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We-power Energy Coach

We-power team will be responsible for developing and marketing the product, therefore will create the platform design, data management, and algorithm. Also, We-power will contact the target NGOs to forge partnerships. We-Power will also introduce a virtual points systems called efficiency coins.

The amount of energy volume that the buyer can contract during the auction priority stage will depend on the proportion of WPR tokens it has when compared to the other buyers who are participating. Just like any business, this volatility makes it hard to plan investments.

Along with our regular daily clean tech news coverage, CleanTechnica also produces in-depth reports on various aspects of clean energy and clean transport. One of the emerging technologies we cover that isn’t directly a clean tech innovation is blockchain, which promises to be a catalyst for innovation in the green economy in the very near future. Blockchain is probably most widely known to the public as “having something to do with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, right?

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Over the past 12 years he has been heavily involved in the energy industry and cybersecurity, working closely with organisations such as the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) and European Commission. Geoffrey is an International storyteller and marketing & communications professional based in the South of France. With over 20 years of experience working with B-to-B and consumer brands, he helps companies who want to do business at an international level achieve their marcom goals.

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Good vision, yet repeated before (Power Ledger, SolarCoin). Potentially a winner for European energy market supported by the Government. Have partnerships ready to commence operations in 9 months.

“Estonia is a good piloting country, with 100 per cent smart meter coverage,” says Georg Rute, Elering's digitalisation development manager. Our newest market with one of the best natural, legal and market conditions for renewable energy projects in the World. In Australia, WePower is part of the Startup Bootcamp Energy Australia program supported by the key energy industry players in the State of Victoria and beyond.

WePower is a renewable energy Cryptocurrency project created to allow green energy projects to raise funds easier than ever before. We collect your personal information for communication purposes. When you participate in discussion boards, enter a competition, promotion or survey, messaging groups such as Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Bitcointalk, Reddit, Medium, Github and other similar services. For this reason, we collect name, surname, address, email, personal description and any other information you provide us with.

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Manage a coin

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Ex-Googler with substantial experience in digital marketing and business development. Mantas has worked on a range of digital transformation projects, sales, partnership and operation development. At WePower Mantas is focused on assessing opportunities and building business operations with his primary focus on the Australian market. Nick is leading the creation of WePower Business Vision, thought leadership, as well as business expansion. Nick has gained his experience by developing renewable energy projects in Europe and new products for energy consumers in different countries.

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The WWF backs blockchain to unpick messy food supply chains

If we're talking about free market it can be profitable as well as it can generate losses for both sides of the deal. I really like the concept but at the moment we have to ask ourselves - does it need a blockchain app? But I think in the future if it opens up to the Consumer to Grid world it starts to look a lot more sensible. Do you really want billions of households and devices dependent on a centralized system?

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  • One energy token will represent 1 kWh of green energy that would be generated in a certain time in the future.
  • The electricity spot price is the current market price at which electricity is bought or sold for immediate payment and delivery.
  • In this way energy procedures can directly trade with green energy buyers and upsurge their capital by selling their energy at realistic prices.
  • Good vision, yet repeated before (Power Ledger, SolarCoin).
  • Some are innovation efforts by major utilities and vendors.


A clean energy professional with 20 years experience in senior technical, commercial and development roles in Australia, Asia and Europe - Jenya is the former CEO of Green Terrafirma, Future Blends and CleanTek Market. He was Head of Biofuels at the Carbon Trust as well as investment manager at Sindicatum Sustainable Resources and Nord Engine Capital. Kristjan is responsible for designing the platform architecture, software engineering processes and reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating business systems and user needs. For the last 13 years he has worked with energy & utilities related clients, doing research and product development.

This will provide market price reference for energy and act like a reference limit for maximum energy price. With the help of WePower platforms, renewable energy producers can tokenize and sell the energy which they produce. The renewable energy producers who are connected with the platform can issue their own energy tokens within the WePower platform.

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The financial gains generated by energy savings through We-Power will be automatically exchanged to efficiency coins inside the platform. Further, the user has the option to either invest the efficiency coins into social electrification projects in marginal communities or keep the coins and exchange them for their currency.

Tokens are written on blockchain and stored on our platform. Each token is linked with the actual generation facility’s electricity production data. Business energy buyers create an account on the WePower platform and complete the know-your-customer process. The registered buyer uploads their historic consumption profile on the platform.

As we have already said, WePower is a green energy trading platform based on blockchain technology. It plays well in connecting energy buyers to the green energy producers and allows for purchasing energy upfront at below the market prices.

Any existing retail contracts would not affect participation in the WePower platform and signing up to virtual PPAs. Visit your distributor’s website and download your consumption data in NEM12 format directly.

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WPR token holders have an exclusive priority access to purchase energy at the minimum auction price. However, in this situation the cost of physical electricity significantly lowers for business energy buyers as well because of the drop in price, thus lowering the overall risk.

WePower (WPR)

Tokenized energy represents the contract between an energy producer and energy buyer. The WePower token model comprises of energy tokenization, tokenized energy auction, blockchain function and energy token use. They synergize this vital mix of expertise to develop a new generation utility company. The short description of key members of the WPR is listed below. WPR will accrue green energy, which will be donated directly to the token holders by the renewable energy producers using WePower platform (secured a partner-ship to which it will connect to the platform 1000 MW of solar energy capacity plants).

Investors shouldn't forget that they are buying 1kwh with one token which is more expensive than market price and acc. I like the implementation of blockchain technology and the WPR token economy in WePower platform. I‘m impressed by existing MVP and undergoing preparation for the pilot project launching in April. WePower is accepted to the Energy program which marks the significant recognition of startups's technological achievements in using the blockchain to revolutionise the energy markets.

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The data sharing is necessary for the performance of the contract between you and us and is based on our legitimate interests in providing the Website services globally. Explore our Going Green tool so we could provide you with a free assessment on how much you could save by buying green energy directly from solar and wind energy producers. A world-class cybersecurity expert who has counseled organizations such as the European Network for Cyber Security and the European Commission, Michael is responsible for WePower’s cybersecurity strategy, processes, requirements, and implementation.