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This coin has a Greek legend reading phaenos emi sema[31] interpreted variously as "I am the badge of Phanes", or "I am the sign of light",[32] or "I am the tomb of light", or "I am the tomb of Phanes". The coins of Phanes are known to be among the earliest of Greek coins, a hemihekte of the issue was found in the foundation deposit of the temple of Artemis at Ephesos (the oldest deposit of electrum coins discovered). One assumption is that Phanes was a wealthy merchant, another that this coin is associated with Apollo-Phanes and, due to the Deer, with Artemis (twin sister of the god of light Apollo-Phaneos). Although only seven Phanes type coins were discovered, it is also notable that 20% of all early electrum coins also have the lion of Artemis and the sun burst of Apollo-Phaneos. Many early Lydian and Greek coins were minted under the authority of private individuals and are thus more akin to tokens or badges than to modern coins,[13] though due to their numbers it is evident that some were official state issues.

Bimetallic coins are sometimes used for higher values and for commemorative purposes. In the 1990s, France used a tri-metallic coin. Common circulating bimetallic examples include the €1, €2, British £1, £2 and Canadian $2 and several peso coins in Mexico. Chinese round coins, Eastern Zhou dynasty - Warring States Period. Four Hua (四化, 30mm, 6.94 g).

The coins were defaced, smoothed and inscribed, either by stippling or engraving, with sometimes touching words of loss. These coins were called "convict love tokens" or "leaden hearts".[60] A number of these tokens are in the collection of the National Museum of Australia.

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Hotel bookings, ticket reservation, transportations, and other tourism facilities. Our aims include creating a mobile application called VV tour app that uses Augmented Reality to link tourists along with merchants, service provider; thus bringing the tourists closer and bringing them into a single community.

A charge of 6% is payable only for pay-outs. Are you in need of Euros or any other currency of your choice? Within a few days, you will have the equivalent amount, in the currency of your choice, transferred to your private bank account. Withdrawals can be performed anytime and from anywhere.

The real value deposit played a huge factor in the decision to choose V-Coins. Maximum transparency creates maximum trust. If you may need any information about the further development, as well as all legally relevant documents and regulations about the V-Coins platform, please feel free to visit the V-Coins homepage. All operations, such as registration, deposits, and payment transactions on the V-Coins platform are free of charge. Services or products can also be purchased via our trading platform without any fees.

Furthermore, V-Coins do not need high mining costs and effort whatsoever. Hence, you can easily purchase them on the trading platform of the Pega Trader. Also, the global expansion of V-Coins is coordinated via an exclusive licensing system and is not left to itself. To create a large user community and connect as many acceptance points as possible, V-Coins is marketed globally via an efficient licensing system.

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The system automatically calculates the number of coins depending on the paid amount. Now, you only must confirm your purchase.

In summary, V-Coins represents a stable, valuable, secure, and cryptography-based means of payment with tremendous potential for the future. V-Coins is continually evolving and adding new features to meet market demands.

"The earliest attempts at portraiture appear to have taken place in Lycia. The heads of various dynasts appear on coins of the fifth century" Carradice, Ian (1978). Ancient Greek Portrait Coins. British Museum Publications. The Royal Canadian Mint is now able to produce holographic-effect gold and silver coinage.

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In fact, Petrarch is considered to be the first collector of the Renaissance, and he presented his coin collection to Emperor Charles IV in 1355. You need to verify your account to meet the KYC guidelines (“know your customer”). These standards are necessary for financial institutions and money laundering laws. Thus, we distance ourselves explicitly from such criminal activities.

VVCoin aims to facilitate tourists, travelers and the businesses associated with the tourism sector. Having its parent company i.e.

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The wealthy cities of Sicily produced some especially fine coins. The large silver decadrachm (10-drachm) coin from Syracuse is regarded by many collectors as the finest coin produced in the ancient world, perhaps ever. Syracusan issues were rather standard in their imprints, one side bearing the head of the nymph Arethusa and the other usually a victorious quadriga. The tyrants of Syracuse were fabulously rich, and part of their public relations policy was to fund quadrigas for the Olympic chariot race, a very expensive undertaking.

