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We're excited that you have an opinion about the name Lena. To rate names on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. Meanings and history of the name MilaA short form of names like Milena and Miloslava. It coincides with the Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian word mila meaning "dear, pleasant".

What are good personality traits?

The name Milla is a girl's name of Polish origin meaning "young ceremonial attendant".

What do you think about the name Lina?

In 2018, it ranked at #760 with a usage of 0.019%. Within the family of girl names directly related to Lina, Caroline was the most regularly used. It was 12 times more popular than Lina in 2018.

Lina description

Lena Grove is a simple but strong character in William Faulkner's Light in August. This pet form of Helena and other ena-ending names, long used as an independent name, is attracting notice again as an option both multicultural and simple.

Lina has 13 variations that are used in English and foreign languages. English variations of the name include Leana, Leena, Leina, Lene, Leyna, Linah, Linna, Linnah, Lyna, and Lynna. Line (German) is a variation of Lina that is used in foreign languages.

Lina description

She then asks where Poppy is, and Granny Mayfleet ponders for a while before remembering she is down in the yarn shop. Lina fetches Poppy and upon returning to her home, finds Granny Mayfleet putting the stuffing back in the couch. Granny tells Lina sadly that it was "not in there", and that it was lost a long time ago. Lina initally dismisses it as nothing important and asks their neighbor, Mrs. Murdo to check in on things. Lina is a common female given name in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, especially among those born after 1980.

Lena Kaligaris, character in the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" book series and movies. She is quiet and even tempered, has a Greek heritage, and loves to draw. A few days later, Lina goes out to Looper's shop to buy pencils, which she uses to create drawings of her imaginary city, very much unlike Ember. The prices are extremely high but Lina finally buys two pencils. When Lina turns around, Poppy is missing and she rushes out into the streets to look for her, just before the lights flicker out.

In 2011 it was one of the most popular female given names in Germany. It was initially used as a shortened form of names such as Karolina, Nikolina, Adelina, Evelina and Paulina. Since "-lina" is a diminutive suffix, it has no meaning of its own in Swedish. Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community.

Lina finds a box hidden in her house with a half-chewed note stuck inside. When she and Doon decipher the message inside the box, they make a startling discovery. Ember is really far underground, and there is a whole world outside.

Lina is willing to cross the line and help the people of Sparks. The people from Ember and the people of Sparks are forced to work together to put out a fire and solve the problems facing their community. At the end, Doon gets a lightbulb to start working again, symbolizing the idea that together, they'll be able to build a better future. Most of the refugees from Ember live in the Pioneer Hotel, which has been abandoned for years.

In their jobs, Lina and Doon learn how awful things are getting in their city. The generator that runs everything is slowly dying, and no one really knows how to fix it. Since their city is surrounded by nothing but darkness, everyone is scared that the lights will go out for good.

Lina description

What is Lina a nickname for?

In Arabic "Lina" (لينة) refers to a small, young palm tree. It means "tender" or "tenderness". The name Lina also has roots in France and China. In Chinese, "Li" (丽) means "pretty" and "Na" (娜) means "elegant".

The people of Ember enter the town square the next morning. The leaders of Spark have brought a weapon from 'before,' which is actually a machine gun. Tick and his group of Ember refugees charge at the leaders, and the gun explodes. Lina decides to help the people of Sparks put out the fire, and Doon sees Torren Crane, trapped by the fire.

Lina description

Lena (name)

When they return, Doon approaches carrying Poppy. Same thing happens over and over when people from English-speaking countries choose to ignore proper prn. and mispronounce names like Helena, Milena or Jelena. I can assure you that the "traditional" and "proper" prn. of this name in Germany, the Netherlands and Slavic countries and probably other countries is Leh-na.

  • Meanings and history of the name MilaA short form of names like Milena and Miloslava.
  • Most of the refugees from Ember live in the Pioneer Hotel, which has been abandoned for years.
  • Often, someone’s character and personality are intertwined.
  • The people of Ember enter the town square the next morning.
  • Soon the fire is out, and the people of Ember and Sparks have found a common cause.
  • Tick and his group of Ember refugees charge at the leaders, and the gun explodes.

What are the 5 main personality traits?

Meaning of Leena Leena is a direct Quranic name for girls that means “young palm tree”, figuratively meaning “soft and delicate”.

The familiar form Linette (German) is another foreign variant. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Lena surname lived.

What are the 7 character traits?

Mila ▲ as a name for girls has its root in Spanish, and the name Mila means "miracles; favored". Mila is a version of Milagros (Spanish). Mila is also a derivative of Milena (Czechoslovakian, Slavic): popular in the Czech Republic.

Lina description

People with the surname

Lina description

To understand Jeanne DuPrau's novel The People of Sparks, we must first visit The City of Ember, the first novel in the series. In this book, the main characters Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow are assigned the jobs they will have for the rest of their lives. Lina has always wanted to be a messenger, but she draws the job for Pipeworks. Fortunately, Doon offers to trade and they do. Lina Mayfleet, from Ember, is the main character of the story The People of Sparks.

A new friend's outgoing, amiable personality can be easily observed. However, her honest character will take more time to become apparent. You will have to get to know her better to learn that her parents stressed the importance of honesty and she has taken those lessons to heart. This would make honesty one of her character traits. Often, someone's character and personality are intertwined.

What does Mattia mean in Italian?

Mattia is a Italian mixed name. The meaning of the name is Gift of God.

But, believe it or not, the two are quite distinct. For additional help in rounding out a character, check out this list of personality trait words. The writer uses these classic traits to help you to identify what role each character play in the story. How often have you grown attached to characters in literature and movies?

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Lina Origin and Meaning

Poppy Mayfleet, Lina's little sister, is chronically ill and much too young to understand the issues taking place in her city. Doon and Lina get married and eventually have children of their own. Lina is also a contracted form (English, Finnish, German, and Hungarian) of Caroline (English, French, and Scandinavian).

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What does Lina mean?

Lina (with Doon's help) finds the way out of Ember and into Sparks. Lina often dreams of a big, beautiful city. She is willing to risk a lot to chase her dream.

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Help with spelling...Lina OR Lena?

We're excited that you have an opinion about the name Lina. Lena, a fictional character from the animated TV show series DuckTales (2017).

Lina description

Within census records, you can often find information like name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and occupations. A few days after this discovery, Granny dies from a sickness, and Lina and Poppy move with Mrs. Murdo. The two report his crimes to the guards, and Doon, masked by their success becomes reluctant to see any importance tied to the message in the box. Two weeks later, when Lina returns home from work, she finds the house in a mess, with her grandmother ripping stuffing out of the cushions on the couch. When Lina questions her actions, her grandmother replies that something important is lost and is looking for it, although she does not remember what it is.