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Dnotes is  a scrypt based Proof of Work algorithm crypto currency. The total number of coins is 500 million, difficulty retargetting takes place using the Kimoto gravity well, the block time is 60 seconds.

DNotes is a peer-to-peer decentralized crypto-currency transmitted over the internet  enabling instant payment to anyone in the world. It is fast and secured. With little or no  transaction fees, it is an efficient and low cost payment vehicle.


You can participate in the mining network and mine DNotes for free. A Block Reward starting at 250 Coins are paid until all the coins have been mined. Additionally,  a bonus of 750 coins are awarded to miners during the first thirty days covering blocks 250 to 33,250.

Help them promote their new crypto-currency and earn your share of DNotes. They need mining pools, bloggers, social media promoters, and crypto forum users. In the beginning, there will be huge giveaways and bounties. Contact them at [email protected] if you would like to get involved.

You may also trade for DNotes on an exchange that accepts DNotes as they become available.


DNotes is a shared stake concept, placing a large percentage of the coins in the hands of many, increasing personal stake and personal interest in the coin in promoting the long term value of the currency.

A rapid acceptance by a very large number of individuals and groups generating the most liquidity and high transactional value is their goal.To ensure the best future for DNotes, their development team will remain focused, swift and agile in the relentless pursuit of technology changes and bring you the best as they become available. 

The development team is currently working on mobile application integration and development.

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Promissory note

It's important for investors to calculate the dilution that could impact their own personal stakes in the business when the notes are converted to equity. Continuing to use SAFE notes is similar to kicking the can down the road. It doesn't solve a problem but rather creates a potential new issue. For many entrepreneurs, an effect similar to a hangover may develop because they suddenly own less of their company than they realized since they failed to calculate the potential dilution.

What is effective note making?

What is the present value of the note receivable? Type = 0 or omitted, if payment is made at the end of period. = 1, if payment is made at the beginning of period. Type = 0 or omitted, if payment is made at the end of period.

What Are SAFE Notes?

Debt securities issued by a for-profit company instead of a government. Corporate bonds are a major way companies raise funds for their operations or for a specific project. The risk of a corporate bond for a bondholder depends on the creditworthiness of the issuing company. As with all bonds, corporate bonds have a maturity, at which time the principal is repaid to bondholders.

Dnotes description

Corporate Bonds: An Introduction to Credit Risk

What is simple interest?

The effective annual interest rate is equal to 1 plus the nominal interest rate in percent divided by the number of compounding persiods per year n, to the power of n, minus 1.

With SAFE notes, investors could be waiting endlessly for maturity even once the business is turning a profit. Thus, promissory notes can work as a form of private money. In the past, particularly during the 19th century, their widespread and unregulated use was a source of great risk for banks and private financiers, who would often face the insolvency of both debtors, or simply be scammed by both.

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The Treasury's site explains how the interest rate and price of a bond are determined at auction. The following illustrations apply this process to compute the discount on three notes receivable by the Sample Company. Discounting means selling or pledging a customer’s note receivable to the bank at some point prior to the note’s maturity date. The term discount is used because the bank deducts the interest it charges from the note’s maturity value and thus discounts the note.

Dnotes description

Sometimes, a startup is a limited liability company, not a C-corporation. A limited liability company can use a convertible note, since that kind of note is a debt instrument.

For instance, you are investing in an issue of investment notes described below. For more information about structured investment instruments, investment risks, terms and prices of securities transactions call+ or visit a SEB bank unit of your choice. Guaranteed interest can be fixed or floating and is paid regardless of change in the value of the financial instrument to which the notes are linked.

What is simple discount?

Simple Discount. The process of finding the present calue of a given amount that is due on a future date and includes a simple interest is called discounting at simple interest, or commonly, the simple discount method. In other words, to discount an amount by the simple interest process is to find its present value.

How to Adjust Entries for Notes Payable

Further, if the worth goes down in a year, the value invested will fall far more than the discount could make up for. Also, it's very likely that the price of the investment will fall and not go up again. The KISS may not be a winner, and it may not even be better than the SAFE or convertible note, but at least it's another option. SAFEs, KISSes, convertible notes, and even basic seed money financing are all helpful. The search for the best arrangement for investors and founders alike will go on.

Dnotes description

The bottom line is that notes payable and bonds are, for all practical purposes, essentially the same thing. They're both debt used by companies to fund operations, growth, or capital projects. Unless you're a lawyer, a professional debt-trader, or a securities regulator, the differences are largely moot.

In any case, regardless of the change in the value of the financial instrument, on the redemption date you will be paid guaranteed interest, i.e. 10% of the nominal value of investment notes (EUR 10). If the final value of the financial instrument to which the investment notes are linked rises above or equals the specified limit, you will be refunded the nominal value of investment notes (EUR 100) on the redemption date. The nominal value of one investment note normally equals EUR 100.

