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NEO is a platform in which users can issue and trade assets. NEO has been rebranded from the original 'Antshares'. NEO tokenizes proofs of ownership of an asset and not the asset itself, thus taking into account all of the legal complications and obligations that may come with the transfer of shares, equity and assets.

NEO represent an ownership of the NEO platform and allows users to buy NEO (ANC) and to vote on protocol changes on the NEO blockchain. ANS are 100% premined and issued on the NEO's genesis block.

Mkt.Cap $ 1.25 B Volume 24H 572,412.00NEO
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NEO’s complex network

What does Neo mean in numbers?

The listed advantages of the project will help it to maintain a high rate of development and expansion of the user audience. If its creators take further steps to introduce a more advanced marketing program, NEO is expected to succeed and become one of the largest digital cryptocurrency assets soon.

He and the crew are rescued by the hovercraft Mjolnir (also known as the Hammer), the crew of which is dealing with a mystery in the form of Bane, a crew member from another ship, who is the only survivor of an ill-fated attack by the Zion fleet. Unknown to anyone, Bane has been caught and infected by Smith. Returning to the Matrix, he catches Trinity as she falls from an upper-story window of a power plant. She dies of a gunshot wound to the heart that she sustains during the fall, but Neo brings her back to life by reaching into her virtual body, removing the bullet, and restarting her heart. He eventually broke agent smith program in matrix and after a chance to kill the program at final by making a pact.

Neo is the sixth incarnation of The One, but what we don't know is who the first five Ones were. Has The One taken on many different appearances, or do they always look like Keanu Reeves? A younger version of Morpheus is reportedly being cast for The Matrix 4, so that suggests we're going to be seeing a different version of the Matrix to that in the first three films. It's plausible that we could be seeing a different One, who just so happens to look like Reeves again.

NEO is also a program, and Neo's program was designed to function as it did. The reason Agent Smith changed is because NEO infected him, modifying the original code to include new functions.

The Architect mentions that the One is "engineered", in the sense that he has been shaped in some way, but not genetically. The Architect even says "the code you carry" which would seem to imply that Neo is a program, not a human. A smart contract is a self-executing contract in which the terms of the agreement are written directly into code, making it binding and doing away with the need to trust a third party.

Similarly, if we're going to be seeing the 7th cycle of the Matrix, which is what begins to form at the end of The Matrix Revolutions, then again there'd be a new One, who could again take the form of Keanu Reeves. At the same time, because Neo's body died but mind didn't necessarily do so, then it might mean another way of the real Neo returning.

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However, with help from the Matrix, he was able to overwrite Smith, and that definitely needed doing. All things considered, Neo could create a program to perform just about any function within the Matrix.

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What does Neo mean in front of a word?

It makes Neo almost as fast as the MR-71 Blackbird; the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft in the world. It could reach speeds approaching 2,200mph.

Neo remains trapped until freed by Trinity (assisted by Morpheus and Seraph) who threatens the Merovingian in a Mexican standoff. The Architect presents Neo with a radically different explanation of his origins and purpose, claiming that Neo is actually the sixth "One". The productive output of the Matrix is based upon this repeated cycle of destruction and recreation, to keep the human minds which power it in a stable structure. The Oracle is as much part of that self-perpetuating design as the Architect, Neo is told, and the prophecy of The One is designed to ensure it runs smoothly each time. A record from Agent Smith's file on Neo and Neo's passport show a difference in the birthday of the character.

When Neo first became The One, he gained the ability to alter the Matrix to his liking. If that's not clear, Neo functions the same way a system administrator works in a computer system.

Neo sacrificed himself to stop the spread of Agent Smith, which the Matrix could no longer control. All Neo wanted in exchange for saving the machine world was peace between the machines and humans. They agreed to his terms and sent him into the Matrix, where he allowed himself to be absorbed by Smith’s program. He destroyed it from within, and in the process both he and Agent Smith died. The last we saw of Neo, his crucifixion-posed corpse was being taken away by the machines in a respectful manner, in what felt like a viking funeral crossed with a Christian mass.

