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Mothership is aims to be a blockchain financial services focused around the Estonian e-Residence government programme. The core of these services are:

  • Token amrket for the EU
  • Wallet connected to your e-Resident digital ID
  • Secure crypto exchange 
  • Hosting platform for blockchain applications

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Mothership Events

Time Warp is an effective area denial spell and is effective when paired up with splash damage such as storm. A player can use it to slow down a Viper attempting an abduct, a flock of Corruptors dive bombing Carriers increasing the potential damage of storms on them, or to close off an area that a Zerg may use to flank.

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They draw air in directly from the back of the chassis, free from the restricted airspace endured by traditional laptops that sit flat. Exhaust is pumped through four outlets at the top corners of the chassis, keeping warm air from blowing onto your mousing hand.

And the chip is fully unlocked, so you can push even higher with just a few clicks in our Armoury Crate software. The management of these claims should not be done on a haphazard basis. These claims should be properly project managed between the liquidator’s office and the lawyers, so that deadlines are met, and appropriate court applications are prepared and made within ample time. Mothership Events is a full service national event management and producing company. Vortex can effectively remove large amounts of enemy units from play, forcing an opponent to either engage with a smaller army or send the remainder of his units into the Vortex.

Game Unit

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SSD RAID storage and 2.5G Ethernet bring ultra-fast performance to every part of this revolutionary gaming machine. A standard weapon in any liquidator’s arsenal is the claim for an unfair preference payment against a creditor. Liquidators can bring these proceedings in the name of the one company against numerous creditors in one court application.

After a 1.79 second delay, warps spacetime within the target area for 7 seconds. Enemy units and structures within the field will have attack and movement speeds reduced by 50%.

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During World War II the Japanese Mitsubishi G4M bomber was used to carry the rocket-powered Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka aircraft, used for kamikaze attacks, within range of a target ship. Germany also planned a jet-carrying bomber, called the Daimler-Benz Project C.

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If the delay is just slackness on the part of those involved, it is possible that leave will not be granted. Teleports all units within 6.5 effect-radius around the selected point to the Mothership's location. Fixed an issue where beam-type weapons didn't get slowed in the Mothership's Time Warp.

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  • In the meanwhile, Mvp massed up a huge army of ghosts and Battlecruisers.
  • With four SO-DIMM slots and support for up to 64GB of memory, ROG Mothership can easily master demanding multitasking and content creation.
  • After a 1.79 second delay, warps spacetime within the target area for 7 seconds.
  • The now (mostly) defunct Archon Toilet was one such strategy, which was seen in games against XlorD (as shown in the Day9 Daily Number 249) and InflowLooky (the use of which killed 33 Mutalisks and 3 Corruptors in one fell swoop).

The now (mostly) defunct Archon Toilet was one such strategy, which was seen in games against XlorD (as shown in the Day9 Daily Number 249) and InflowLooky (the use of which killed 33 Mutalisks and 3 Corruptors in one fell swoop). After the change, the Archon Toilet only works against extremely slow units that have a tendency to clump up; the only such unit in the game is the Broodlord. In fact, one of the best ways for a protoss player to kill a Zerg army with a high Broodlord and Infestor count (8+) is the Archon Toilet.

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Using Mass Recall to teleport a good-sized army of Stalkers and Immortals is effective if used in conjunction with Vortex. Casting Vortex on the Zerg is effective due to Zerg's "strength in numbers" tactics tend to leave them in large clumps. Vortex-ing one of these clumps can temporarily take out a large portion of the Zerg army, allowing the Protoss player to either wreak havoc on the remaining Zerg army or freely destroy Zerg structures. Lately, more strategies have been adapted to utilize the Mothership vs. Zerg, primarily by the pro player KiWiKaKi.


A mothership may also form the larger component of a composite aircraft. NASA B-52, Tail Number 008, is an air launch carrier aircraft, "mothership," as well as a research aircraft platform that has been used on a variety of research projects. The aircraft, a "B" model built in 1952 and first flown on June 11, 1955, is the oldest B-52 in flying status and has been used on some of the most significant research projects in aerospace history. Born out of the needs of emerging artists who come to New York City to take part in the cultural nexus, Mothership NYC was founded in 2005. The addition of an extra live-work space in late 2016 provided an impetus to professionalize our residency program.

For other versions see Mothership (Heart of the Swarm) and Mothership (Wings of Liberty). Motherships are rarely, if ever, shown in wide shots of the Golden Armada in space. The one notable exception to this is the one being stood on in "Reclamation". Look up mother ship in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.Wikimedia Commons has media related to Airborne aircraft carriers. The Scaled Composites White Knight series of aircraft are designed to launch spacecraft which they carry underneath them.

Mothership Grapefruit APA 330ml x 12 (Singles)

The only commonality is the insolvency of the plaintiff company, but there is no commonality amongst the defendants. Perhaps the date of insolvency may be in dispute, but that only satisfies the first part of the test. So, if a liquidator intends to utilize mothership proceedings, leave of the Court is required at some stage. "Mass Recall" changed to "Strategic Recall."Strategic Recall will recall all player units in the target area to the Mothership.

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Heat spreaders add the VRAM and additional power components to the network, while sintered walls inside each pipe accelerate thermal transfer and help keep the power components under 80 °C. Laptops limit cooling and lock you into a fixed position that’s needlessly rigid for desktop replacements, so we’ve reimagined the form factor to raise your game. ROG Mothership is a portable Windows 10 Pro powerhouse with an innovative standing design that enhances cooling for its factory overclocked GeForce RTX™ 2080 GPU and 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 eight-core CPU. Choose between G-SYNC™ displays with a detailed 4K resolution or blazing 144Hz refresh rate, and use the detachable keyboard to adapt to how you play.

The Mass Recall spell can evacuate trapped offensive units to safety, or allow an otherwise immobile army to defend or attack more than one key location on the map. Some players in WoL also experimented with using the Mothership away from their army, utilizing the Mass Recall spell to their advantage. The ability was changed, however, to require that the Mothership itself recall to any Nexus on the map. The versatile ROG Mothership design offers extensive connectivity to create your ideal gaming environment. Three USB 3.2 Gen 2 and one USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports leave ample room for all of your favorite peripherals.

In the US, NASA has used converted bombers as launch platforms for experimental aircraft. Notable among these was the use during the 1960s of a modified Boeing B-52 Stratofortress for the repeated launching of the North American X-15.

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Mother ship

Description (1955) The Bell Aircraft Corporation X-1E airplane being loaded under the mothership, Boeing B-29. The X planes had originally been lowered into a loading pit and the launch aircraft towed over the pit, where the rocket plane was hoisted by belly straps into the bomb bay. By the early 1950's a hydraulic lift had been installed on the ramp at the NACA High-Speed Flight Station to elevate the launch aircraft and then lower it over the rocket plane for mating. It has been the case since 2002 that liquidators who wish to use mothership proceedings to recover their unfair preference claims should seek leave of the Court beforehand.

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