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ZenCash (ZEN) Rank 405

Market Cap $146.23 M
Volume 24H 189205 ZEN
Open 24H $10.470
Low/High $10.337 - $10.851
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ZenCash aims to be a secure and useful privacy coin, offering users zero-knowledge proof shielded transactions over an end-to-end encrypted network provided by compensated secure nodes. The project launched as a fork of Zcash technology using zk-SNARKs, but is building out in a direction focusing on usability, grassroots community involvement, and a self-funding treasury model that compensates stakeholders for continued network improvements and growth.

Mkt.Cap $ 146.23 M Volume 24H 189,205.00ZEN
Market share 0% Total Supply 21 MZEN
Proof type PoW Open $ 10.47
Low $ 10.34 High $ 10.85


Our team is committed to providing unbiased News & Reports related to various Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Apps, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Blockchain technology. Based on the data, it can be predicted that it is Profitable to invest in ZenCash (ZEN) for the long term. By long-term, we mean that the ZenCash forecast for a period of 5+ years. For the past month, ZEN has been on a downward slope.

Process 1-4 continues for the duration of the 1 week period. When the week is over, NodePaySys calculates payouts based on formula above. The more successful Responses, the less each Secure Node is paid. When the Challenge period is complete, it stops checking for new responses and creates a list of Node and Staking addresses that provided a valid challenge . Secure Node Information System (NodeInfoSys) – This server maintains a count and identification of all the Zen nodes it can find.

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There are also applications running on systems that track the challenge, record it, and report. Furthermore, there are applications running on systems to authorize payment. The first step is to find someone to select as the software development project manager for the different Secure Node system below. Next would be for the project manager to get more specific software specifications written. After that, we can get proposals for development of the software application on ZenCash maintained servers.

Secure Node Challenge Publishing System (ChalPubSys) – This is the system that generates the challenge. Anyone operating a secure node can monitor the challenge system and respond to it. ZenCash is a platform designed for private communications and private economic activity.

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The first level implementation is to get the basics of the system going so people can operate and be rewarded for running Secure Nodes. Over time the system can be improved to be more distributed, resilient, and automatic. Each of the specific applications are intended to run on servers owned by the ZenCash Foundation, with operation by team members.

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Trading Symbol: ZEN

ZenCash description

As per the forecast and algorithmic analysis, the the price of 1 ZenCash (ZEN) will be around $67.7157 in 2025. The technical analysis using the algorithm says that the price of ZenCash (ZEN) will not decrease or fall or drop in long term.

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ZenCash price prediction or you can say ZenCash forecast is done by applying our in-house deep learning(neural network) algorithm on the historical data of ZEN. Based on the historical price input data the system predicts the price of ZenCash (ZEN) for various period of the future. You can checkout the ZenCash (ZEN) price forecast for various period of the future like tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, after 5 years. ZenCash forecast, ZenCash price prediction, ZenCash price forecast, ZEN price prediction, ZEN forecast, ZEN price forecast. These are some other terms to define this ZenCash (ZEN) technical analysis page.

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The idea behind this hard fork is to fight the control of ASIC miner which is from Bitmain. Its AntMiner Z9 Equihash ASIC miner has been scheduled to be shipped in late June.

An important part of ZenCash is operating Secure Nodes. Zen Nodes run the software that makes the ZenCash system work. We strive to help our readers gain valuable, trusted insights through in-depth analysis, high-quality and well-researched News stories and views from the digital currency community experts. Our young and dynamic team is comprised of well-known journalists as well as Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Experts.

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Cutting-edge cryptography and zero knowledge proofs enable fully anonymous peer to peer communications with ZenCash. ZenCash’s distributed and encrypted networking design is resistant, to traffic correlation and metadata analysis.

  • The technical analysis using the algorithm says that the price of ZenCash (ZEN) will not decrease or fall or drop in long term.
  • Horizen's blockchain technology platform empowers users to transact and communicate securely through Sphere by Horizen, their flagship application.
  • The hard fork of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency ZenCash (ZEN) which was scheduled for late June is here.
  • There will be many of these.
  • An important part of ZenCash is operating Secure Nodes.
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The development will further involve side chains and super node tracking and payment. In its official blog post, the company has shared that for the past several months, the software development team has been working on this.

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But with its hard fork, it’s a possibility that ZEN prices might see a revival. Moreover, with its ability to maintain over 50% of the mining hash rate, this miner can potentially affect the future of ZEN. But the hard fork will ensure that everyone is on the new software version.

These are some of the most common queries that impatient or amateur investors have. The fact is - no one can accurately predict future of ZenCash (ZEN). All we can do is use various algorithms and run technical analysis of the ZenCash (ZEN) using its historical price data and perform ZenCash forecast. Note that these are all based on past data. If the future follows the same pattern as in the past, this predictions/forecast can be very accurate.

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Apart from being 12 times more efficient than GPU, its focus is on Equihash which is the hashing algorithm of ZenCash. The hard fork of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency ZenCash (ZEN) which was scheduled for late June is here. Though the date of the hard fork is not clear, it is expected to be on June 26 which is just three days away. Zencash is down -9.20% on the day and down -36.21% since launch on Bittrex.

It is a hardened server that runs the Zen node system software. It also needs to run the SecNodeApp software. It has to maintain a small amount of Zen on it to be able to send shielded transactions.

It has been reported already deployed onto the testnet. Addressing the issues that have a direct effect on the performance as well as the reliability of Zen’s blockchain, this upgrade holds immense value.

From where can I buy ZenCash (ZEN) ?

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This skill provides the real-time price of Zencash cryptocurrency in USD. Data is provided thru Cryptocompare.com API service. The foundation is trying to live up to the expectations of their users. The event might help investors to rebuild their trust in ZenCash, which might ultimately shoot up the prices of the coin in the near future. Also, the most effective solution for the 51% attacks is a hard fork.

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In medium volume trading the short term trend is down. Note that the above values will change as the time goes by and the ZenCash blockchain continues to grow.

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Zencash launched on June with an opening price of 0. The Zencash all time high is . with an all time low of 0. Today’s volume is 476 BTC and the last price is 0.

This is because you cannot perform the above function, until the ZenCash blockchain has fully synced. Congratulations you have now successfully installed your ZenCash Super Node! Allow ~7 minutes for the Super Node to restart zentracker. Launched in May 2017, the platform aims to support applications like encrypted chat, publishing, and private web browsing.