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GridCoin (GRC) is a coin with a mission - to compensate miners for participating in BOINC projects. The coin is a scrypt altcoin with difficulty retargetting every 30 minutes - a 2.5 minute block target and a hard cap of 168 million.

Gridcoin introduces a Proof-of-Research algorithm that gives computers something productive to do. Instead of racing to solve meaningless equations, Gridcoin miners Researchers work on problems such as finding cures to diseases, mapping genomes, or climate studies, and are compensated for their work. Gridcoin is not limited to any one program, algorithm, or type of hardware. BOINC supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android.

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Chocolatey Software

Thus, we just need to wait for one valid block from a researcher and copy the signature, the last block hash value, the CPID and adjust every other dynamic value, like the RAC. Consequently, we are able to claim the reward of other BOINC users.

If large numbers of miners leave a network, the difficulty would decrease. Thus far, however, bitcoin’s growing popularity has attracted more computing power to the network, meaning that the difficulty has increased.Double spendingThe act of spending bitcoins twice.

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In theProof-of-Research algorithm, the BOINC work is not only used to measure the subsidy and provide a unique alternative to classic work measuring Proof-of-Work schemes, but actually complements the security of the Proof-of-Stake system. It is normally started at boot time and starts the Boinc daemon.BOINC screen saver A computer program originally designed to conserve the image quality of computer displays by blanking the screen or filling them with moving images or patterns when the computers are not in use.

One of the main topics voted upon is a whitelist of BOINC projects. This whitelist is kept to ensure that other users don't gain an unfair advantage by maintaining a high RAC, without the ability for anyone to compete. There are also many fun/informal polls created to help users get used to voting and drive up voter participation. Chocolatey's Community Package Repository currently does not allow updating package metadata on the website.

Decentralized interactions that happen between at least two parties in a highly interconnected network. An alternative system to a ‘hub-and-spoke’ arrangement, in which all participants in a transaction deal with each other through a single mediation point.Paper walletA printed sheet containing one or more public Gridcoin addresses and their corresponding private keys.

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The scheduler finds results that can be sent to a particular client by scanning this memory segment, rather than by accessing the database. A semaphore synchronizes access to the shared-memory segment.

This branch is purely to stabilize the code base and squash out bugs rained down from development. It is the most active branch and is where pull requests go by default. This branch may contain code which is not yet stable or ready for production, so it should only be executed on testnet to avoid disrupting fellow Gridcoiners. The maintainers of this Chocolatey Package will be notified about new comments that are posted to this Disqus thread, however, it is NOT a guarantee that you will get a response.

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A fork is successful if it becomes the longest version of the block chain, as defined by difficulty.FPGAA Field Programmable Gate Array is a processing chip that can be configured with custom functions after it has been fabricated. Think of it as a blank silicon slate on which instructions can be written. Because FPGAs can be produced en masse and configured after fabrication, manufacturers benefit from economies of scale, making them cheaper than ASIC chips. Firstly, it is mathematically difficult to work out what the original input was by looking at the output.

We sent another email (2016/09/15) explained to them, why it is not wise to change our countermeasures and drop the signature in the advertising beacon. Thus, case 1 and 4 are treated identical, if the public key is expired, allowing an attacker to register his public key for an arbitrary CPID with expired public key. In practice this allows an attacker to lock out a Gridcoin user from the minting process of new blocks and further allows the attacker to claim reward for BOINC work he never did.

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To minimize contention for this semaphore, a scheduler can mark a cache entry as 'busy' (and release the semaphore) while it reads the result from the database (to verify that it is still unsent). File DeleterThe file deleter deletes input and output files when they are no longer needed.FirewallA firewall is a logical barrier designed to prevent unauthorized or unwanted communications between sections of a computer network. This can be a hardware firewall (inside the modem, router or bridge) or a software firewall.FLOP(S)In computing, FLOPS (or flops) is an acronym meaning FLoating point Operations Per Second. This is used as a measure of a computer's performance, especially in fields of scientific calculations that make heavy use of floating point calculations; similar to instructions per second. Communication deferredWhen the BOINC daemon cannot communicate with any of the projects attached, you get this message.

