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dblp: ICST 2017

The innovation lies in the architecture of GUITAR, which uses plug-ins to support flexibility and extensibility. Software developers and quality assurance engineers may use this architecture to create new toolchains, new workflows based on the toolchains, and plug in a variety of measurement tools to conduct GUI testing. We demonstrate these features of GUITAR via several carefully crafted case studies. Participants in the 2013 conference will be able to attend both the InfoSecurity Russia event and ICDF2C and hear the latest developments in both research and industry.

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Fifth ICST International Conference on Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime

Carers were encouraged to take part in a role-play exercise with the researcher, developed to demonstrate ‘good’ and ‘bad’ practice in iCST. In the final part of iCST training, family carers were invited to deliver their first iCST session with support from the unblinded researcher, who provided feedback afterwards. Where multiple family carers were involved in delivering the programme, the researcher invited them to be trained with the main carer. The quality of ICST members’ research activities, contributions and impact are recognized directly and transparently using Web 2.0 tools, based on unbiased and objective criteria set by their community of peers.

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13th Workshop on Advances in Model Based Testing (A-MOST

CST is currently available in both a group and individualised format called iCST. It is worthwhile to explore a computerised version of iCST since it would take together the added value of computer use and the beneficial effects of iCST which might produce combined, positive effects on cognition and quality of life. The investigators have spoken to people with dementia and their carers who are keen on using technology to stay mentally active and stimulated.

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This paper describes the methodology and results of the 4th edition of the Java Unit Testing Tool Competition. This year's competition features a number of infrastructure improvements, new test effectiveness metrics, and the evaluation of the test generation tools for multiple time budgets. This paper details the methodology and contains the full results of the competition. We are also proud to announce that starting with this year's conference, ICDF2C is collaborating with the Journal of Digital Investigation, the leading international journal in the area of digital forensics and incident response.

The iCST web-application will be adapted from the paper-based iCST manual. The amount of sessions will be reduced from 75 to 21 after consultations with people with dementia and carers pointed out that the paper-based iCST manual contained too many sessions.

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I will make suggestions as to what to consider when automating acceptance tests. GUI Capture /Playback Test Tools try to cater for the above mentioned difficulties by providing facilities to exercise a GUI automatically and they include validation checks on the GUI level. In this paper, I will address problems with these tools and show how to avoid them. I will discuss ways of how the test tools can be incorporated into an XP project. Our paper "An Automated Testing Framework For Smart TV apps Based on Model Separation" in collaboration with @angelogargantin has been accepted for publication in INTUITESTBEDS @icstconference .

Digital Investigation

This study sets out to develop and evaluate the potential benefits of an iCST web-application within a feasibility study. The effects on cognition and quality of life between (a) usual care and (b) iCST web-application over 11 weeks will be compared. A web-application is a website which can easily be accessed on and is compatible with computers and tablets. In order to create the most appropriate and practical web-application, the research team will work closely together with people with dementia, their carers, and the software company.

ATACOBOL-a COBOL test coverage analysis tool and its applications

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The classification tree editor includes classical approaches such as minimal combination and pair-wise as well as weighted counterparts, statistical testing and new generating rules. The software allows for prioritization by occurrence probability, error probability or risk.

Multimedia within the web-application will be used and participants will be given the opportunity to provide ongoing feedback on the web-application itself after completing each session. The research team will work together with all the stakeholders such as the software company employed to build the web-application, the people with dementia, and their carers. Regular consultations, focus groups and interviews should aid the development of the web-application in ensuring it is feasible, practical and appealing. The investigators are setting out to combine the added value of computer use and the beneficial effects of CST/iCST in order to produce benefits in cognition and quality of life. A participatory process while developing the web-application in the form of consultations, focus groups and interviews will be employed.

