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Sentinel Protocol

It’s beyond doubt a comprehensive security protocol is essential for the cryptospace, and the team of cyber security experts behind Sentinel Protocol are building one potential solution that could very well meet this need. At this stage, the Sentinel Protocol ICO team has yet to establish any partnerships that would guarantee the number of Sentinels required for a sustained scaling effort.

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UPP also can be used to purchase detailed cyber forensics, vulnerability assessments, and other related services offered by Sentinel Protocol. UPP are not directly awarded to Sentinels for their contributions. Instead, Sentinels are rewarded with Sentinel Points (SP).

Sentinel Protocol description

It specifies the number of Sentinel processes that need to agree about the unreachability or error condition of the master in order to trigger a failover. Masters failed over are reconfigured as replicas when they return available. Replicas connected to a wrong master, will be reconfigured to replicate with the right master. Hello messages also include the full current configuration of the master. If the receiving Sentinel has a configuration for a given master which is older than the one received, it updates to the new configuration immediately.

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Sentinel Protocol is developing multi-faceted protection mechanisms including hacker/scam filtering, end-user protection, real-time alert mechanisms, malformed transaction protection, anti-theft systems, and overall fraud detection. We have a team of robust professionals who rate the ICO projects in completely unbiased manner. By asking the right questions, we maintain the integrity and viability of our ICO review while following a rating method that is based on the criticality of a particular factor.

*Configuring Sentinel

However Sentinels have no way to understand that an address or port is remapped, so it is announcing an information that is not correct for other Sentinels to connect. Docker is not the only software system where this happens, there are other Network Address Translation setups where ports may be remapped, and sometimes not ports but also IP addresses.

Sentinel Protocol description

The whitepaper of the Sentinel Protocol ICO gives a detailed description of the problem that is the security issues with decentralization, platform’s specialized security features, and the Sentinel Protocol ecosystem. The team of sentinels includes security experts and organizations that leverage the power of decentralization to create a secure ecosystem. By recognizing the three main security issues viz. exposure to hacks, identification of attackers, and the responsibility of the damage so inflicted, the team has developed a solution.

Sentinel Protocol is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan. Given the fact that the Sentinel Protocol ICO is a security intelligence platform for blockchain, security is the main factor of this entire project. The Sentinel Protocol ICO and UPP Token sale offer a product to address the pressing need for enhanced security in the crypto space. Sentinel Protocol refer to this product as the Security Intelligence Platform for Blockchain (SIPB).

*Replica selection and priority

num-slaves is correctly set to 1, so Sentinel also detected that there is an attached replica to our master. In the next sections of this document, all the details about Sentinel API, configuration and semantics will be covered incrementally. However for people that want to play with the system ASAP, this section is a tutorial that shows how to configure and interact with 3 Sentinel instances. Using this configuration, the old Redis master M1 in the above example, will become unavailable after 10 seconds. When the partition heals, the Sentinel configuration will converge to the new one, the client C1 will be able to fetch a valid configuration and will continue with the new master.

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TRDB uses incentive scheme to encourage security experts and vendors to contribute to building the threat database under the consensus mechanism and feedback from participants, or Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS). With a larger database and subset of information on potential threats, hacks, and scams it is possible to prevent further damage or occurrences.

The Sentinel Portal is an interactive intelligence platform. It is where The Sentinels validate the reported hacks and incidents. The more The Sentinels make security contributions, the more Sentinel Points they can earn.

  • There are countless scam attempts on Telegram, Twitter, Slack, and so on.
  • UPP tokens are used as a currency for goods and services provided by Sentinel Protocol, including the advanced security features of the security wallet.
  • All told, the cryptocurrency space is growing daily.
  • Blockchain users should work together to beat hackers The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is one of excitement and intrigue, as both continue to grow in popularity and value.
  • In the next sections of this document, all the details about Sentinel API, configuration and semantics will be covered incrementally.

Pre-Sentinel recruitment program was conducted to begin the onboarding process. While it’s promising to see recruitment efforts are already underway, the team have indicated their strategy will rely heavily on B2B partnerships for growing the number of Sentinels in the ecosystem.