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The V-Nickel may be a great addition to any coin collection and may also be a great starting point for new collectors. These coins have not been minted since 1913, and the older they get the more potentially valuable they may be. Some V-Nickels can be purchased for less than $1.50 making them a very affordable option for both new and seasoned collectors. The 1912 V-Nickel is also quite popular, with coins minted in San Francisco being desired by both dealers and collectors.

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  • Chinese round coins, Eastern Zhou dynasty - Warring States Period.
  • These five-cent pieces were minted for circulation by the U.S.
  • Throughout history, monarchs and governments have often created more coinage than their supply of precious metals would allow if the coins were pure metal.
  • The one-cent coin has changed little since 1856 (though its composition was changed in 1982 to remove virtually all copper from the coin) and still remains in circulation, despite a greatly reduced purchasing power.
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Classical Greek antiquity (480 BCE~)

Utilizing the power of blockchain, we save all of your digital assets in your VVcoin wallet. The smart contract based technology will ensure that your tokens are strictly confidential and private. While you are doing a transaction, money from sending account will be transferred directly to the recipient, without involving any third party. Discovery of a hoard of currency with silver bars near Malayer, dated circa 600 BCE, with photographs in Bivar, Adrian David Hugh. Hoard of Ingot-Currency of the Median Period from Nūsh-i Jān, near Malayir (1971).

In concrete terms, this means that we license partnerships worldwide with entrepreneurs who know the local market conditions, are well connected and are economically able to make a successful V-Coins market in their licensed area. Affiliate’s email is the email of the person who recommended V-Coins to you. Log on the trading platform of the Pega Trader, then click on “Purchases” (a list of offers will appear). Sort the list by price and then choose the best offer at the top of the list.

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Sometimes price controls are at the same time also instituted by the governing authority, but historically these have generally proved unworkable. Exceptions to the rule of face value being higher than content value also occur for some bullion coins made of copper, silver, or gold (and, rarely, other metals, such as platinum or palladium), intended for collectors or investors in precious metals. Examples of modern gold collector/investor coins include the British sovereign minted by the United Kingdom, the American Gold Eagle minted by the United States, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf minted by Canada, and the Krugerrand, minted by South Africa. While the Eagle, Maple Leaf, and Sovereign coins have nominal (purely symbolic) face values, the Krugerrand does not. Coins are usually metal or an alloy, or sometimes made of manmade materials.

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Ancient coin collections may have existed since the Roman Empire times. It is known that Augustus would give ancient kings’ coins, as well as foreign coins and tokens as gifts for the Saturnalia festivity. In a letter, Petrarch narrated that he was often approached by vine diggers that had found coins, either to sell them or to ask him to identify the king or emperor portrayed.

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Mint from 1883 to 1913. Like other coin types, V-Nickel values can vary significantly based on condition and date. V-Nickels dated pre-1897 can command significant premiums and many are worth $4 to $5 a piece. A rare 1885 V-Nickel, however, may garner a premium of nearly $400.

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VVCoin aims to create a mobile application that will use Augmented Reality to link tourists along with merchants, service providers and other tourists; thus bringing the tourists closer and bringing them into a community. VVCoin saves all of your digital assets in your personal VVCoin wallet. The smart contract based technology will ensure that your VVCoins are strictly confidential and absolutely private. While you are doing a transaction, money from the sending account will be transferred directly to the recipient, without involving any third party.

University of Michigan Press. Howgego, Christopher (2002).

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Led by the engravers Kimon and Euainetos, Syracuse produced some of the finest coin designs of antiquity. The V-Nickel, sometimes referred to as the Liberty Head Nickel, gets its V-Nickel name from the coins reverse design. These five-cent pieces were minted for circulation by the U.S.

Ancient History from Coins. C. Kraay, Archaic and Classical Greek Coins, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1976. The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage. Oxford University Press.

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With each purchase of V-Coins, 80% of the acquisition price is invested in real values (precious metals) and hard currencies (CHF, USD, EUR). The refined algorithm prevents drastic price fluctuations, thus making V-Coins one of the most stable and secure digital currencies in the world.