly). In order to ensure smooth real-time emission of Eristica tokens, a unique sharding technology developed by Phenom.Team is used.

The stake was a box of Scotch whiskey Chivas Regal. We posted that challenge on social networks and our followers started to comment on that and then requested a video proof of my challenge where I was playing those solos. Then we realized that it is actually a great idea to create an app where people could challenge each other and provide video proofs.

What does the Future Hold for Smart Speakers?

Please see below description of Eristica ICO smart contract developed by Phenom.Team. For example, in the content space, the distributed ledger can solve problems of authorship and ownership rights – content makers can always be sure that each member of the network complies with initial copyrights.

We already had experience with advertisers in Eristica. Of course, businesses are interested in viral distribution. Challenges are a very good mechanism for this. First of all, advertisers are interested in coverage, the number of views. So the most popular type of advertising is still a banner next to the video (it is easier to calculate).

Within the platform, each user has the freedom to launch or accept challenges which are then proved with videos. For example, one of the ways Eristica works is that users can upload footage of completed challenges which are then judged and rated by the community. The connected system of rewards and rankings boosts users’ participation in Eristica as they get both bragging rights and incentives for ranking highly in Eristica. Meet the Boss | Exclusive Interview with Eristica CEO Nikita Akimov Eristica is a decentralized platform that aims to grow participation in online challenges and competitions.

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@rrhoover @akimovnv I'm with Ryan on this one, a little concerned that your promotional video is promoting people riding burning skateboards. You have no warning, to prevent children and young teenagers doing real harm to themselves. Sorry to be a bit of a negative nelly here but I can just see a huge lawsuit pending. “As for the outlined challenges, ‘Flash on camera’ once had a very funny video of a guy cosplaying as the comicbook superhero Flash and that’s probably why this challenge description wasn’t blocked automatically. One user posted videos of themselves “flashing” for the camera and others promised to “show my panties”, while people in the comments section encouraged them to “take them off”.