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Privatix is a decentralized autonomous P2P VPN network on blockchain with its own crypto-economy which will serve the exchange marketplace. Based on blockchain, the network will contain exit nodes around the world and will provide a way for developers to build products, like the consumer VPN industry, cyber protection, CDN, business intelligence and even software and mobile apps monetization.

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Privatix Network

The fiat payment gateway will allow users to pay for bandwidth with popular payment methods like credit cards, etc. At the backend, the service will perform all operations with PRIX and ETH via API calls to the relevant exchanges. This will increase the rate of mass adoption and provide a real source of information about bandwidth prices in real time. Moreover, there are many interesting services currently under development that may be integrated in the future, 0x and Airswap for example. A dashboard with an understandable graphic interface is not essential for network workability.

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There is no escrow party, that can decide if service was provided or consumed. Instead, service is sold and paid in such small portion, that risk for misbehavior considered neglectable. Offering template — has all fields required to describe the service parameters and offering conditions. A cryptographic hash locks its format between seller and buyer.

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Privatix LTD

Privatix BOX is a hardware device (a portable smart router) that allows you to utilize an Agent’s software and/or dVPN with the additional function of Wi-Fi sharing (tethering). Privatix intends to provide an SDK that will be easy to integrate into any software and give developers the ability to send all traffic via the Privatix Network’s Agents’ exit nodes in the event that any of their servers are blocked. All this in order to ensure that applications remain private and resistant to censorship. The Proxy Market will include an advanced API through which anyone will be able to buy the use of proxies (traffic) from Privatix Network Agents in a convenient and easy way. When the Privatix Network is established, it will contain hundreds and thousands, even millions, of connected devices (Agents), and most of them will have residential IP-addresses.

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Privatix, as a pioneer, also has the potential to derive significant profits from these products. Basically, this Marketplace may contain other functionality to serve the goal. Some of this may be transferred to build-in Client/Agent functionality, some may not.

Offerings (aka offering message) are created by Agents according to offering template. Offering link is published to blockchain together with Agent's deposit. Privatix Token Contract is a standard ERC20 contract that is used solely for PRIX token exchanges directly between Ethereum accounts. To provide or consume services on Privatix Network, users must first transfer some tokens to the Privatix Service Contract (see below).

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Client will ping Agent using preferred messaging transport to check, if he is alive, before he places deposit. Client software makes it possible to discover Agent`s offerings, accept them and connect to VPN Agents (exit node owners). It will automatically configure VPN service on the Client side. When Client will start using VPN service, it will automatically pay for VPN traffic in small portions. Any time, Client has the right to stop using the service.

Job ClientAfterOfferingMsgBCPublish created in order to get full offering message. 6) If Client allows to use at least one messaging transport listed in _source_type, full offering will be retrieved and validated for compliance with related offering template. If no matching offering template found in Client's database or validation fails, such offering will be ignored.

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Access template — has all the data the provider needs to supply so that the client can start using the service (e.g. IP address, authentication credentials, service parameters). A cryptographic hash locks its format between all parties. Access based on this template is generated automatically by the Privatix core and validated by the consumer for compliance with the corresponding template. VPN Go is a safe, fast and stable iOS VPN application which is developed by Yan Zhang.

It means, that Agent can place offering and remain completely anonymous. The client gets the same anonymity when discovering those offerings. Smart contracts are fundamental to guarantee payments in trustless environment.

Security Rating Service

  • The client gets the same anonymity when discovering those offerings.
  • Our team is trying to create the most reliable and easy-to-use VPN service in the world that can be used for free by anyone anywhere, no matter their technical experience.
  • Offering itself does not contain any sensitive information, and thus is public and not encrypted.

But, as a development team, we need to track key metrics, and we also believe it may help the public to better understand how the Privatix network is used. As a company, Privatix is focused on developing service agnostic platform and services specialized on internet bandwidth. This message is generated after the Client has accepted the offering. It is then encrypted using the Client’s public key and thus can be decrypted only by the intended recipient.

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Privatix VPN Agent supports multiple servers controlled by a single Agent software program. Servers can reside on a machine different from the one running the service controller — this greatly improves security and scalability. At the same time, the scenario allows centralized VPN providers who are already operating to use Privatix network to promote their services to new customers without any investments. The offering message contains the full offering data.

To create a new offering, Agent fills offering template, cryptographically signs new offering and gets a hash from it. After that, he publishes this hash, together with Agent’s URL to the blockchain. Client’s get notified about newly published offering link and contact Agents directly full offering message. This communication is done over a messaging channel and can be completely anonymous. Offering itself does not contain any sensitive information, and thus is public and not encrypted.

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In 2020 our company will strive to create this product and push it to market. After the product is successfully launched and properly marketed, the capacity of the Privatix Network will increase. This stage will be implemented if the maximum goal (hard cap) is reached. Because any Client which accepts the Agents offering may forward traffic through his internet connection. The IP-address of the Agent can be traced back very easily.

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This indicates an attempt to access Privatix.Privatix is a free VPN service for desktop browsers and mobile devices. This indicates an attempt to access Raha VPN.Raha VPN is a free VPN service for the Android platform. Privatix will create and run several network-based products in order to demonstrate to entrepreneurs and developers how they can use the new platform in a number of ways. - Cross-platform VPN service powered by blockchain and based on DPI-free protocol.

Template guarantees that all providers and consumers “speak the same language” regarding a particular service. Each offering is strictly validated for compliance with the template it was created from. Privatix, making possible for users to find and consume services in a decentralized environment without a 3rd party.

One that is used both as an entry point and for exchanging PRIX tokens. The other is used strictly for offerings and service payments. Users can move tokens back and forth between smart contracts at any time via a simple user interface. In early versions, we will ship VPN service plug-in together with Privatix Core.

TrackICO does not encourage investing in any ICOs published on the platform. Make sure to do your own thorough research before putting money into Initial Coin Offerings. All content on TrackICO is meant to be used for information purposes only, and should not be taken as financial or investment advice. CDN is the cherry on the cake, a product that is very complicated in technical implementation but with huge market potential.

Allows to unblock any blocked websites, protect wifi and ensure online security. Downloading and using Privatix can cause data transfer costs (charged by your ISP). The same applies to the use of Privatix and related services.

This indicates an attempt to access AnonyTun.AnonyTun is a VPN application by Art Of Tunnel company. In this workflow Client accepts offering and get ready to use service.

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(1.2) We shall not bear responsibility for any services provided by third parties which you can get using Privatix. Also, this applies to dating websites, social networks and ads.

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