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SysCoin is a proof of work based alternative crypto currency with a block time of sixty seconds and 2 billion total currency units to be produced.

Mkt.Cap $ 117.68 M Volume 24H 9.23 MSYS
Market share 0% Total Supply 2 BSYS
Proof type PoW Open $ 0.17
Low $ 0.16 High $ 0.18

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You can checkout the SysCoin (SYS) price forecast for various period of the future like tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, after 5 years. Syscoin is a global decentralized platform, based on a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. It features non-turing complete smart contracts and has the aim to provide solutions to various decentralized services. In summary, Syscoin has demonstrated remarkable growth in value over the last 2 years. The company has implemented many of the features promised in their original development roadmap, attempting to bring almost unlimited possibilities to blockchain technology.

SysCoin description

Syscoin Spark

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One of these is the aforementioned marketplace, known as the Blackmarket. The typical decentralized benefits of blockchain-based technologies are all present here, in addition to many quality-of-life improvements that are possible because of Syscoin’s architecture. This includes wallet aliases, encrypted messaging, and no downtime due to the peer-to-peer distributed nature of the network, built-in arbitration/escrow services, and more. It bills itself as the “Swiss army knife” of cryptocurrency products, though remains fully compatible with Bitcoin, from which it was originally forked.

They have also rolled out amasternode system, which works to improve transaction speed and privacy, as well as allow for better project governance. Currently, Syscoin masternodes require 100,000 SYS as collateral and 75% of all block rewards are paid out to these nodes. Ultimately, these aliases allow for a much more intuitive marketplace experience, allowing users to securely conduct transactions with verified counterparties. This marketplace, which is being pegged as a decentralized alternative to eBay and Amazon, supports a number of additional features, including multi-coin payment options (BTC and ZCash) and arbitrated escrows.

It is essentially a software solution consortium that leverages the Syscoin network and blockchain technology to provide new businesses solutions to sectors that might not traditionally think of utilizing the blockchain. In essence, it uses the blockchain technology to store data elements, rather than just asset values. This provides security, redundancy, and global, distributed, 100% uptime (as opposed to traditional servers that are centralized, vulnerable, and highly insecure by comparison). Certificates– distributed management, issuance, and exchange of any kinds of certificates can be accomplished on the Syscoin network, verifiable by the proof of work system built into the blockchain. Flexibility– decentralized and centralized marketplaces are both possible on the decentralized network that is Syscoin.

SysCoin description

What Is Syscoin?

As per the forecast and algorithmic analysis, the the price of 1 SysCoin (SYS) will be around $0.8468 in 2025. The technical analysis using the algorithm says that the price of SysCoin (SYS) will not decrease or fall or drop in long term. The price of SysCoin (SYS) after 5 years (from today) will be around $0.8468. Seeing today's moment the algorithm says that the price of SysCoin (SYS) tomorrow will be around $0.0261.

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Using Z-DAG and the Syscoin masternode network the current TPS rate for Syscoin Assets, Offers and Certificates has been independently verified at TPS – giving the Syscoin Platform a significant advantage over other blockchain protocols. Enables bi-directional interoperability between Syscoin and other platforms directly, without requiring atomic swap nor intermediaries. This is achieved via smart contracts on both chains establishing what Syscoin team termed "two-way peg". These contracts provide a mint/burn mechanism between token instances, maintaining correct supply on both platforms.

SysCoin description

All conducted with the security of Bitcoin Proof-of-Work, via merge-mining. Syscoin Assets have one of the highest transactions-per-second rates (TPS) in the blockchain space, so your application can scale up as your business grows.

SysCoin description


This weekly update is compiled by SDMT to bring you the latest Syscoin, SDMT and Blockchain Foundry news. For more information about the Syscoin Platform please visit syscoin.org. Blocknorth are a learning, consultancy and events organisation with a focus on providing enterprise-grade blockchain learning content. We have partnered with Blocknorth to bring Syscoin Platform onto the Blocknorth syllabus, giving a real-world structure to their course materials with immediate access to operational blockchain development tools and resources.

SysCoin description

Syscoin is one of the many crypto products developed in the last few years, following the explosion in the blockchain technology. Syscoin differentiates itself from other cryptocoins in that it has a network of its own nodes as a separate layer from the blockchain, designed to both handle and enable a lot of the heavy lifting that otherwise rests on the blockchain. It is designed to allow businesses and individuals to trade assets and funds, buy and sell goods, transfer digital certificates and data securely. They have also developed their own online marketplace where anyone can set up a store to sell goods or assets, comparable to an eBay or Amazon interface.

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SPTs take advantage of all features and benefits of Z-DAG Protocol and Syscoin's SHA256 finality. It provides decentralization beyond common DAG implementations which utilize central witnesses.

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  • The current set of RPCs to create transactions for managing assets are created in a way that are not dependent on a wallet and thus are compatible with signing tools such as hardware wallets.
  • The fees to transact Syscoin Platform Tokens or Assets are very low, making them suited for a wide range of use cases such as point-of-sale transactions.
  • Syscoin has been in the game for a long time and has taken a very controlled approach to develop their platform.
  • Integral to the Blockmarket wallet is an alias identity system, which works to simplify long alphanumeric wallet addresses to a simple name.

