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Sirin Labs Solarin Specs


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This is at odds with the rest of the phone, and we fear that if the open cold wallet screen gets a hard knock, it’ll snap. The presence of the cold wallet also seems to balance the Finney, weight-wise, in a top heavy manner. Holding it at the base to type, for example, does emphasise the slipperiness of the phone, and it feels like it may topple out of your hand. The FINNEY sports a 12MP camera, 128GB built-in storage (expandable), the noted “safe screen,” the ability to run regular apps from Android, and, of course, a world of possibilities through the decentralized applications forthcoming.

The paper outlines several pain-points in the technology market today. Namely, that devices are insecure, using cryptocurrencies is difficult, it is difficult to monetize and secure p2p markets, and there is lack of a fair and decentralized app store. It describes the proposed solution to these problems - the SOLARIN phone and the Sirin blockchain upon which it will run. The paper also provides a marketing plan, a roadmap, and details about the token system and crowdsale. Other key features available at the smartphone's planned November launch will be a Token Conversion Service (TCS) and a proprietary DApp (decentralized application) store alongside the regular Google Play store.

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The Snapdragon 845 processor has already been superseded, but the phone still remains powerful and capable. Sirin Labs provides a 12-month warranty internationally and 24-months in Europe, covering any defects, but not accidental damage. It’s a return service, so the phone will go back to Sirin Labs for repair, which will take less than 14 days. The Finney has its own app store for decentralized apps, called the dCenter.

We have some slight concerns over the durability of the pop-up cold wallet, and there’s nothing more than IP52 dust and water resistance, so it’s not going to survive anything too harsh. The Android version is already out of date, and because Sirin OS deeply customizes the operating system, updates to Android 9.0 Pieor later may take a while to arrive.

Single camera lenses can be great, just look at the Google Pixel 3and the Honor View 20, but when they’re barebones in terms of features, we’re left nonplussed. Perhaps its presence is necessitated by the cold wallet, but phones like the Honor Magic 2manage to work around any pop-up module problems, so this seems unlikely. Even if it is a forced design decision, it looks like Sirin Labs is jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of it, and that’s not good. That said, the 6-inch, 2,160 x 1,080 pixel screen is not lacking brightness or detail, but it’s a very ‘cold’ display. Compare it to the beautiful warmth of the iPhone XS Maxor the Galaxy S9 Plus, and the stark blues and whites really show up.

The phone is framed with high gloss metal, mirror polished Aluminium, and has 3D Gorilla Glass on both the posterior and anterior of the device. These are accompanied by the metallic signature Shield Element surrounding the camera, sensors, and fingerprint scanner. SIRIN LABS will open two flagship concept stores first in London (December 2018) and later in Tokyo (January 2019). The London store will also function as a blockchain academy for our community, and any blockchain-curious audience.

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Phone Features

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For all of the talk within the media regarding the ups and downs on cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the speculation on the nefarious bitcoin bubble, there’s been very little talk about what cryptocurrency actually is, and the role is could play within a global economy. In addition to state-of-the art technology and cyber protection, FINNEY also offers the highest level of modern and expressive design.

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The unique sliding design of the Safe Screen is FINNEY’s strongest feature, and operates as the gateway to the crypto world by activating the cold storage wallet. Functioning on dedicated hardware and software, The Safe Screen’s separate power switch is how users will be able to access their wallet.

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  • What happens next depends on whether you own any Bitcoin or Ethereum currency already.
  • SIRIN’s phone seems to be one effort in reducing this friction – with crypto built in at the core, developers will now have a target device replete with a decentralized applications market to get listed in.
  • "It's a mixture between institutionals and big crypto investors -- about two-thirds in our case -- and crowdsale," said May.
  • The Android version is already out of date, and because Sirin OS deeply customizes the operating system, updates to Android 9.0 Pieor later may take a while to arrive.
  • The Finney Wallet does not provide any way to directly buy cryptocurrency, so you have to go to a third-party app or other service.


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Sirin Labs has customized Android with its own user interface called Sirin OS, which is a key part of the company’s long-term strategy. It hopes to license it to other manufacturers making crypto-focused phones due to its security features.

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Sirin Labs has plenty of experience here, having adapted the Solarin’s highly-secure operating system for use on the Finney. The Sirin Labs Finney bears a family resemblance to the Solarin, the first phone made by the company before it pivoted from luxury $13,000 smartphones to the blockchain phone company you see today. The Finney is definitely individual-looking, avoiding the standard black oblong we’re used to seeing by sharpening up the top and bottom edge, chamfering the sides, and curving the glass and metal rear panel to match. The Sirin Labs Finney is a smartphone built for the blockchain generation, designed to prepare us for a future, decentralized world where cryptocurrency is used to pay for all our goods and services.

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We are searching for an EXPERIENCED ANDROID ENGINEER to join our Software Development team to develop the SIRIN OS™ and FINNEY™ blockchain smartphone. Various companies are attempting to grapple with the feasibility of using cryptocurrency as a digital global economy. SIRIN LABS first announced its plan to create and manufacture the world's first blockchain smartphone in September 2017 with the vision to bridge the gap between the mass market and the blockchain economy. In December of 2017, the company signed football star Leo Messi as its brand ambassador and subsequently completed a successful ICO to advance into the manufacturing and production phase.

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However, because the technology is still being shaped, there’s a chance alterations could render the Finney less useful in the future too. Technically, the phone will remain useable for two years at the minimum though, just like other modern smartphones.

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At the time of writing there were two campaigns, and I watched two very dull videos about the blockchain, for which I earned 7,500KUE, and 1,300SWC. Well, this currency is stored in my Finney Wallet, but as to what I can do with it, how much it’s worth — if anything — and the general benefit of having it at all is a complete mystery. Sirin Labs says in the future, more incentivized apps will arrive and it’ll be possible to offset the outright cost of the phone. Android 8.1.0 is installed on the Finney, with the January 2019 security patch. This means it’s missing out on Android 9 Pie, and therefore already technically out-of-date.

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According to Sirin Labs, the maker of the Solarin handset, that price is $17,000 and a queue of celebrities are in line to snap one up. You can spend half the cost of the Finney on a OnePlus 6Tor the Honor View 20, or even a third on something like the Pocophone F1, and then have more than enough left over to buy a standalone cold storage wallet from a company like Ledger too. If you are set on buying a smartphone with a built-in cold storage wallet, the Finney is your only choice. HTC’s Exodusmay do something similar, but we’re still waiting for its release. While the cryptocurrency stuff captures the headlines, the Finney is still an expensive phone that we have to use every day.

Sirin Labs launches ultra-secure, ultra-expensive Solarin smartphoneIt's the 'best' and 'most secure' phone ever made, its maker claims. As noted above, Sirin Labs expects to launch FINNEY in November at a cost of around $999 (or the equivalent in SRN tokens), with Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi as the company's brand ambassador (see video below).

Moreover, Hogeg claimed that owners can claw back around $300 of the phone's asking price by engaging with all of the apps available at launch. But at its launch event in Barcelona, Sirin Labs provided more concrete details as to its wider aims and expectations for Finney, revealing that the smartphone is just the beginning of its plans to bring blockchain technology to mobile devices.