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3DF Zephyr

Secure Coding Guidelines¶

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What does Zephyr look like?

Besides being the name of Babar's monkey friend in the much-beloved picture books about the elephant Babar, a zephyr is a gentle breeze. Zephyr derives from his name.

ZEPHYR description

Adherence to the Secure Development Guidelines is mandatory to avoid that individual components breach the system security and to minimize the vulnerability of individual modules. While this can be partially achieved by automated tests, it is inevitable to investigate the correct implementation of security features such as countermeasures manually in security-critical modules. Release management describes the process of defining the release cycle, documenting releases, and maintaining a record of known vulnerabilities and mitigations.

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This applies to both the software implementations and when using cryptographic hardware. Penetration testing of the RTOS on a particular hardware platform, which involves testing the respective Zephyr OS configuration and hardware as one system. Security sensitive bugs shall be made public (by removing the security sensitive indicator) after an embargo period of 60 days. Members of this Security Group have the authority to add or remove other users for individual issues. Definition of requirements regarding security and protection of the assets, e.g. countermeasures or memory protection schemes.

Real-Time Test Management

ZEPHYR description

After the process is implemented and all supporting documents are created, this document is a top-level overview and entry point. Developing a threat model and security architecture to protect the assets against exploits of vulnerabilities of the system. Depending on the resulting severity score of the issue, the issue is prioritized and assigned to the owner of the affected module. Additionally, the system security architect and the security architect of the module are notified and shall take the responsibility to mitigate the issue and review the solution or counter-measure.

Especially for certification purposes the integrity of the release needs to be ensured in a way that later manipulation (e.g. inserting of backdoors, etc.) can be easily detected. Economy of mechanism specifies that the underlying design of a system shall be kept as simple and small as possible. In the context of the Zephyr project, this can be realized, e.g., by modular code [PAUL09] and abstracted APIs. Open design as a design guideline incorporates the maxim that protection mechanisms cannot be kept secret on any system in widespread use.

Formulating an evaluation target that includes thecertification claims on the security of the assets to be evaluated and certified, as well as assumptions on the operating conditions. Side channel attacks (timing invariance, power invariance, etc.) should be considered. For instance, ensuring timing invariance of the cryptographic algorithms and modules is required to reduce the attack surface.

A high-level schematic of the Zephyr system architecture is given in Figure 2. It separates the architecture into an OS part (kernel + OS Services) and a user-specific part (Application Services).

ZEPHYR description

However, many certification such as Common Criteria [CCITSE12] require evidence that the evaluation claims are indeed fulfilled, so a general certification process is outlined in the following. Based on the final choices for the certification scheme and evaluation level, this process needs to be refined. This procedure shall be carried out during the design phase of modules and before major changes of the module or system architecture. Additionally, new models shall be created or existing ones shall be updated whenever new vulnerabilities or exploits are discovered. During security reviews, the threat models and the mitigation techniques shall be evaluated by the responsible security architect.

On system level, and for each security related module of the secure branch of Zephyr, a directly responsible security architect shall be defined to guide the secure development process. Security Reviews shall be performed by a security architect in preparation of each security-targeted release and each time a security-related module of the Zephyr project is changed. Code Reviews ensure the functional correctness of the code base and shall be performed on each proposed code change prior to check-in. Code reviews shall be performed by at least one independent reviewer other than the author(s) of the code change.

ZEPHYR description

In any case, the security issue shall be documented centrally, including the affected modules, software releases, and applicable workarounds for immediate mitigation. A list of known security issues per public release of the Zephyr shall be published and maintained by the Zephyr Security Subcommittee after a risk assessment.

The OS part itself contains low-level, platform specific drivers and the generic implementation of I/O APIs, file systems, kernel-specific functions, and the cryptographic library. The goal is to have a process including mandatory code reviews, feature and issue management/tracking, and static code analyses.

  • Especially for certification purposes the integrity of the release needs to be ensured in a way that later manipulation (e.g. inserting of backdoors, etc.) can be easily detected.
  • When a test run uncovers a defect with the application, the Zephyr test management tool offers two-way integration with Bugzilla and JIRA bug-tracking tools.
  • The Enterprise Edition provides users with the full access to all of its features and is scalable based on organizational needs.
  • These points shall be evaluated with respect to their impact on the development process employed for the Zephyr project.

