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In the Google App store, Savedroid has over 100,000 installs – but the dominant comments concern the exit scam stunt, and it’s hard to imagine that this conveys the trust that Hankir so covets. Only a few weeks ago, Savedroid posted a blog on Medium, entitled “Savedroid ICO – how you can protect yourself against fraud and getting ripped off”, and used the exact same meme stillshot as an illustration for the blog post. “Savedroid will create a unique AI fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the masses.

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You blocked @savedroidHQ

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For financial losses culpably inflicted upon you savedroid will be liable with the exceptions and restrictions stipulated below and in the following Subclauses. In case of a misuse of the savedroid-crypto-app and/or the provided payment possibilities by you savedroid is also entitled, after previously setting a reasonable deadline, to carry out the closure with a shorter deadline.

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You can find all further regulations in this respect in our privacy statement. The scope of services of savedroid does not include the creation of the technical prerequisites for using the savedroid-crypto-app. Users profit from easy access to smart Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash etc. savings plans, and superior crypto investment opportunities, such as portfolios, futures, and ICOs, without any technological adoption barriers.

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savedroid reserves the right to extend the offer of possible smoove types, which the user can stipulate in the savedroid-crypto-app, at all times without the user’s consent or to restrict this under the following prerequisites. The services to be provided by savedroid comprise the provision of the savedroid-crypto-app as well as the functions and services made available therewith within the scope of the availability determined according to Subclause 8. The precise scope of the functionalities is determined according to the concrete design of the savedroid-crypto-app as well as the information and function descriptions available therein. You can find a description of the essential features of the functions and services of the savedroid-crypto-app in Subclause 5.

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We will inform you about important events, reminders, safety instructions, account information etc. via e-mail. It is your responsibility to ensure that the email address deposited in the savedroid-crypto-app functions properly and that the messages shall be received by you. It may, among others, occur that messages land in the Spam or similar folders.

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11. Termination of the contract, closing of the user account

Only when the minimum savings amount has been achieved or exceeded, will this accumulated savings amount be debited at the next possible time from the stipulated means of payment (cf. Subclause 5.3.) and transferred to savedroid for the subsequent exchange into virtual currencies. savedroid is at liberty to adjust the minimum savings amount with changes to the payment costs. In the event of an adjustment to the minimum savings amount the user will be exclusively informed hereof in the savedroid-crypto-app. Alternatively, you can also take over a proposal of savedroid, into which virtual currencies your savings amounts are to be exchanged (pro rata). This proposal is updated regularly by savedroid, usually weekly, and is displayed to you in the savedroid-crypto-app.

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The data, which are necessary for this purpose, will be partly made available by third parties. savedroid may, under no circumstances, dispose over the virtual currencies held in safekeeping for you, for its own benefit.

  • The minimum savings amount is displayed in the savedroid-cryptoapp.
  • The selection of the virtual currencies, into which your savings amounts are to be exchanged (pro rata), is therefore solely your decision and is exclusively carried out at your risk.
  • savedroid is at liberty to adjust the minimum savings amount with changes to the payment costs.
  • The proposal is created by savedroid by using artificial intelligence, in particular by taking correlations between the price changes of various virtual currencies into consideration.
  • In both cases, the purchase price of the SVDs will be exactly the same as the amount due in Fiat money, which will then be debited from your means of payment when you purchase the SVDs.

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You can transfer the SVD balance to another Wallet again at all times via the app so that your SVDs will no longer be used for the settlement of the fees of the savedroid-crypto-app. The selection of the virtual currencies, into which your savings amounts are to be exchanged (pro rata), is therefore solely your decision and is exclusively carried out at your risk.

For this purpose, each time a fee amount is due, SVDs corresponding to the due fee amount will be debited at the current exchange rate published on coinmarketcap.com and will be transferred to savedroid. The maximum aggregated savings amount, which can be exchanged into virtual currencies via the savedroid-crypto-app, will be displayed to the user in the app. savedroid will inform you about all executed transactions (deposits and payouts) in the savedroid-crypto-app. savedroid will carry out or process these transactions as fast as allowed by the respective payment processes and involved financial networks and players. Delays may occur hereby, for which savedroid is not responsible (e.g. several days up to two weeks may pass between the debit of the savings amount from your means of payment until its receipt by us).

Each week on Monday we will update the number of stakes you earned the previous week in that same spreadsheet. We will update the stakes count every Monday for the previous week here (no need to report, our bot does the work) . Every user can register for the program only once, multiple accounts will be disqualified.

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savedroid reserves the right to change these Conditions of Use with a period of notice of six (6) weeks in advance. Insofar as this relates to essential changes to Subclauses 5.1., 5.3., 5.4., 5.5.

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If you do not file any such objection the exchange will be carried out in accordance with the distribution chosen by you after expiry of the period for revocation of four (4) hours and savedroid will sell you the corresponding virtual currencies from its own stocks. The exchange rate communicated according to the notification in the app shall principally apply as the sales price or exchange rate for the exchange of the savings amount into virtual currencies by savedroid. After transmission of the message regarding the exchange modalities you have the possibility in the app to object to the exchange of the already debited savings amount within four (4) hours. In the event of such a timely objection the exchange will not be carried out and the already debited savings amount minus accruing fees will be credited back to the means of payment stipulated by you.

This shall in particular relate to the data read out from third party providers, which lead to the execution of a smoove, as well as the exchange rates and further data for virtual currencies provided by third parties. You can find more detailed information in this respect in our privacy statement. The user is solely responsible for the correct stipulation and activation of smooves in line with his ideas or the possibilities for configuration available in the savedroid-crypto-app. savedroid is not liable for smooves, which are stipulated by the user by mistake or deficiently.

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Savedroid is a developer of an application for transferring and saving money. The company deals in developing a mobile application that transfers the users money from the current account to savings account and thereby, helps them save money. A public figure who speaks at conferences, and who built a strong community around his ICO, he has both an academic and business background that suggests strong credibility. The product itself – Savedroid’s payment system for converting fiat to cryptocurrency, designed for simplicity and mass adoption – seemed to be adhering to the roadmap, and has been under development for three years. savedroid does not assume any liability for damages, which are caused by the fact that data of third party providers, which savedroid uses to provide services, are faulty.

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- the virtual currencies and, if applicable, their distribution, into which or to which the savings amount will be exchanged pursuant to your settings, - exchange rate of the virtual currencies that are to be exchanged, and - the fees incurred for the exchange. For the registration it is necessary for you to select a PIN, with which you identify yourself with each further use of the savedroid-crypto-app. These include in particular saving in virtual currencies within the meaning of Art. 2 Para.