However, SAFE notes fall midway in this category, with some risk and only some foreseeable gain. When raising smaller amounts of capital from seed and angel investors who don't have as much experience, the dilution aspect of a SAFE note may be overlooked or even seem appealing.

  • The Present Value formula has a broad range of uses and may be applied to various areas of finance including corporate finance, banking finance, and investment finance.
  • The opportunity to sell investment notes to the bank before the redemption date depends on their liquidity in the secondary market.
  • When seeking seed money, it's typically best to choose the option that is most popular in your community so investors will feel comfortable.
  • However, many students are not certain about how to take notes or which style will work best for them.
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However, it can quickly go downhill for everyone involved. In many cases, business founders tend to associate the cap of the valuation of a SAFE note with the potential base for a round of equity. Any discounts provided on the notes could imply a minimum premium on the next round of funding. If you want to try SAFE notes, think about focusing on the priced equity rounds rather than the notes.

Who is the note holder?

Treasury notes have maturities of one, three, five, seven, and ten years, while Treasury bonds (also called “long bonds”) offer maturities of 20 and 30 years. In this case, the only difference between notes and bonds is the length until maturity.

That's why SAFE notes should be looked upon with some skepticism. The goal of such notes is to make capital increases simpler, less pricey, and more expedient. Hopefully, the outcome is to empower investors with choice and founders with the ability to employ more people and grow companies. Investors have investment rights and can address ongoing company financial issues. There are typically 2x payout provisions in a convertible debt agreement, which can still be written into SAFE agreements.

The purchase of discount notes may also prove to be advantageous for investors who would need access to the funds after a short period of time. Given their complexity (compared to SAFE notes), KISSes require more discussion and negotiation, more legal fees, and more time. The usual debt formulations of interest and conversion aren't unique, and they don't always take into account the hopes of startup companies. Those people must spend a great deal of time with the administrative components that the SAFE note sought to avoid. Capital investors gain from the equity they turn over, and that's what they expect from seed investments they accrue.

What is a safe note?

2.2 - Simple Discount The Simple Discount Formula D = MdT where D represents the amount of SIMPLE DISCOUNT for a loan(equivalent to interest M. You can ask !

Dnotes description

Each is a legally binding contract to unconditionally repay a specified amount within a defined time frame. However, a promissory note is generally less detailed and less rigid than a loan contract.[5] For one thing, loan agreements often require repayment in installments, while promissory notes typically do not. Furthermore, a loan agreement usually includes the terms for recourse in the case of default, such as establishing the right to foreclose, while a promissory note does not. A negotiable instrument is a commercial document in writing, that contains an order for payment of money either on demand or after a certain time. There are of three types, namely, bills of exchange, promissory notes and cheques.

This is one of the first experiences when both parties will see the real terms of the company's dilution. Lastly, it's clear that startups are setting their SAFE note prices low. This may be the result of not requesting favors or bargains. There's often a market discount that surrounds such notes as well as a conversion cap, so this isn't unexpected. As these aspects run with market norms, the investors tend to be agreeable to them.

Dnotes description

Note-taking is a critical skill that can boost academic success, reduce study time, and ease the process of completing assignments. However, many students are not certain about how to take notes or which style will work best for them. Here are some helpful tips to help you organize your notes. Below are three note-taking formats every student should try when searching for the most effective method. An investor who opts for a convertible note instead has an end date in mind, which helps make things clear in the future.

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How is interest rate calculated?

An Asset backed Loan Note is a financial instrument depicting the terms and conditions of a loan between a borrower and the lender (Investor). In the event of the borrower defaulting, the Loan Note also provides details of any assets that can be sold thereby reducing the lender's (Investor's) losses (Risk).

The notes are issued and maintained in book-entry form through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and investors may acquire the notes in denominations as small as $1,000. As an investor, the most important reward for you is winning equity. Interest will offer some benefit, but growth for the company and for yourself is important. A convertible or SAFE note can guide you and help startups bring an equity round at a higher valuation. For some reason, despite similarities and attempted developments, KISSes have not become more popular than SAFEs or convertibles.

Components of a Promissory Notes

SEB bank may not advise on investment issues, promote investments, solicit or offer investments where any such may be unlawful. If you need more information, please contact your SEB bank account manager or any SEB bank unit. A bond is a fixed income investment in which an investor loans money to an entity (corporate or governmental) that borrows the funds for a defined period of time at a fixed interest rate.

Note Proceeds means proceeds of the sale of the Commercial Paper Notes or any moneys, securities or other obligations that may be deemed to be proceeds of the Commercial Paper Notes within the meaning of the Code. The natural functions of the memory are hampered when we try to memorise information in the form of whole phrases or sentences. Use keywords in your notes to make the revision process more efficient and time effective. The advantage of the Cornell method is that you can juxtapose multiple note-taking formats in one.

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