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Crypto Tickets is a blockchain-based ecosystem created to improve the ticketing industry and solve the market’s primary problems, such as fake tickets and an unmanageable secondary market. The Crypto Tickets ecosystem is comprised three basic components: Tickets Cloud, Tickets Chain and Tickets Wallet. TKT is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, later to be moved to EON. All settlements inside the system will be done with the help of the TKT token.

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Three Cryptocurrency Regulation Themes For 2020 – And The Flawed Premises Behind Them

The value of United Airlines’s privately issued frequent flyer miles, which are fully cash-equivalent when used to purchase airline tickets and other benefits, exceeds $5 billion and would be the fourth largest cryptocurrency—if it were a cryptocurrency. Privately issued stores of value and units of exchange are widespread and well-accepted, and appear to pose no threat to the global monetary system. Crypto & BlockchainI am Chief Legal Officer at Coinbase and cover financial innovation. Nils is passionate about Capital Markets, Wealth, Asset Management and how digitization (crypto,DLT - blockchain and artificial intelligence) will change, re-shape and re-invent the industry. This meetup discusses the impact of blockchain on digital finance from various perspectives in particular the newest trends, legal frameworks, use cases related to blockchain across various verticals in the financial industry.

The goal is to develop a global unified standard for blockchain-based smart tickets. Advantages over conventional e-tickets are numerous, including protection from counterfeiting and copying, full control over entire ticket lifecycle, both on the primary and secondary markets, for event organisers and ticket sellers and convenience for ticket buyers. It facilitates secure and transparent ticket purchases and has its own TKT token for purchases. While Aventus is a centralized platform, Crypto.tickets makes the blockchain available for all the players within the industry. Every ticket system can use all advantages of the blockchain technology for itself and for its customers.

Crypto.tickets reached its highest price on 13 May, 2018, when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 0.023244.

The project is developing a P2P protocol for efficient marketing in the events industry. Crypto.tickets invites companies operating in ticketing as well as individual developers to join the standard development and contribute to future releases.

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The team is said to have a long experience in the ticketing industry already which is a great advantage (they know the market and might have many potential partners already). This is a platform simplifying interaction between all ticketing market players and ensuring complete transparency of industry. Nonetheless, expect some policymakers in 2020 to continue to single out crypto industry participants for special scrutiny on money laundering issues.

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At the end of 2018, the Department of Homeland Security announced an investigation into “privacy tokens”—cryptocurrencies that shield sender/recipient information. At first glance, such privacy features might seem concerning; after all, why try to hide something if you have nothing to hide? But it’s not difficult to recall the early controversy over the migration of Internet sites from the old “http” protocol to the encrypted “https” protocol.

blockchain & alternative finance conference in Northern Europe

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I give my informed consent to process my personal data to enable my participation in the International Conference CryptoFin 2019 as set out in the Terms and Conditions. We will be happy to see innovative and perspective start-ups at the CryptoFin Conference.

“In other words, it is a library for setting up smart contracts and issuing a new generation of tickets on blockchain. This event gathers speakers from not just Vietnam but abroad to lead people into the industry and expand the crypto currency market.

In order to get through gate control, all ticket buyers have to do at the door is to show their tickets on their smartphone screens – in other words, right in the app that is protected with a QR code. However, this is not a conventional QR code; it is a constantly changing, dynamic code, encrypted with a secure cryptographic algorithm. The current ticket standard version features the latest event admission control functionality – a dynamic QR code, generated with asymmetric cryptographic algorithms.

A new code signed with a unique private key of the wallet is generated every minute, making it impossible to forge smart tickets. Conventional QR codes can be easily copied, so tickets can be resold several times. This is why instead of conventional QR code, a dynamic one is used in the latest release of the ticket standard, as it’s impossible to fake a dynamic QR code. At the same time it does not require any additional scanning equipment, and the scanning procedure does not change, which makes it most attractive for venues, concert halls and stadiums, as well as those who handle admission control.