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Gridcoin is a decentralized, open-source, math-based digital asset (cryptocurrency). Gridcoin, while energy-efficient, is the first and only cryptocurrency that rewards individuals for scientific contributions and performs transactions peer-to-peer cryptographically - without the need for a central authority to distribute rewards. It is the first block chain protocol that delivered a working algorithm that rewards and cryptographically proves solving BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) hosted work, which could be virtually any kind of computing process.

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  • This can depress an economy.DifficultyThis number determines how difficult it is to hash a new block.
  • The maintainers of this Chocolatey Package will be notified about new comments that are posted to this Disqus thread, however, it is NOT a guarantee that you will get a response.
  • They would simply be repeating work that someone else has already done, for no reward.

What is GridCoin (GRC)?

It's not given out to the general public until most bugs have been removed through testing.BMAbbreviation for BOINC Manager.BOINCAbbreviation for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. The BOINC core client is available for common platforms (Windows/Intel, Linux/Intel, Mac OS/X. etc.). BOINC-based projects compile program versions for some or all of these platforms and place them on their servers. Typically, you download the BOINC core client version for your platform. When the core client requests work from the project's scheduling server, the client tells the server its platform, and the server instructs it to download the appropriate program version.

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The mining operation generates heat by testing millions of combinations of blockhashes. To replace this operation with a more useful proof-of-work, Gridcoin introduces a novel algorithm based on work done in Boinc projects, in addition to requiring a multi algorithm hash solution that is more secure than bitcoin’s single sha256 hash algorithm.

Gridcoin allows near instant peer-to-peer transactions and worldwide payments at very low processing fees. The code is open source and allows anyone to take part in the success and development of the currency.

Not to be confused with bitcoin.FinCENThe Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, an agency within the US Treasury Department. FinCEN has thus far been the main organization to impose regulations on exchanges trading in bitcoin.ForkThe creation of an alternative ongoing version of the block chain, typically because one set of miners begins hashing a different set of transaction blocks from another. It can be caused maliciously, by a group of miners gaining too much control over the network (see 51% attack), accidentally, thanks to a bug in the system, or intentionally, when a core development team decides to introduce substantial new features into a new version of a client.

Gridcoin provides benefits to humanity through contributions to computational research. There are no limitations to a single BOINC project, providing the flexibility to be rewarded for virtually any type of computational process. AddressAn address is used to receive and send transactions on the network. It contains a string of alphanumeric characters, but can also be represented as a scannable QR code. An address is also the public key in the pair of keys used by bitcoin holders to digitally sign transactions (see Public key).AltcoinThe collective name for cryptocurrencies offered as alternatives to bitcoin.

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Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves. It’s easy to create well-maintained, Markdown or rich text documentation alongside your code.

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GridCoin GRC

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Over the past 24 hours 0.000 M US dollars GridCoin has been traded on Crypto Exchanges. Get GridCoin's progress by adding it to your favourites and creating a free portfolio if you wish. BOINC's success is largely built on the credit system, which allowed for competition between partakers.

Proof-of-Stake is generating new coins based on an interest rate of 1.5% p.a. Proof-of-Research adds a payment on top of a minted block reward if a user is participating in BOINC projects that are whitelisted. The number of additional GRC is dependent on the users relative participation within the BOINC network compared to all participants eligible to generate Proof-of-Research. Gridcoin additionally supports a blockchain-based voting system, which allows users to stay informed and participate in further consensus.


This bounds the size of these tables, so that they act as a working set rather than an archive. This allows database management operations (such as backups and schema changes) to be done quickly.DCFAbbreviation for Duration Correction Factor.DeadlineThe "Sell by date" of a result. If you return a result after its deadline has passed, you will not get credit.

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