  • The software allows for prioritization by occurrence probability, error probability or risk.
  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) offers a person based approach and can help to relieve some of these problems.
  • Through performance evaluation of many examples, it is shown that the proposed method is correct and scalable to very large test cases.
  • This paper details the methodology and contains the full results of the competition.
  • We term GUI testing as the process of testing a software application through its GUI.
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It consists of mentally stimulating and engaging group activities which have shown to improve cognition and quality of life in a large scale randomised controlled trial. More recently, an individualised version of CST (iCST) was developed which is a home-based version of CST administered by informal carers (e.g., friends, family members). A multi-centre RCT of iCST showed no improvements in cognition and QoL for people with dementia, nor evidence of improvements in carers' mental and physical health. However, people with dementia receiving iCST reported a better relationship quality with their carer, and carers reported an improved health-related QoL. These findings indicate a need for further research to determine the effectiveness of carer-led cognitive stimulation interventions for people with dementia since most people received fewer than recommended number of iCST due to low adherence.

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For modules that can be accessed outside the aspect or class and can be invoked in any order by users of the aspect or class, we perform intra-aspect or intra-class testing. Our approach can handle unit testing problems that are unique to aspect-oriented programs. We use control flow graphs to compute def-use pairs of an aspect or class being tested and use such information to guide the selection of test for the aspect or class.

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ICST 2016

However, these practices have several issues, e.g. they are tedious, error prone and time consuming with costs up towards 40 percent of the total development cost. Automated test techniques have been proposed as a solution to mitigate these issues, but they generally approach testing from a lower level of system abstraction, leaving a gap for a flexible, high system-level test automation technique/tool. In this paper we present JAutomate, a Visual GUI Testing (VGT) tool that fills this gap by combining image recognition with record and replay functionality for high system-level test automation performed through the system under test's graphical user interface. We present the tool, its benefits compared to other similar techniques and manual testing.

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In addition to the publication of the proceedings in the Lecture Notes of the ICST, the best research papers presented at ICDF2C 2013 will be expanded and peer reviewed for a special issue of the Journal of Digital Investigation. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation Workshops, ICST Workshops 2017, Tokyo, Japan, March 13-17, 2017. The most important prerequisite for a thorough software test is the determination of relevant test cases. The classification-tree method suggested in this paper supports the systematic determination and description of test cases. By means of the classification-tree method, the input domain of a test object is regarded under various aspects assessed as relevant by the tester.

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The iCST intervention was developed primarily as a home-based programme of structured iCST for people with dementia to be delivered by carers. The programme consisted of a total of 75 themed activity sessions, including being creative, number games and art discussion (Box 1), which were intended to provide opportunities for general cognitive stimulation via a choice of specific activities. This LinkedIn website uses cookies and similar tools to improve the functionality and performance of this site and LinkedIn services, to understand how you use LinkedIn services, and to provide you with tailored ads and other recommendations.

Space was provided for dyads to provide any additional comments related to the sessions. The progress of dyads and compliance to the programme was also measured during support activities via treatment questionnaires during both the telephone support and visits. A telephone support questionnaire was used to gather data on the average number of sessions completed per week, average duration of sessions, average time spent preparing and any difficulties encountered. Carers completed a self-report measure of confidence and knowledge in the delivery of iCST, level of engagement of the person with dementia, use of iCST principles and satisfaction with the support provided in treatment visits. Dyads were provided with the iCST manual, the iCST activity workbook, two carer diaries and the iCST toolkit.

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The proceedings will be available both as paper-based copies and via Springerlink, Springer's digital library. In addition, the content of the proceedings will be submitted for inclusion in leading indexing services, including DBLP, Google Scholar, ISI Proceedings, EI, CrossRef and Zentralblatt Math, as well as ICST's own EU Digital Library (EUDL). Papers in the topic areas discussed are preferred, although contributions outside those topics may also be of interest. Please feel free at any time to contact the conference general chair if you have questions regarding your submission.

International Development Project Manager

We actively seek quality non-academic submissions, so that this track enables leading researchers and practitioners discuss and solve important problems. The current software testing methodology is carried out manually through human skill based test cases and test oracles. This has the limitation in the correctness, completeness, efficiency and robustness.