Despite not actually seeing Neo connect with the machines, stopping that group of Sentinels in The Matrix Reloaded is all the proof we need to confirm that Neo can control them. If he's able to stop a Sentinel outside of the Matrix, that must mean he holds some power over them. Neo just didn't have enough time to hone those abilities. But if he did, he might've been able to stop the entire Machine City before his death.

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He's simply adjusting a segment of code so that it returns to its previous state. The reason why Neo didn't sense Smith's reinsertion is because he was barely growing accustomed to the powers of The One.

What do Neo Malthusians argue?

A neo-something is a new or revived form of something. It comes from the Greek neos, for "new." No one seems to agree on what "neo-Christian" and "neo-Christianity" actually mean.

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  • Neo and Trinity are given the Logos, a hovercraft commanded by Morpheus's former lover, Niobe, in what seems to others as a suicidal journey to the Machine City.
  • It isn't just Keanu Reeves returning for The Matrix 4, but also Carrie-Anne Moss.
  • But as a characteristic of the Oracle, Neo is merely just random.

Whereas the smart contracts in Ethereum can only be written in a language called Solidity, NEO contracts can be written in common programming languages like C++, Javascript, Python, etc. making it automatically more accessible to the masses. It supports common programming languages like Javascript and C++, with improvements to its technology, making it less vulnerable to hackers than Ethereum. The NEO's goal is to become No. 1 blockchain project by 2020.

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Will Neo come back?

Neo's physical body may be dead but from what the Oracle said at the end his spirit/energy is probably still alive. It's happened before when Neo was at the train station--his mental projection was at the station even though his physical body wasn't connected to the Matrix or anything else.

The Matrix 4: How Keanu Reeves Can Return (Despite Neo’s Death)

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Be it a grievous wound or a slight illness, Neo would only need to find the problematic segment of code and delete it, thus making him a virtual messiah of healing. Another of Neo's lesser known abilities is that of clairvoyance. It was briefly put on display during Neo's time at the Mobil Ave. station. There, he witnessed a future where a river of Sentinels flowed infinitely.

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How to buy NEO Coin

The subject of Neo then fell to the side lines for other struggles until the arrival of The Oligarchs in Chapter 9. After a final visit to the Oracle, Neo learns that he has powers over the machines which extend beyond the Matrix and that Smith is spreading, threatening to destroy both the Matrix and the real world. Soon after Neo leaves, dozens of Smiths come and assimilate Seraph, Sati, and the Oracle.

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What language is Neo?

Neo is an artificially constructed international auxiliary language created by Arturo Alfandari, a Belgian diplomat of Italian descent. The language combines features of Esperanto, Ido, Novial and Volapük.

But being Neo's creation, it would likely be a virtual utopia. He's suffered in two worlds that he had no control over, so perhaps a world made to his liking would be the vision he'd have for a new Matrix. While creating a parallel version of the Matrix may seem preposterous, it really isn't.


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Another power which Neo possesses is his ability to adjust the function of programs, such as the Oracle or even Smith. Neo's connection to the Matrix gives him access to every corner of the Matrix, including those that govern over prophetic programs and ones that attack it. Besides removing a bullet from Trinity's heart in The Matrix Reloaded, Neo's healing abilities haven't really been put on display.

The One is a single person to which The Matrix has attached all the accumulated rejections of previous people in The Matrix. There's nothing that special about Neo except that he's the one the Prime Program picked to attach these records to. The goal of the prime program is to convince the person these rejections were tied to to accept the Matrix, thereby balancing the internal logic to allow a reboot.

Is Neo a program?

When Neo accepts the Matrix, the Matrix can then balance the math. But that doesn't mean he's a program, any more than any other living human in the Matrix is "a program." The reason Neo is special is because he rejects abandoning his avatar to the source; he continues being a rejection in the Matrix.

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Why is neo special in the movie matrix?

He allows Smith to assimilate him, but when Smith sends an energy surge into him, it backfires. Because Neo was connected to the Source, and had already made the decision to be deleted, that then deletes Smith and all of his clones. After Halborn's removal in Chapter 10, little more was questioned until the revelation of the Trinity project, originally headed by The Oracle, in Chapter 12.