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It is an application-specific token, built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain, that allows us to give the value of the cooperative network back to the community.

Mr. Cogswell (voiced by Daws Butler in the TV series, Jeff Bergman in the 1990s-Present) is Spacely's big competitor. He owns Cogswell's Cosmic Cogs company and causes a lot of trouble for Spacely and George. To a lesser extent, Cogswell is another of the series' antagonists. He and Spacely are always finding ways to bring each other's businesses down.

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Intelligent soft robots development

Astro was also in 11 episodes of a 1981 spin-off called Astro and the Space Mutts. In order to predict pressing quality of precision press-fit assembly, press-fit curves and maximum press-mounting force of press-fit assemblies were investigated by finite element analysis (FEA). The analysis was based on a 3D Solidworks model using the real dimensions of the microparts and the subsequent FEA model that was built using ANSYS Workbench. The press-fit process could thus be simulated on the basis of static structure analysis. To verify the FEA results, experiments were carried out using a press-mounting apparatus.

Through mishaps, 'Lectronimo fails to catch a burglar whom Astro inadvertently stops. The family gives 'Lectronimo to the police and keeps Astro. Gottrockets shows up and claims to be Astro's original owner and his original name was Tralfaz. Astro had no memory of his past life with the millionaire, but understood why he ran away, with Elroy rescuing him from the dog catcher - he didn't want wealth and privilege, he wanted a real family.

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Moreover, the framework is flexible thanks to the Unity-ROS communication so that the monitoring task can be carried on by any ROS-compatible device. The monitoring system has been applied to a robotic system for heavy, multi-pass TIG welding of voluminous work-pieces. The results of the implementation show that the constraints for monitoring were satisfactory in the 3D environment and capable for real robot application. Caputo, F.; Greco, A.; D'Amato, E.; Notaro, I.; Spada, S. IMU-Based Motion Capture Wearable System for Ergonomic Assessment in Industrial Environment.

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Concerning robot motion tracking, a unified robot description format is used to describe the kinematic trees. Finally, a concept of assembly operation that involves snap joining is simulated to analyze the performance of the system in real-time capability. The distribution of joint variables in spatial-space and time-space is analyzed. The results suggest that real-time tracking in human-robot collaborative assembly environments can be considered to maximize safety of the human worker. However, accuracy and reliability of the system regarding system disturbances need to be justified.

In The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, Sentro is used again by Mr. Cogswell to steal the information about the prehistoric car that Mr. Spacely plans to market. Sentro is thwarted by both the Flintstones and the Jetsons.

In 2017, a Jetsons comic was published by DC Comics, Rosie is re-imagined as George's mother who was placed in a robotic body by Nexlyfe.[16][17] She only informed Judy that she was going through with the procedure prior to it. In the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law episode "Back to the Present", George leads the Jetsons in returning to the past to sue the planet for causing global warming. Additional episodes were produced from 1985 to 1987 in syndication, with the same cast of characters.

Though money is often the sole objective of his life, Spacely is not completely heartless, and will at times empathize or go out of his way to help genuinely help George (albeit rarely). Spacely also often finds excuses to get involved in George's personal life. Astro was introduced in the season one episode, "The Coming of Astro". When Jane, Judy, and Elroy proposed keeping him to George, he was against it, claiming an apartment is no place for a dog. In an effort to make his family happy, he gets an electronic dog, 'Lectronimo.

Results show that all but one of the selected models perform similarly (about 35 mm average position estimation error). Planning and monitoring the manufacturing of high quality one-of-a-kind products are challenging tasks. In the implementation of an industrial system, the commissioning phase is typically comprised of a programming phase and an optimization phase. Most of the resources are commonly invested in the optimization of the process.

The Jetsons family

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She was in fact outdated when introduced, and her obsolescence was the focus of several episodes focused on her. In the episode "Rosie's Boyfriend," we learn she has a boyfriend, the robot Mac, a helper for Henry Orbit.

The time and cost of the implementation can be reduced if the monitoring system is not embedded in the industrial process, but kept instead as a decoupled task. In this paper we present a framework to simulate and execute the monitoring task of an industrial process in Unity3D, without interfering with the original system. The monitoring system is made of external additional equipment and is decoupled from the industrial task. The monitoring robot's path is subject to multiple constraints to track the original process without affecting its execution.

The proposed framework is a combination of human movements to determine the overall assembly strategy and an optimization-based motion planner to generate the robot trajectories. The motion of the human’s hands, more specifically, the motion of the fingers gripping the object is captured by a Leap Motion Controller. Then, key points in the recorded trajectory of the position and orientation of the human’s fingers are extracted. These points are used as partial goals in the optimization-based motion planner that generates the robot arms’ trajectories which minimize the object’s deformation. Through experimental results it was verified the validity of the extracted key points from the human’s movements that enable the robot to successfully assemble ring-shaped elastic objects.

