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Solve Care is a global international blockchain-based platform that offers a more efficient way to administer health care. Solve.Care is a link between patients, public and private medical institutions, insurance companies and health care brokers. Solve Care offers to unite patients and doctors on a single blockchain platform to reduce treatment costs and make it more effective.

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Solve.Care ensures the protection of potentially sensitive user data through the Care.Vault, which allows for both single ownership and multi-ownership data to be stored off-chain. Clinical data is safely secured in the Care.Vault, so only the Care.Wallet holder associated with the account has access and consent over rights and sharing. In the US, almost one in every five dollars of national output is consumed by healthcare, a figure which is greatly exacerbated by fraud, waste, and abuse of the medical supply chain.

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The hard cap of the project amounted to USD 20 million, and the team raised 100% of it. In terms of the system, it is fully decentralized, as each participant could engage directly with the relevant counterparty, and the information flow does not go through a single point. Care.Wallet users will be able schedule their own Lyft rides to doctors’ offices, hospitals, and pharmacies, with the ability to plug in desired arrival times. Additionally, patients can automatically pay for the ride with their Care.Wallet and share ride costs with their family members, employers, insurers and others. The collaboration also allows for coordination between patient, provider and family members, regarding assistance, arrival, cost and schedule adjustments.

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Solve.Care platform is designed to simplify access to care, reduce administrative steps and burden, simplify and speed up payments to healthcare providers globally using Blockchain technology. The Solve.Care platform relies on blockchain technology and Care.Cards to allow for that convergence.

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Care.Cards are downloaded from the app store from the Care website marketplace. They enable the integration of artificial intelligence into the healthcare management automation platform, process transactions and provide personalized information to wallet holders. The cards are organized as a deck and ordered by type, episode, provider, and time period; they provide access control and contain a history of all previous accesses. Solve.Care platform can perform the tasks of current processing and management systems at 3% of total spend through the use of Care Administration Networks thus reducing processing and management of systems and the potential to reduce overall spend.

I’ve read a lot of opinion on the forums that Solve.Care is a good and promising project. By integrating Lyft into the Care.Wallet app, patients have a means of scheduling transportation to and from appointments.

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All of the different health tracking apps and devices available are of limited use to a patient or physician if the data is difficult to access or if it isn’t delivered to someone who can analyze it in context of an individual’s overall state of health. The company is taking into account that different age groups respond to different visual and functional features. For example, Goel spoke about the company’s findings that younger people are averse to typing. This demographic, Goel says, prefers a format where they can select an option as opposed to typing a response.

Arizona Care Network (ACN) has been using Solve.Care Care.Wallet for Physicians to change the way it delivers and manages patient care. This physician-led and -governed accountable care organization has been reducing costs and improving patient outcomes using Care.Wallet.

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Solve.Care Foundation was established with the mission to decentralize and redefine administration of healthcare and other benefit programs, globally. We estimate that the addressable market size is in excess of $100 billion for the U.S alone and billions more in other health care systems around the world. In general, SolveCare is a decentralized and distributed platform which allows to administer the healthcare and privilege programs.

  • Redefine the way healthcare is accessed, delivered, managed, and paid for.
  • Spending on global healthcare is increasing dramatically year on year.
  • It will enable a proof of service model, which is a score of events in the blockchain that establish evidence of service delivery.
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Using the Solve.Care platform

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It will enable a proof of service model, which is a score of events in the blockchain that establish evidence of service delivery. This evidence can be determined based on schedule, consent, diagnosis, prescription, or other metrics.Care. Protocol is the underlying fabric of the platform handling all communication and synchronization between entities, wallets, cards, coins, and client systems. Solve.Care, a global healthcare IT company that’s developed a blockchain platform for coordination, administration, and payments of healthcare, today announced the integration with Lyft, who’s mission is to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. The integrated solution will empower Solve.Care wallet holders with greater access and control over healthcare related transportation.

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Care.Cards collect data from patients, and patients have the option of sharing access to the information with their physician or family members or whomever might be helping them coordinate care. The key word is “option.” The patient decides who gets what information and when; information can’t be transferred out of the patient’s wallet without the patient electing or consenting to the transfer. It strives to facilitate the interactions between various stakeholders in one ecosystem in the field of healthcare. Solve.Care is a project that is focused on the healthcare industry.

Likewise, SOLVE holders can sponsor care for loved ones, using SOLVE tokens to subscribe to vital healthcare services which also allow users to track the patients health daily. Blokt interviewedSolve.CareCEO Pradeep Goel, to find out why healthcare is such a ripe industry for blockchain disruption, and what Solve.Care’s role is within that process. Blokt reached out to Solve.Care CEO & Founder Pradeep Goel, to discuss why the healthcare industry is ripe for blockchain disruption, and how Solve.Care will be part of that.

Wallet is a personal healthcare wallet that will help providers and patients communicate and manage care delivery. Users are able to find, schedule and pay doctors using tokens issued by insurance/employer/care-networks.Care.Cards is a platform residing in the Care.Wallet, equivalent to apps in an app store. They have access to all the platform constructs and will be designed as a tool of intelligent automation. Care.Coin is a payment currency designed to reduce cost of healthcare administration and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse.

Solve Care was established to revolutionize healthcare delivery, care coordination and benefits administration around the globe. Pradeep Goel has deep expertise in health and human services, finance and technology. Pradeep was deeply involved in designing and building solutions for several public programs such as Medicaid, Children health insurance, Medicare, SNAP, TANF, mental health and many others. He has worked for and with insurance companies, employer sponsored benefits and US government programs related to healthcare, benefits and financial administration. , the vision is to enable a healthcare system that accomplishes effective and accessible patient care at affordable prices.

Projected to grow to over$10 trillion by 2022, the healthcare industry is a giant market fueled by rising life expectancy and a growing population, but the medical sector still facesmultiple inefficiencies, especially with financial sustainability. Solve.Care plans to automate many processes and reduce annual health care costs.

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In April 2019, ACN won a NAACOS Innovation Award for their implementation of Solve.Care Care.Wallet for Physicians. Redefine the way healthcare is accessed, delivered, managed, and paid for.

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