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Gifto Chain Wallet FAQ

The GTO cryptocurrency project does have the potential to disrupt current content monetization models. We’ll certainly be following project developments very closely.

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To do so, you press on a link under the video, choose your gift resembling the coin you believe in and send it to our broadcaster (You will have to charge your GIFTO balance in advance). Gift Portal – a management system for gifts to be created, curated, and managed by Gifto Protocol contributors.

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Giftomon is the world's biggest blockchain-based game. The game is developed using HTML5, allowing users to play on nearly any device. Since its release in July, Giftomon's number of daily active users has already exceeded 4,000 - this is twice the amount of the next largest competitor. Giftomon's selling points include engaging gameplay and the ability to use Giftomon to mine the Gifto token (GTO).

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There is little doubt that the current monetization system of digital content is broken. Gifto simply provides content producers a greater share of the value their content produces. We think this is just too good a proposition for content producers to turn down.

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The process then proceeds to the content Creator, who selects and accepts the gifts. During the beta period, Gifto Wallet transactions will not be processed on-chain. After the Gifto Chain testnet moves to mainnet phase, public transactions will begin being recorded on-chain.

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When you consider this, you can appreciate how little money the typical niche content creator makes. The price of GTO token or Gifto is always chaining, however, BitcoinWiki gives you a chance to see the prices online on Coin360 widget. Gift makers are people who create various smart contract-based gifts on the platform. Content creators are the most significant participants of the platform.

In contrast, on platforms like YouTube only larger channels are allowed to monetize. The GTO cryptocurrency project is created by AIG, who already boast revenues in excess of $130 million per year and 100 million users.

GIFTO was the inaugural project on Binance’s Launchpad, and has strategic partnerships with leading companies and projects including Binance, Nebulas, Kyber, and many others. GIFTO was created by Uplive, the world’s fastest growing revenue live streaming app, with over 35mln users across the world.Hit Like on Idea For Support. GTO coin allows content makers to be rewarded for content that people actually want to see. No longer will people have to make content to satisfy guidelines made by platforms or advertisers.

  • This means that the technical barrier to use Gifto is pretty much non-existent.
  • The content creator can set up Gifto on pretty much any platform by simply pasting a link.
  • After a dialogue between both sides of digital content, he concluded that only 10% of all influential online players are now able to monetize their work effectively.
  • This is great news and should lead to a wider variety of videos and articles for you to choose from.
  • GIFTO was created by Uplive, the world’s fastest growing revenue live streaming app, with over 35mln users across the world.Hit Like on Idea For Support.
  • Andy was a Google employee and managed Google's mobile development in China, introducing Android to Chinese markets.

This means that content producers are incentivized to create content that will appeal to the largest number of people possible, rather than just creating great content. The current incentive schemes lead to lots of similar content being produced and act as a significant disincentive for niche content creators to go out there and create. This leads to a lack of diversity of content and that is bad news for both viewers and the platform. Using GTO coins, viewers have the opportunity to buy digital gifts and send them to the creators of the content they like. The creators can convert the received gifts into GTO ERC20 tokens and trade them on the exchange or just leave the gifts on their balance.

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Gift – Gifto Protocol’s Virtual Smart Gift, self-executing virtual assets based on smart contracts that live on the Ethereum blockchain. We certainly recommend reading the full project whitepaper. The safest way to store your coins is by using a hardware wallet. The two main brands are Trezor and Ledger and we are happy to recommend both. If you need help choosing between the two just read our Trezor Vs Ledger guide.

For Valentine’s day 2017, a digital red Mercedes SLK was available on the app and was exceptionally popular with gift givers. What has been discovered at Uplive is that virtual gifts actually gamify digital content creation. In fact, the characteristics of virtual gifts are very similar to items in computer games. Gifto is creating a system that integrates with different content platforms and allows content creators to generate a revenue stream directly from their fans.

There is no framework to manage an extensive virtual gift system. It is unlikely that every platform will want to go through the hassle of creating their own. Though Uplive does have an excellent framework in place, there are problems with centralization. The Platform (10%) – platforms like YouTube generate value and actually host the content. The result was that popular content producers like H3h3Productions with nearly 6 million subscribers, saw an 85% reduction in YouTube revenue.

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This just goes to show the power that advertisers have on content platforms and the impact they can have on content creator revenues. So you now know that the content creators right at the top of the YouTube pyramid earn way less than you thought. Advertisers have such power on the platform that they can determine what type of content they want their ads shown on. In 2017, many YouTube videos were demonetized just because advertisers deemed them to be ‘unsafe’. How hard is it to get one million views on a YouTube video?

It was tested along with the flagship product of AIG, Uplive, which played a role in this budding project. AIG have observed that users on Uplive buy tend to buy digital tokens in round numbers and usually have tokens left over after making a purchase.

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Content platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch have allowed anyone to set up an account and build a fanbase. However, when it comes to the monetization of these followers, content creators are highly dependent on ad revenue. The problem is that this places a lot of power in the hands of the platforms and advertisers. Andy Tian is the current CEO of the Gifto coin project. Tian was born in China but moved to New York at the age of 10.

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