*Other Sentinel options

Sentinel Protocol description

For instance, elements like token utility and funds breakdown have been given the highest importance while the team members’ reputation and plan to attract a user base are of medium criticality. With a clear set of terms and conditions, the project follows the KYC measures and clarifies the min/max contribution limit applicable that is ETH. KYC registration is a necessary step for both presale and crowdsale that asks for an Ethereum wallet address that shouldn’t be a centralized exchange address. Moreover, for identification, a driving license is not acceptable rather a national ID and passport are considered the valid options.

Their Telegram channel has over 30 thousand members which is a good number. Though they have a blog section in place, it isn’t much active. Talking about the team members, they do have complete bios updated and up for analysis.

Sentinel Protocol description

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Sentinel Protocol is a security intelligence platform for blockchain that utilizes both artificial intelligence (AI) and collective intelligence to protect and secure block chains that utilizes the Sentinel Protocol Platform. Sentinel protocol uses the DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus in securing and processing the blocks. Sentinel Project has drawn a lot of market awareness because it is one of the first ICOs on the ICON blockchain. However, also because it is one of the first, the timeline of token issuance and listing on exchange is uncertain and is dependent on the development schedule of ICON. Security experts and vendors are compensated to contribute to building the threat database.

His experience is what ultimately lead to the birth of this project. Sentinel Protocol introduces a human component to the system called Sentinels. The Uppsala Foundation aim to encourage cyber security experts around the world to become Sentinels and utilize their knowledge toward the betterment of the system. Phase 1 for Sentinel Protocol is focused on user adoption and equipping cryptocurrency wallet providers imToken and CoinManager with Sentinel Protocol’s system.

Sentinel Protocol description

You can also configure the Sentinel instance itself in order to require client authentication via the AUTH command, however this feature is only available starting with Redis 5.0.1. requirepass in the master, in order to set the authentication password, and to make sure the instance will not process requests for non authenticated clients. Replicas with a lower priority number are preferred by Sentinel. If the replica priority is set to 0, the replica is never promoted to master.

If the box where M1 and S1 are running fails, the failover will happen without issues, however it is easy to see that different network partitions will result in different behaviors. For example Sentinel will not be able to setup if the network between the clients and the Redis servers is disconnected, since the Redis master and replica will both be unavailable. Sentinels by default run listening for connections to TCP port 26379, so for Sentinels to work, port of your servers must be open to receive connections from the IP addresses of the other Sentinel instances.

Sentinel Protocol description Sentinel Protocol description

It is possible to directly query a Sentinel to check what is the state of the monitored Redis instances from its point of view, to see what other Sentinels it knows, and so forth. Alternatively, using Pub/Sub, it is possible to receive push style notifications from Sentinels, every time some event happens, like a failover, or an instance entering an error condition, and so forth. parallel-syncs sets the number of replicas that can be reconfigured to use the new master after a failover at the same time. The lower the number, the more time it will take for the failover process to complete, however if the replicas are configured to serve old data, you may not want all the replicas to re-synchronize with the master at the same time. While the replication process is mostly non blocking for a replica, there is a moment when it stops to load the bulk data from the master.

Sentinel Protocol has its own cryptocurrency named UPP i.e for Uppsala that can be used to pay for the goods and services provided by the platform. UPP tokens can also be used to avail the advanced security features of the wallet among other services like vulnerability assessment, consultancy, and detailed cyber forensic service.

The SIPB is designed to provide both proactive and reactive solutions to threats via analysis of previous attack patterns, prediction of future attacks and deployment of prevention measures. Every Sentinel continuously broadcast its version of the configuration of a master using Redis Pub/Sub messages, both in the master and all the replicas. At the same time all the Sentinels wait for messages to see what is the configuration advertised by the other Sentinels. Redis masters (that may be turned into replicas after a failover), and replicas, all must be configured with a replica-priority if there are machines to be strongly preferred. Otherwise all the instances can run with the default run ID (which is the suggested setup, since it is far more interesting to select the replica by replication offset).

Sentinel Protocol description