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Gameflip is marketplace where gamers can buy and sell digital goods. Established in 2014, Gameflip will now leverage blockchain technology to provide a transparent, safe, and frictionless infrastructure for buying and selling of digital goods among gamers, allowing them to own and securely store their digital goods on the blockchain. FLIP is an ERC20 token used as the main currency in the Gameflip platform.

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Sell video games, in-game items, gift cards, and movies from other gamers

How to Withdraw Money from Steam

send FLP to exchanges or wallets that do not support ERC-20 tokens. If you're unsure, please confirm before sending FLP as sending to the wrong address may cause a permanent loss of FLP. Another way to verify your Gameflip account is by providing your mobile phone bill. The document must contain your full legal name, address, and the mobile phone number registered with Gameflip.

The first, and most important, is that you will immediately lose access to your entire Steam library, your steam name, your friends list, and your entire Steam inventory. If you want to get rid of a game you bought within the last two weeks, and that you've played for less than two hours, Steam does have a process to refund games. Your reason for requesting a refund doesn't matter, so you can ask for one if the game won't run on your computer, you just don't like the game or any other reason. Steam will immediately send the game to the email you indicated. If you emailed it to yourself, you can then set up a sale through a reseller site or a personal transaction.

If your listing has been sold but you are no longer able to fulfill the order or have come to an agreement with the Buyer to cancel the order. You can go to that particular sold listing and press the "I need to cancel the order" button.

I've purchased all of my PC games through this site and I will continue to do so as long as it's here, its a great site with amazing support. I've never had a bad experience with these guys other than some weird user issues that gameflip immediately corrected. I have been using gameflip for a while and never had negative emotions with it.

It is the only way to sell individual Steam games outside of Steam, and it doesn't work with games that you have already added to your library, even if you haven't played them yet. Games that are stored in your Steam inventory can be sent as gifts or traded through the Steam trading system. There is no official provision for selling these games. Selling games on Steam is a more complicated subject, because Valve doesn't want you to do it. A credit card is not necessary to make a purchase on Gameflip.


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Also easy to find exactly what you're looking for and sometimes you can barter with the seller. This is the best site overall when it comes to trying to sell or even purchase items from games, to movies and even collectibles! Ive been selling on the site for a while now and couldn't imagine having to sell somewhere else GAMEFLIP makes it so easy. Kinguin is similar to G2A in that both websites use third-party sellers to provide their game inventories. As with G2A, you will not know the origin of any game key that you buy on Kinguin.

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PC Games

Don't send a game to a buyer with this method unless you trust them, or you're using some type of reseller or escrow service. Selling Steam game codes is not supported by Valve, so nobody will help you if you get scammed.

Can you still sell CSGO skins for real money?

If you want to sell Steam Key, simply log in (or register if you don't have an account yet), then click on sell or go to your profile.

Each card features unique artwork that's provided by the developer of the associated game. You can sell these cards on the Steam Community Market, trade them with your friends, and craft them into badges that you can then display on your Steam Community profile.

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Gameflip is one of the beat places to get all kinds of stuff for a great deal. The most of the community is amazing on this app.

How long does it take to sell on Gameflip?

After the buyer makes the purchase, your listing will be marked as sold. Gameflip will subsequently confirms the buyer's payment. This process takes from 1-3 minutes.

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Trading in here goes quickly, traders are friendly. If there are any scammers, items get refunded in a quick succession, if needed. Once more, the Gameflip Guarantee is available for free to all Gameflip users.

  • Not rude, but no acknowledgement that they're automatically enrolling people during checkout.
  • Many of the game keys on G2Play are legal in that they were purchased in other regions or during sales.
  • Each one contains three cards from a specific game, and you can't tell which cards until you get it.
  • You can also use a third party escrow service or key reseller to automate the process, but make sure to do your research so you don't end up working with a scammer.

How does Gameflip protect sellers?

Is Selling Steam Accounts legal?

Microsoft Will Let You Resell Xbox One Games — But Publishers May Not. They, Microsoft says, have the right to "opt out" entirely of letting players sell games, or to negotiate separate terms with retail stores like GameStop that do involve the payments of "transfer fees."

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Item listings must be true to the item’s condition. If an item’s condition is not as described, you will not only receive a bad review, but the Gameflip team may intervene with the appropriate action.

Why does FB need my ID?

Originally Answered: How can I cancel the order after shipping? For 99.999999% of online companies, once an order is shipped, you can't cancel it. You need to receive the order, contact the company (read their return policy) and request a RMA# (and address) to send the goods back to.

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❷ You might experience issues with your TBC wallet. If you perform several transactions at the same time and do not wait for confirmation, your wallet might malfunction. It is recommended you wait for at least one transaction to clear, but it is better if you wait for six confirmations to avoid any problems. ❶ Your TBC wallet can be suspended for up to 6 months without any warning.

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Credits expire and the default is 7 days from the grant date. When finalizing the transaction, we ask both the Buyer and Seller to rate each other. Once this happens, all sales are final and the Seller receives the funds in their Gameflip account. You can buy items that sell well like DOTA 2 skins or CSGO keys with that money, then go to third-party websites like OPskins and sell them there.

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This option will only be available before you mark the listing as shipped. Once you mark the listing as shipped and need help canceling the listing, please contact Gameflip support. We highly recommend choosing an option that has tracking. We also suggest purchasing mailing insurance for your package.

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We didn't want to fight him and still wanted to save money so we returned the merchandise and attempted to purchase it again the way the seller asked us to do. This time the computer stated that there are no funds on the gift certificate and we have documentation of this, too. Game Flip told us that after careful investigation, they decided to side with the seller. We are still in shock and are planning to file a complaint against both the seller and Game Flip for fraud because basically they took $300 from us for a non-usable gift certificate.

How do you use TBC?

A pending payment is automatically cancelled if the recipient doesn't claim or accept it within 30 days. If you paid with a debit or credit card and the payment is cancelled, the money will be refunded to that card. It may take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement.

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