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Zephyrus, the personified west wind, eventually evolved into zephyr, a word for a breeze that is westerly or gentle, or both.

ZEPHYR description

Support for cryptographic hardware is scoped for future releases.The Zephyr runtime architecture is a monolithic binary and removes the need for dynamic loaders , thereby reducing the exposed attack surface. This section recapitulates the current status of secure development within the Zephyr RTOS. Currently, focus is put on functional security and code quality assurance, although additional security features are scoped. We begin with an overview of the Zephyr development process, which mainly focuses on security functionality. Get the Jira test management solution that integrates testing into the project cycle, allowing you to track software quality and make empowered go/no-go decisions.

ZEPHYR description

What is Zephyr used for?

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Zephyr for Jira Integrations

The findings of these analyses shall be considered in the security issue management process, and learnings shall be formulated as guidelines and incorporated into the secure coding guide. The development of secure code shall adhere to certain criteria. These include coding guidelines and development processes that can be roughly separated into two categories related to software quality and related to software security. Furthermore, a system architecture document shall be created and kept up-to-date with future development.

When Zephyr is used with JIRA, the test can be created, viewed in any JIRA project, and executed immediately or as part of a testing cycle that may be linked to other issues. The detailed testing metrics can be tracked via customizable Zephyr gadgets. This includes consistent documentation of the security development process, etc. Likewise, there shall be code repositories marked as security sensitive, accessible only to the Security Group members where the code to fix said issues is being worked on and reviewed. The person/s contributing the fix shall also have access, but fix contributors shall have only access to the tree for said fix, not to other security sensitive trees.

A document describing the system architecture and design choices shall be created and kept up to date with future development. This document shall include the base architecture of the Zephyr OS and an overview of important submodules. For each of the modules, a dedicated architecture document shall be created and evaluated against the implementation. These documents shall serve as an entry point to new developers and as a basis for the security architecture.

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Secure Design¶

Zephyr for Jira’s integration with LoadNinja, the leading cloud-based platform to load test web applications, will now enable you to easily automate and manage the UI performance tests in the CI/CD pipeline. The Zephyr software also offers a real-time messaging tool that lets users communicate with individuals or entire teams on a global scale, helping to quickly resolve issues and keep projects moving with minimal downtime. Zephyr provides software test groups with a range of features for creating, executing and reporting on manual and automated testing initiatives. The test management software is scalable to, and simultaneously accessible by, hundreds of users, which makes it extremely useful for enterprises with large development and testing teams.

Furthermore, default settings for services shall be chosen in a way to provide maximum security. A security subcommittee has been formed to develop a security process in more detail; this document is part of that process. Quality Assurance is driven by using a development process that requires all code to be reviewed before being committed to the common repository. Furthermore, the reuse of proven building blocks such as network stacks increases the overall quality level and guarantees stable APIs. The Zephyr Security Subcommittee will review these changes and provide feedback or acceptance of the changes.

What is Zephyr testing tool?

Globally, Zephyr's customers benefit from improved productivity, faster time to market, and dramatic cost savings. Zephyr for JIRA is a native application that exists in JIRA and brings quality test management capabilities to any JIRA project.

The modeling of security threats against the Zephyr RTOS is required for the development of an accurate security architecture and for most certification schemes. The first step of this process is the definition of assets to be protected by the system. The next step then models how these assets are protected by the system and which threats against them are present. After a threat has been identified, a corresponding threat model is created.

ZEPHYR description

Definitions for zephyrˈzɛf ərzephyr

Instead of relying on secret, custom-tailored security measures, publicly accepted cryptographic algorithms and well established cryptographic libraries shall be used. Issues determined by Coverity should have more stringent reviews before they are closed as non issues (at least another person educated in security processes need to agree on non-issue before closing). The term “survivability” was coined to cover pro-active security tasks such as security issue categorization and management. Initial effort has been started on the definition of vulnerability categorization and mitigation processes within Jira. The security functionality in Zephyr hinges mainly on the inclusion of cryptographic algorithms, and on its monolithic system design.

What does Zephyr look like?

Besides being the name of Babar's monkey friend in the much-beloved picture books about the elephant Babar, a zephyr is a gentle breeze. Zephyr derives from his name.