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Red Pulse is a NEO-based market intelligence platform covering China's financial and capital markets. RPX is the token that serves as currency on Red Pulse's framework. The supply of RPX will increase over time at a rate of 10% per year.

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Red Pulse Phoenix Price, Chart, Market Cap, PHB Coin Essentials

Red Pulse Phoenix raised $15 million in a crowdsale which started in Oct 2017, price for one PHB at ICO was $0. ATH (All Time High) price recorded in our base is $0. (1 Year 3 Month Ago), for the previous 52 weeks lowest and highest price for PHB was $0. Last week, Red Pulse CEO, Jonathan Ha, participated in a roundtable discussion around “Wealth Management in China — Grasping the Opportunity”. The discussion was part of Hubbis’ China Wealth Management 2019 Shanghai event.

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Red Pulse was the first application launched on the NEO blockchain, initially under the ticker RPX. However, PHX tokens replaced RPX after a significant upgrade in 2018 called Phoenix. These terminals are provided by news outlets like Bloomberg or Thompson Reuters.

APEX SHOW in Seoul: APEX, Red Pulse, Hashed - Duration: 51 minutes.

The token on Red Pulse, RPX, can be used to pay or receive compensation for research within the Red Pulse ecosystem. PHX will power a brand new content production, distribution, and consumption platform focused initially on China’s capital markets. Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform covering China's economy and capital markets. Red Pulse is the only project of its kind focused entirely on researching and analyzing markets specifically in China. From the perspective of pure content curation, Steem is a similar platform.

Red Pulse description

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Red Pulse Token reached its highest price on 9 January, 2018, when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 0.797842. The best exchange for trading Red Pulse Token is Binance. Red Pulse Lead Engineer, Wally Yu, was at the SACC 2018 conference on November 1st in Beijing. His presentation was titled, “Blockchain Security and Attack Prevention”.

Naveet McMahon, Managing Director — Business Development at Red PulseThe Red Pulse team would like to welcome Naveet McMahon, who will oversee business development at Red Pulse. Naveet McMahon Joins as Managing Director, Business Development of Red Pulse. Check out our latest Red Pulse Report below to find out more. Over the past month, we’ve pushed live a number of new features and products focused on providing more value to our readers and clients. These include the new China Markets Pro Newsletter, as well as ramping up our Expert Network services.

In India and Pakistan they are thought of as one of the best pulses. Red Pulse CEO, Jonathan Ha, moderated the panel discussion “China Market In the Spotlight” during The Network Forum’s Asia Meeting 2019 conference in Hong Kong. The event brings together finance professionals and executives from across Asia to discuss the most pressing topics in the region.

All three have a background in management and IT consulting. This encryption cable connects a Pulse Engineering mount KIV-19A Red device with a DB25 female interface to a Cisco RS-530 DTE device with a DB25 male interface. It can also be used to connect to a Cisco CAB-530MT or a CAB-SS-530MT. Stonewall also offers a plenum rated jacket and a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket.

Red Pulse Phoenix Price Chart US Dollar (PHB/USD)

It aims to simplify and streamline the vast amount of news and information that circulates around the Chinese markets. Following a token swap in 2018, the native token of the system is now PHX.

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Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform providing timely, relevant, and actionable insights on China markets. Given the scale and pace of development in China’s economy, it’s an excellent place to start. This potential, combined with a solid existing business model and a trustworthy team, means that Red Pulse is undoubtedly one to watch in 2019. The founder of Red Pulse recognized that within the Chinese market, the information market domination by big players is failing to deliver.

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John Bittar & Red Pulse ‎– Heya

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  • PHX will power a brand new content production, distribution, and consumption platform focused initially on China’s capital markets.
  • There was a brief rise around April/May 2018, which corresponds approximately to the timing of the announcement of the Phoenix upgrade.
  • Submissions are curated by a combination of machine learning algorithms, natural language processors and human analysts.

Red Pulse Phoenix reached 756 days ago on 10.01.2018 the all-time high of 0,575 €. The price is now lower by -0,57 € (-99,47 %), this equates to a loss of -0,001 € (-0,13 %) per day.

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At the moment 0 of 0 Red Pulse Phoenix are available. If you order a pizza with PHX, you need 4.901,20 units. To pay with Red Pulse Phoenix for a new pair of shoes, you need to send 32.674,67 PHX. Your new Lamborghini will set you back 130.698.674,60 PHX e for a Tesla you need at least 44.110.802,68 PHX in your hardware wallet.

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Instead, the platform operates a staking mechanism for node holders. Don’t get confused with proof-of-stake, as Red Pulse uses the NEO delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus algorithm. When someone contributes information or research to the platform, Red Pulse assigns them a credibility score. This score is based on the accuracy of their submissions determined by readers, the Red Pulse team and the overall popularity of their contributions. Contributors earn PHX tokens for their submissions.

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Over the past year, Red Pulse been quietly building out our Expert Network services and are ready to open it up to a larger group of clients and experts. We offer services such as telephone and in-person interviews, research reports, surveys, conferences, and forums.

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There are other projects aimed at financial analysis but tend to focus on cryptocurrency markets, such as Cindicator. Red Pulse was founded by Jonathan Ha back in 2015. Ha had a vision of overcoming the myriad issues with the financial data markets in China. He co-founded the company with Stanley Chao and Peter Alexander.

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Red Pulse Phoenix is currently at the #2.501 place in front of FLOATERIUM (FLI) e behind Colium Exchange (COL). The Red Pulse team would like to welcome Naveet McMahon as our new Managing Director. Naveet will be leading business development and partnership initiatives in Hong Kong. Red Pulse currently produces well-subscribed content with over 50,000 paying customers subscribed to its newsletter. The Red Pulse team plans to improve their service by introducing a sharing economy for research with content creators and consumers trading research data for RPX tokens.

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This red pulse line badge features our iconic logo in the form of an ECG pulse line. Show your support for the BHF and help us discover the next breakthrough in the fight for every heartbeat.

China Wealth Management 2019 Shanghai

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They are grown in North and South America, Egypt, Ethiopia and China. Pulses are the dried seeds of the legume plants. Hundreds of different varieties of pulses are grown around the globe. It has a circulating supply of 829.6 million coins and ranked as #410 with $3 million market cap.

Interact with our network of China market experts by requesting a range of custom research services through our Expert Network platform. The price of Red Pulse follows a similar pattern to most cryptocurrencies, with its biggest bull run happening during the Bitcoin price spike at the end of 2017. There was a brief rise around April/May 2018, which corresponds approximately to the timing of the announcement of the Phoenix upgrade.