Syscoin has been in the game for a long time and has taken a very controlled approach to develop their platform. Given the recent release of their wallet, and the expanding number of features enabling greater utility of this platform, Syscoin could very well see accelerated value creation through 2018. syscoin.orgSyscoin (SYS) leverages the SHA256 mining algorithm and is merge-mineable with any SHA256 coin.

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AiBB is a AI-enabled trading analysis app that provides tools, features and data to help traders make better trading decisions and become more successful in the markets. Originally on the Ethereum blockchain, the company is switching to Syscoin platform to allow for greater numbers of transactions and improved transaction speed. Syscoin's unique Z-DAG technology means the network can handle a transaction throughput of Syscoin Platform Token transactions per second (TPS), while remaining decentralised and secure. Syscoin is a blockchain protocol with powerful core features that enable you to build fast, secure, low-cost applications with ease, with the security and strength of Bitcoin. Syscoin 3.0 introduced masternodes as a resource-pool to power future services, Syscoin asset platform, Z-DAG Protocol, parallel transaction processing, vertical and horizontal scaling, instant send, and decentralized governance with proposal funding.

syscoin.orgThe Syscoin team has a heavy developer focus, with 8+ devs working across the stack. To support their development, they also have a marketing group and a number of community managers across languages. The central component of the Syscoin project is its wallet, called Blockmarket, which functions as a sort of blockchain merchant operating system. The Blockmarket wallet allows users to send and receive Syscoin, keep transaction logs in order, buy and sell items, resell others items through a decentralized marketplace, send encrypted messages and more. Syscoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that not only allows low-cost financial transactions like Bitcoin, but provides businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely.

The backbone of Syscoin is an alias identity system that enables a number of services, including encrypted messaging, digital certificates transfers, and secure escrow. Ultimately, Syscoin aims to seamlessly integrate real-world cryptocurrency usage and storage into a single platform. In order to overtake the predecessor Prizm (PZM), the price would have to rise to 0,024 € (+0,35 %).

SysCoin description

Each test was designed to observe the effects of various environmental conditions such as network latency on application performance with a focus on identifying maximum viable transactional throughput. On a network of 24 operating masternodes, viable throughput was shown between 20,000 and 60,000 transactions per second within various realistic conditions, while the zero-latency control group performed 151,543 transactions per second. This is the first and only known instance of a blockchain project commissioning a third-party to assess its own protocol performance and encourage publication of the results.

Each build only has its specified dependencies available at build-time.

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Syscoin was initially developed in 2014 as a Bitcoin fork, but following an ICO, there were internal conflicts with their chosen escrow provider who allegedly embezzled funds, an issue that remains in litigation in the UK. Nevertheless, the team behind Syscoin pressed on, including founder Sebastian Schepis, and the Syscoin crypto project has grown to version 3.0, deployed its marketplace, and integrated with Bitcoin for merge mining.

When will SysCoin (SYS) crash?

SysCoin is mineable because it operates on the SHA256 algorithm and is similar to Bitcoin. While it is impossible to predict exactly what the future holds for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Syscoin is poised to grow and adapt with whatever changes may occur. They do bill themselves as the “Swiss army knife” of crypto products, after all, and the versatility and utility of the network and coin continue to validate that motto. The Blockchain Foundry is one of Syscoin’s innovations, seeking to bring the stability and security of blockchain technology into new areas of business.

Syscoin is a cryptocurrency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world, regardless of location. Like all alt-coins, Syscoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without any central authority. Released under the MIT license, Syscoin has grown to become its' own blockchain protocol, built off Bitcoin's but vastly extending its capabilities, that offers complete solutions to a robust user base comprising individual developers and corporations. Blockchain Foundry Inc., the company behind Syscoin, has since released Blockmarket, one of the first fully working decentralized marketplaces and the first one built entirely on the blockchain, where Syscoin, among other cryptocurrencies, is acceptable tender.

Transferring funds or ownership of a token uses the Z-DAG protocol to allow for near real-time transactions, which makes them the perfect choice for a retail environment. Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT) allow anyone to quickly create their own cryptocurrency token on Syscoin Platform. An example of an SPT is LODE, a new cryptographic money system backed by physical silver. Other use cases include loyalty points, coins supported by physical assets, and service-backed currency. The Syscoin development team persisted with the project despite set-backs associated with the loss of initial funds, working the project in conjunction with their day-jobs during this early period.

The first of these bridges will connect Syscoin Platform to the Ethereum network. This will provide Syscoin with the ability to interact with Ethereum technologies such as smart contracts. It will also provide a means for Ethereum tokens to leverage features unique to Syscoin Platform such Z-DAG high-throughput transaction rates.

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A service design method actively pioneered by Syscoin which enables storage intensive use cases such as marketplaces and decentralized identity to benefit from blockchain and distributed ledger technology without impacting scalability. This is achieved through various means of on-chain and off-chain aggregation. Spark is produced by Blockchain Foundry Inc, and available for public use. It is a native Syscoin wallet which features an extensible branding framework, allowing Blockchain Foundry to quickly and easily customize the look and functionality for client use cases. Spark allows Blockchain Foundry clients to provide a branded, secure, easy to use experience to their communities for interacting with Syscoin Platform Tokens.

The current set of RPCs to create transactions for managing assets are created in a way that are not dependent on a wallet and thus are compatible with signing tools such as hardware wallets. This is a reference implementation and of course third party tools in some contexts make sense.

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