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Moving on, there is a mention of the Genesis Vision fund, which will allocate the 5% of original tokens to attracting new managers, providing liquidity for GVT and providing liquidity for managers. I also found that the platform will be opening up copy-trading to US customers and all Funds created on the platform will be required to have 1% of the capital allocated in GVT, causing further deflationary pressure.

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Genesis Vision description

The community seem keen for the marketing campaign to begin, but are content with the team’s plans and progress in providing greater utility for the token itself. Support issues are swiftly resolved and the team seem to answer most questions from the community. Further, 1872 GVT have been burned, using 30% of the platform’s collected fees for this process. Genesis Vision has a relatively large audience on Twitter of ~21k followers, which makes it the 5th-most followed account from all prior reports.

Genesis Vision Platform update 1.7

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This is another measure taken to prevent managers from getting involved in any kind of fraudulent activity. In short, the Genesis Vision platform provides a transparent, reliable and traceable hub for investors who want to give some or all of their own funds to the experts of the field. Genesis Vision created an ecosystem, where skilled asset managers compete on an open market in delivering profits to their investors. Asset managers can trade both conventional and crypto assets; thus Genesis Vision investors have a choice of which market they want their funds to be traded on.

Genesis Vision description

The app is currently in a demo phase, meaning all the money you deal with is not real. However, once it goes live (which will be soon), it’ll be crazy to see just how much profit traders can make using various trading instruments, and I’m very excited to see just how far the team can take this platform.

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The profit or loss generated at the end of the reporting period will be automatically transferred to the investor at the determined rate. Built on blockchain and smart contracts, Genesis Vision is a platform that brings investors and investment experts together. It aims to solve prevalent problems in the industry such as limitations due to the lack of information and the lack of transparency, and consequently the lack of trust. Genesis Vision reached its highest price on 7 January, 2018, when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 50.23.

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Genesis Vision description
  • Managers will now have the ability to decrease or increase their fees for both Programs and Funds.
  • This is exciting for those of you looking to create a diversified investment portfolio of lesser known projects with big potential.
  • This equates to 3.96 posts per day, on average.
  • The app is currently in a demo phase, meaning all the money you deal with is not real.
  • You will be able to withdraw your investment or exit trades at any point in time.
  • Genesis Vision Token (GVT) is the token for the Genesis Vision project that brings blockchain technology and smart contracts to the private trust management industry.

As a result, Managers now have the ability to delay the public display of their Trades and Open Positions by 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 6 hours. Managers will now have the ability to decrease or increase their fees for both Programs and Funds. Worry not, an increase in Manager fees will only affect incoming investors.

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The use of smart contracts prevents any “disappearance” of funds entrusted to managers and managers’ withdrawing these funds into their own accounts. These managers are divided into different levels in accordance with their success in fund management and allowed to manage more funds than managers at lower levels.

Genesis Vision is a private trust management platform that brings together brokers, traders and investors. It aims to create a decentralized financial market. This is followed by Our Solution, which details the decentralised trust management platform being developed by the team, relying on the immutability of the blockchain and the seamlessness and transparency of smart contracts. The key point here being that Genesis Vision are seeking to streamline and simplify the process for both, fund managers, and investors, using the technology provided by this space. What will happen next with these tokens on the platform?

The products offered include Asset Management, Funds and Copytrading. Wide range of instruments and asset classes including Forex, Crypto and Stock markets. Leverage the expertise of seasoned traders while keeping control of your capital.

Genesis Vision description

As it currently stands, Manager Trades become publicly available on a program’s trading history as they are being executed. We received a lot of feedback from Managers, and we listened.

We thought that needed a change, so here it is.

Huobi pairs in Funds

Using the past 30 days of data, I calculated that Genesis Vision was experiencing an average of 24.7 daily on-chain transactions, amounting to $22,128 of Average Daily Transactional Value at current prices. This would give GVT a 30-day NVT of 289.43;around 4.5x higher than that of Bitcoin, suggesting that, whilst there is some degree of on-chain demand, the token may not be fundamentally undervalued at current prices. Genesis Vision Token (GVT) is the token for the Genesis Vision project that brings blockchain technology and smart contracts to the private trust management industry.

Following this, there is a critical section on revenue, with each transaction on the platform being charged a 0.5% fee that goes directly to Genesis Vision. Further revenue are expected from having their own managed funds. The key advantages for investors, manager and brokers are as mentioned above in the section on BitcoinTalk, as these have been copied into the announcement on the thread. After this, we find a similar section for Managers, with the primary points including promotion of profitable strategies, a seamless integration, a global pool of investors and, most significantly, additional income through assets under management and managerial fees.

The results of financial managers will be fully public and not fake. Thanks to this, you can entrust your money to the most effective ones - it will not matter which part of the world they work from. The mere fact of globalization of such services is a big advantage of the project. Both investors and persons / companies providing this type of services can benefit. What's more, part of the bureaucracy will disappear, and no fees and commissions will be hidden, their calculation will be done automatically.

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However, in the past 90 days, the thread has had 3 posts via 3 individual posters; clearly, the thread is no longer in use. Given that Genesis Vision has been in existence for almost two years now, there is plenty of price-history to get stuck into, all of which I shall cover in the Technical section. For now, it will suffice to say that GVT formed its all-time high at 0.0043 BTC in March 2018, and has continued to fall, along with the rest of the market, since then. It is currently trading near its all-time low of 11,400 satoshis. Bitcoin.Live offers regular, detailed content on their free-to-access blog, created by a panel of experienced analysts, and covering all manner of market-related topics.

Going forward, we will add them as soon as they go live on Binance. This may seem like a small upgrade, but one that we view as critically important for the many Fund managers looking to take advantage of the newly listed coins / tokens. As the data processed in a blockchain cannot be altered, all orders executed by the fund managers will be open to investors.

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Today marks the day every new Fund created will be required to allocate at least 1% of its portfolio to GVT. Managers of existing Funds will have 1 month from today to rebalance their composition accordingly.

I found both the video material and the blog posts to be genuinely insightful, with many differing analytical perspectives available for viewers and readers. The platform also offers premium content for paying subscribers who find value in the free material, with daily videos, alerts and support provided.