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At the time, law enforcement agencies warned against the addition of a secure sockets layer to internet architecture on the grounds that such a change would impede law enforcement investigations of illicit activity. Without the change, however, e-commerce (which depends on consumer confidence about the security of credit card and other financial information) would likely never have experienced the exponential growth that followed https adoption. And, ironically, following several high-profile hacks, the federal government itself eventually mandated that numerous categories of information stored by government agencies be protected behind https-enabled government websites. In the case of crypto, the most recent studies (separately conducted by blockchain analytics firms Chainalysis and Elliptic) show that fewer than 1% of exchange-based bitcoin transactions involve illegal activity. Nonetheless, it is clear that crypto exchanges and custodians are relatively less mature than banks for the simple reason that the technology and asset class is newer.

The global entertainment industry and ticketing industry has long extended beyond borders, jurisdictions and closed solutions, just like the world wide web. This is why smart ticket standard is needed, being the very catalyst that will help significantly accelerate long overdue qualitative changes in the industry. The developers seem very solid with a lot of experience in the blockchain industry. But having solid background in the ticketing industry is key and I am sure this is one their best competitive advantages. Using the Tickets Wallet interface, you will be able to purchase your tickets using either TKT tokens or fiat currency (with an automatic use of the exchange gateway), store them and show them (via QR code) at the event entrance.

This cooperation will provide the entertainment industry with a global unified version of smart ticket. The CryptoFin international conference will bring together the key figures of the financial sector and become the best networking platform for the market leaders and start-up companies. The CryptoFin format includes a rich program of speeches by experts and market leaders and networking events that will contribute to the establishment of partnerships for further development, including the largest exhibition and an all-in afterparty. Crypto.tickets is a multinational company based in Moscow and London, which is building a cutting-edge blockchain-based platform for issuing smart tickets for events on the blockchain, as well as mobile wallet app for ticket buyers.

  • Crypto market is quite a young market, so there are new tools and updates every day which makes it difficult to keep up with.
  • Crypto & BlockchainI am Chief Legal Officer at Coinbase and cover financial innovation.
  • The goal is to develop a global unified standard for blockchain-based smart tickets.
  • Third, the standard can be used with different settings and rules free of charge, as it is an open source.
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In other words, there are no costs for ticketing systems to use the standard, etc. In addition, an ecosystem of different services can be created around the standard. For example, ticket systems using it, ticket wallets, ticket resale exchanges, etc. At the same time, users can safely move their tickets from one wallet to another, since the tickets are of the same standard. Secondary market exchanges will not have to adjust to different ticket standards and so on.

Beyond KYC: Regulators Set to Adopt Tough New Rules for Crypto Exchanges

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To win participation in start-up competition for free, please answer the short questionnaire. Nowadays, when every second counts, we consider it's our duty to provide CryptoFin's participants App which allows to network with one another - before, during, and after the event. The CryptoFin Conference attach great importance to the networking, since we know that the communication in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere leads to better results and long-term partnership. At the two-day CryptoFin conference, the best speakers are waiting for you to share their ideas, knowledge and vision of market trends.

If you want to keep pace with the times or take interest in innovations and blockchain technology, as well as in alternative opportunities for financial instruments and the future of the banking sector, then you can't miss this event. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

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Luke currently works as a staff software engineer at Coinbase Custody, where he launched Tezos Staking Rewards. The first smart tickets were sold in November 2017 for Kraftwerk show at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow in February. The system works in such a way that smart tickets can be scanned from the ticket wallet app on the phone screen without Internet connection.

They will explain the principle of successful investment, tell what the investment tools are, share about the risks and highlight on how it can be used in crypto market. Crypto market is quite a young market, so there are new tools and updates every day which makes it difficult to keep up with. Having a great experience in the field of traditional financial markets Finexpo as an organizer brings out experts from stock, forex, future markets to share their experience and to take part in discussions regarding crypto currency and blockchain. CryptoExpo is a one-day panel session at the huge event Traders Fair Vietnam which focused on latest industry trends and crypto currency trading in general.

Two-way (sending and receiving) short codes:

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Smart tickets are stored in a free wallet app that ticket buyers install on their phones. Each user’s wallet is unique and is linked to a mobile phone number and Ethereum wallet.

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