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Ross Geller

Although in, "The One With Ross' Library Book", Ross replies to an attractive woman that he skipped fourth grade after her comment that he looks younger than she expected. But this could easily not be true, meaning that he only says that to impress her. In, "The One With The Videotape", while Ross is telling the " Europe story" to try to get a girl into bed, he claims that he backpacked across Europe in 1983. Then he whispers to himself, "I was thirteen?" implying he was born in 1970 or 1969. At college, Ross trained for a career in paleontology (on a dare), completing his Ph.D.

The next time he attempts to make a move on Rachel, he is interrupted by the announcement that Carol has gone into labor. Throughout the majority of the first season, Ross tries to admit his feelings to Rachel but is never successful. At the end of the season, Chandler convinces Ross to stop pursuing her.

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In the final episodes of season ten, Rachel loses her job at Ralph Lauren and is offered a job at Louis Vuitton in Paris, France. She tells Ross that he is the most important person in her life, and they sleep together. Upon returning to his apartment, Ross hears a phone message left by Rachel. While recording the message, she realizes how much she loves him and that she wants to stay in New York.

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Later, in season 5, when trying to reconcile with Emily, Ross says that if they don't stay together he will be divorced for the second time before age 30. If these references are true Ross was born in 1967 or 1968. In, "The Pilot," which aired in September 1994, Ross exclaims, "I'm only 26, and I'm divorced." That means that Ross was born in assuming that in using "26", he was not projecting forward to his upcoming October birthday.

He is the only member of the group of friends with a doctorate and, as such, can be arrogant. In most cases, his arrogance backfires or gets the best of him. In later seasons, due to his two failed marriages and ruined life, he starts developing breathtaking anger management issues and also shown to easily be irritated, often breaking into angry outbursts over minor things. For example, in "The One With Ross's Sandwich", Ross is fired from the museum after yelling at his boss for eating his sandwich.

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They agree that if they got married properly, that would be it for them. He begins to panic over the fact that he is going to be divorced for the third time. Later in the series, they sleep together and conceive their first child, Emma. After Emma's birth, a slight misunderstanding causes Rachel to mistakenly think Joey is proposing to her. Although Joey later clears up the confusion, Ross is disturbed when he learns Rachel said yes when she mistakenly thought Joey was asking her to marry him, which again indicates Ross' feelings towards Rachel are still intact.

In "The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 1", Judy Geller suggests that Ross propose to Rachel. In "The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 2", Rachel gives birth to her and Ross's daughter, Emma.

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That said, Ross is seen attempting to get his son Ben to celebrate Hanukkah, by dressing up as a character he invents named the Holiday Armadillo. On another occasion, Chandler alludes to Ross being Jewish when Ross goes to steal a Bible from a hotel and Chandler says, "Besides, it's a New Testament! What are you gonna do with it?" Ross simply shrugs and says he'll learn about Jesus.


During Jill's 2 appearances, she and Ross have a brief relationship, but that ends when Ross realizes that if something happens between him and Jill, nothing may happen with him and Rachel. Rachel hints to Ross to break up with Jill, Ross gets the hint and he says he will when he meets up with her at their date; however, Rachel forces Ross to call Jill up right at that moment in the Central Perk. Jill becomes Ross's sister-in-law when Ross and Rachel remarry shortly after the series finale.

  • After the initial post-relationship complications had been overcome, however, they have been generally able to get along and share custody of their son, Ben.
  • He is the only male member of the group to be a biological father; he first gets Carol pregnant who gives birth to their son Ben and he later then gets Rachel pregnant who gives birth to their daughter Emma.
  • He befriended a student named Will Colbert, who was frequently bullied by Rachel.
  • For example, Phoebe turns to Ross when she has problems with Mike and Ross turned to Phoebe when he wants to prevent Rachel from going to Paris.
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Ross convinces his friends, as well as Rachel's current boyfriend, Tag to go up to the roof to watch a meteor shower. Ross and Joey are trapped on the roof because the door stopper is being used by Joey as a telescope in an attempt to spy on a lady who is showering in the hotel across the street. Ross and Monica's parents announce that they are selling their home, and they invite Monica and Ross to retrieve their childhood belongings. Mr. Geller has been using Monica's boxes to prevent flood water from reaching his Porsche, causing all of the content to be unrecognizable from mold and mildew damage.

Their relationship lasts for a year until out of paranoia Ross begins to mistakenly suspect that Rachel is having an affair with her co-worker Mark, and his subsequent jealousy breaks them apart. (The scene was so emotionally intense that both David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston reportedly cried near the end of the episode and continued after it was shot.) The two share an "almost on-again, almost off-again" relationship over the years. They are even married during a drunken night in Las Vegas. This isn't resolved until weeks later when Ross, unable to get an annulment, realizes that they have to get a divorce but Rachel reveals it was her idea to get married.

He was described as a "medical marvel" when he was born because his mother was originally believed to be barren. (There may have been some discrepancies when the writers came up with the story, as in another episode Jack Geller mentioned that they got married after Judy got pregnant because apparently, the dog thought her diaphragm was a chew toy). Despite being financially secure, Ross is notoriously cheap.

Amy becomes Ross' sister-in-law and Ross becomes Amy's brother-in-law when Ross and Rachel get married again. Ross's relationship with Rachel's father, Leonard is nothing short of deepest mutual loathing. Ross is shown to be an extremely caring and committed father, doing as much as he can to make sure the children are looked after correctly. He is also very caring towards Emma when they're seen together. She was conceived in a one-night stand near the end of Season 7.

Dealing with the fact that she never seemed to notice his feelings for her in a very immature way, Ross co-founded an "I-Hate-Rachel" Clubwith Will (and a foreign student who didn't know what the club was for). However, Rachel unknowingly returned the favor in a way after catching Ross making out with Lincoln High School's fifty-year-old librarian. She then spread a rumor regarding this all over the high school (although Ross apparently didn't know that she'd seen him doing this or that everyone in the high school knew about it until many years later).

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In their childhood and teenage life, Monica and Ross were also very violent with each other. Monica once hit Ross with a giant pumpkin and Ross once jammed a stick through the spokes of Monica's bike, causing her to flip over and hit her head on the curb. In their adult lives, they have a close sibling relationship, though if either brings up something embarrassing, the other will try to top it, causing a snowball effect which often ends in Chandler asking "What did I marry into?". In "The One With the Inappropriate Sister", they tell Rachel how they used to wrestle when they were younger.

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In response to his loneliness after his divorce from Carol, Ross adopts a Capuchin monkey named Marcel. The relationship is troublesome at first, but the two grow quite close. This lasts until Marcel's sexual drive, which causes him to hump inanimate objects and people's legs, forces Ross to donate him to a zoo. After expressing horror at the thought of giving Marcel to Dr. Baldharan, a man who owns an animal fighting ring, Ross is relieved when Joey and Chandler inform him that Marcel had been accepted into San Diego Zoo. An underlying joke is how comparable Ross and Marcel's relationship is to that of a live-in couple.

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Monica is Ross's younger sister who has become close to her brother during the past ten years. She has also become his best friend, and consoles him every time his marriage or relationship fails.