  • To a lesser extent, Cogswell is another of the series' antagonists.
  • Gottrockets shows up and claims to be Astro's original owner and his original name was Tralfaz.
  • To verify the FEA results, experiments were carried out using a press-mounting apparatus.
  • Cogswell has often tried to steal Spacely's ideas and make them his own to gain an advantage (only for it to backfire on both bosses).
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He has an assistant robot M.A.C.C. who is also dating Rosie the Jetson's housekeeper robot. He is known for giving George advice and is a part-time inventor, although both more often than not tend to backfire on him.

Elroy Jetson

We compared these results with the assembly done by purely repeating all of the human’s hands movements. Multi axis machine tools implement real time motion control algorithms. Objects including difficult to manufacture and deformable shapes show variable properties when tools apply a pressure on the object surface. Force compliant industrial robots are used to manipulate deformable objects in real time simulation. In this research, a hierarchical method of motion controlling strategy is presented.

In Proceedings of Advances in Human Factors in Wearable Technologies and Game Design, Orlando, FL, USA, July . In the episode "Family Fallout" the Jetsons are up against the Spacelys on a game show. Spacely is president and owner of 'Spacely Space Sprockets', where George Jetson works. He frequently yells at George for perceived poor work performance, or just when he feels like it.

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This measurement method has a high impact in human performance assessment and human-robot interaction. IMU motion tracking systems are indeed self-contained and wearable, allowing for long-lasting tracking of the user motion in situated environments. After a survey on IMU-based human tracking, five techniques for motion reconstruction were selected and compared to reconstruct a human arm motion. IMU based estimation was matched against motion tracking based on the Vicon marker-based motion tracking system considered as ground truth.

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We demonstrate the use of TRE with two different Arduino based robot platforms and believe that it can easily be extended for use with other robots. We further believe that this unconventional integration of technologies has the potential to fully bring the expertise of interaction designers into the process of advanced human-robot interaction projects. This paper proposes a new framework for planning assembly tasks involving elastic parts. As an example of these kind of assembly tasks, we deal with the insertion of ring-shaped objects into a cylinder by a dual-arm robot.

The proposed approach is described regarding performance characteristics such as accuracy, repeatability, controllability of the motion segmentation and time dynamics. The result shows that a hierarchical control approach can be considered as a potential candidate to manipulate deformable objects where force requirements are critical.

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HRI is a multi-disciplinary research field and integrating the range of expertise into a single project can be challenging. Enabling experts on human behavior to design fluent animations and behaviors for advanced robots is problematic, since the tools available for such robots are often in their prototype stage. We review several animation techniques that are common in computer games and that could make the movements of robots more natural and convincing.

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After seeing how much he loved the Jetsons, Gottrockets gives Astro back to them. Despite this, Astro makes an appearance in the ending credits prior to the episode. Astro makes five cameo appearances as a portrait in the music video for the 2008 Kanye West song "Heartless", which takes place in West's actual apartment den.

Tracking these motions using decentralized and different tracking systems require a generic model controller and consistent motion exchanging formats. In this work, our task is to investigate a concept for a unified real-time motion tracking for human-robot collaboration. In this regard, a low cost and game-based motion tracking system, e.g., HTC Vive, is utilized to capture human motion by mapping into a digital human model in the Unity3D environment. In this context, the human model is described using a biomechanical model that comprises joint segments defined by position and orientation.

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Rosie clearly cares a great deal for Mac, but is obviously the more intelligent between them, often chiding him for his childish behavior. Despite Judy still keeping modern-day "teenage girl" likes and dislikes, such as seemingly never-ending conversations on the telephone and shopping for futuristic outfits, she does not live exactly like a modern teenager. For example, she enjoys taking advantage of the many technology gadgets at her grasp such as controllable zero-gravity switches (made for accomplishing popular dance moves of the show's time or for other uses). She also gives a summary of how her day went including her problems to a floating robotic diary, appropriately named, "DiDi" (voiced by Brenda Vaccaro). ROX will be the fuel for Robotina’s IoT platform, used by members worldwide.

Mr. Cogswell's first name of "Spencer" is revealed in the 1980s version of The Jetsons. He bears something of a resemblance to Fred Flintstone's boss, Mr. Slate. Cosmo G. Spacely (voiced by Mel Blanc in the TV series, Frank Welker as a teenager in The Jetsons Christmas Carol, Jeff Bergman in the 1990s-Present) is George's moneygrubbing and arrogant boss.

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