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Getting Started with SASS

At times, it drips with repeated rules, declarations, and values. We’re constantly writing the same snippets of code for colors, fonts, and frequently-used patterns of style throughout our stylesheets. One look through a decent-sized CSS file, and a DRY software developer will weep, first with bewilderment, then frustration. Notice we're using @use 'base'; in the styles.scss file.

What are Mixins in less?

To use a Mixin, we simply use @include followed by the name of the Mixin and a semi-colon. After compiling this SCSS code into CSS, our CSS file should look like this.

Mixin description

Install your compilation method of choice, and create a style.scss file. Install it with gem install sass, and compile it by running sassc myfile.scss myfile.css. A SASS file is a Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets file.

Which output style focuses on selectors rather than its properties?

In object-oriented programming languages, a mixin (or mix-in) is a class that contains methods for use by other classes without having to be the parent class of those other classes.

We can pass as many variables as we want. But, any variable that has a default/optional argument needs to be at the end of the argument list. There are many elements we want displayed flex, and typing this declaration above over and over gets boring pretty fast. Whether using it as Sass or SCSS, it improves productivity and makes complex CSS tasks easy. Sass is easy to debug and lets us do more with CSS.

As soon as you start getting into the nitty gritty and writing functions you realise how limited you are in terms of language itself, e.g. lists (arrays), variable types, basic mathematical operations. The @include directive allows you to use mixins within your Sass files. To add a new function to the interface means to implement the method at every class which uses the interface. Default methods help in this case where they can be introduced to an interface any time and have an implemented structure which is then used by the associated classes.

.SASS File Extension

To write lean css requires good mockups that take reusable elements into account, and good understanding of css. I’m also a big advocate of mixing elements in the markup, that way you keep your css rules very lean, and your css file very clean. Mixing css classes in the mockup is sort of the same as sass does in css itself.

Interpolation within the multiline comments are resolved in the resulting CSS. You can specify variables or property names within the curly braces. global to be used for a variable that doesn’t exist yet. This behavior was deprecated to make sure each stylesheet declares the same variables no matter how it’s executed. Sass variables are imperative, which means if you use a variable and then change its value, the earlier use will stay the same.

Mixin description

From SASS to CSS

Mixin description

I would add though, that if you’re relying on developer tools to find the line number of the rule that’s causing a problem then how come you don’t know where that rule is? Personally I never use line numbers to find a rule, I know where it is because I structure my SCSS into a sensible file structure and nest rules inside one another in an easier to follow way. It makes it easier for me to find and fix problems and it makes it easier for other people in the team too because it’s structured well. Dan, interesting read, but … what I see in articles like this a lot has happened again. Technology A can be improved by utilizing Technology B. All true, here.

Mixin description

What is SASS in HTML?

Sass include various function for string, numeric, list, map, selector and introspection.

Mixin description

When and if it makes sense, certain Sass functionality could very well inform future CSS specifications. For the list, since we have 3 list items and the Mixin has 3 arguments, each argument is passed in respectively. Now $values doesn't get treated as a list but rather a normal variable. In CSS, we have properties like padding and margin that can take anywhere from one to four values for their property arguments.

  • CSS can be used to define text styles, table sizes, image appearance, and other aspects of a webpage.
  • You add that to the variables, mixins, etc. and you start wondering why you didn’t start doing this long ago.
  • Having used both SASS and LESS for different projects, I can honestly say I find little to no productivity increase over when I just code in CSS.
  • Before using SASS – just like with any other unfamiliar technology – you need to take the time to learn the new language.


Unlike CSS, Sass allows us to use mathematical expressions! This is super helpful within mixins, and allows us to do some really cool things with our markup.

A target medium matches a media list in the same cases that it would for @import. Mixins allow document authors to define patterns of property value pairs, which can then be reused in other rulesets. The mixin name is a class selector that identifies the mixin being declared. The @mixin keyword must be followed by the mixin name and a declaration block.

Mixin description

These generic functions are functions that are defined in multiple cases (methods) by class dispatch and method combinations. Mixins may become a point of conflict if they accidentally overwrite existing class methods. So generally one should think well about the naming methods of a mixin, to minimize the probability of that happening. Some other languages allow multiple inheritance. JavaScript does not support multiple inheritance, but mixins can be implemented by copying methods into prototype.

Mixin description

They make it easy to avoid using non-semantic classes like .float-left, and to distribute collections of styles in libraries. The many talents of JavaScript for generalizing Role Oriented Programming approaches like Traits and Mixins, April 11, 2014. Here, Bird has mixed in all methods of the trait into its own definition as if class Bird had defined method sing() on its own. ECMAScript (in most cases implemented as JavaScript) does not need to mimic object composition by stepwise copying fields from one object to another. Most of the Ruby world is based around mixins via Modules.

It can store multiple values and can be reused in the code whenever necessary. Sassy CSS (SCSS) - A superset of the original Sass syntax and is more commonly used. It extends CSS functionality by providing mixins, nested rules, variables, and inline imports. Sassy CSS files are saved with a .SCSS file extension.

I don’t want to change the way I write CSS!#section9

The concept of mixins is implemented in Ruby by the keyword include to which we pass the name of the module as parameter. In this usage example, the mixins provide alternative underlying functionality without affecting the functionality as a socket server. the ThreadingMixIn class adds functionality to the TCP server such that each new connection creates a new thread.

Mixin description

+ is the method qualifier for the method combination of the same name. We can use mixins as a way to augment a class by adding multiple behaviors, like event-handling as we have seen above. After adding the mixin, an object user will be able to generate an event "login" when the visitor logs in.

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What is SASS in slang?

What is Sass? Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) is an extension of CSS that enables you to use things like variables, nested rules, inline imports and more. It also helps to keep things organised and allows you to create style sheets faster.

Mixin description

Sass is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, and more. It’s translated to well-formatted, standard CSS using the command line tool or a web-framework plugin. I’ve been a LESSCSS user for some time.