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Blockchain to Business and Governments

Factom is a system for securing millions of real-time records in the blockchain with a single hash.

Businesses and governments can use Factom to simplify records management, record business processes, and address security and compliance issues.

Factom uses the blockchain to power a remarkable range of applications, including audit systems, medical records, supply chain management, voting systems, property titles, legal applications, and financial systems. 

Download the Factom Whitepaper to understand out how business and governments can use the blockchain technology to improve their services and their profit margins.


Factoids are traded on Poloniex under the ticker – “FCT”, making the whole project more approachable for novice users. The ticker “FCT” coupled with “Factom Exchange” should make it a lot easier for anyone to find the software tokens on Poloniex. It’s not necessary to know all the technical aspects regarding Factom or Factoids to reap the benefits of this platform.

Investors have been eagerly awaiting the addition of Factoids on major cryptocurrency exchanges since the conclusion of the Factom token sale. Factoids trading on crypto-exchanges are likely to generate additional interest in the Factom platform while allowing new community members to purchase some tokens for future use.

In preparation for the launch of the Factoids trading market on Poloniex, the Factom team also released the binaries and installers for the project’s software client recently. The Factom client provides a convenient manner of storing and transferring Factoids.


Will Factoids have their own blockchain?

Ultimately Factoids will be implemented on their own Chain in Factom. For the crowd sale, other options are possible.

How are Factoids created?

Two ways. Factoids will be created as a part of the crowd sale. Secondly, Factoids will be created at a fixed rate and paid to the Factom Servers and Audit Servers for their work running the system, and to pay other incentives.

Is there a separate Proof of Work or other consensus mechanism for factoids, independent of factom?

No. That said, the Factom chain and the Entry chain are managed by the Factom Servers (they are the application using these chains) so they validate them in real time. No invalid entries can be placed in these chains.

How do factoids get sent back to the protocol? Is it a kind of burn?  

No. The Entry Credits are burned. Entry Credits are non transferable. They can only be used to buy entries. But when they DO buy entries, the Factoid in the protocol that was used to buy the Entry Credits is released. The amount of Factoids varies since the price of Entry Credits per Factoid varies.  

The Factoid paid out is calculated by dividing the total number of Factoid in the protocol by the number of outstanding Entry Credits.  

The number of Factoids in the protocol and the number of outstanding Entry Credits are all computable from the Entry Chain and the Factoid Chain.  

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The Difference Between a Fact and a Factoid

7. Add what drives your company to succeed.

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What is the best definition of fact?

The primary means for distinguishing between truth and falsehood is Deductive Proof by logic. Originally Answered: How can one differentiate truth and opinion? Truth refers to evidence. Opinion refers to a judgement.

Offer an inclusive statement about why your new hire was brought onto the team. Also, inject some of your company culture and values into this statement. From day one, or even before, the new hire will feel more familiar with the company with this sheet.

What exactly is a fact sheet?

For example, "This sentence contains words." is a linguistic fact, and "The sun is a star." is a cosmological fact. Further, "Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States." and "Abraham Lincoln was assassinated." are also both facts, of history. All of these statements have the epistemic quality of being "ontologically superior" to opinion or interpretation — they are either categorically necessary or supported by adequate documentation.

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Why create a fact sheet?

That was certainly the view taken by Grant and Martha's caller, and indeed, Grant and Martha, too. Gottlob Frege, founder of the analytic tradition in philosophy, famously argued for the analysis of language in terms of sense and reference. For him, the sense of an expression in language describes a certain state of affairs in the world, namely, the way that some object is presented. Accordingly, concepts (as senses) have an ontological status [6]. A factoid is either a false statement presented as a fact,[1][2] or a true but brief or trivial item of news or information.

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A statement is "a statement of fact" (i.e. true) when it comports with the ontological fact(s) it's about. A statement that does not comport with the ontological fact(s) is a falsehood. When someone knowingly calls a falsehood a "fact" (by which they mean "a statement of fact"), they're said to be lying. I loved the discussion involving 'fake' and 'artificial', too. We have a simple and commonly misused word for a false fact, and that is 'factoid'.

1. Saves time:

What is a media backgrounder?

A claim is when you express your right to something that belongs to you, like your medical records or the deed to your home. When you make a claim or claim something, you're demanding it or saying it's true. People claim dependents and deductions on their taxes.

A fact is something that has really happened or is actually the case. The usual test for a statement of fact is whether it can be seen to be true. Standard reference works are often used to check facts. Scientific facts are verified by careful observation or measurement (by experiments or other means).

Because of this, we know that the knowledge of a scientific theory is fact and not opinion. Examples of scientific theories include the theory of relativity and the theory of evolution.

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Neither are they related in any way to mysterious limits in which quantities are on the verge of nascence or evanescence, that is, coming into or going out of existence. The abstract concepts are now considered to be totally autonomous, even though they originated from the process of abstracting or taking away qualities from perceptions until only the common, essential attributes remained.

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Whats the difference between a fact and a factoid?

A factoid is either a false statement presented as a fact, or a true but brief or trivial item of news or information. Since its creation in 1973, the term has evolved, now often being used to describe a brief or trivial item of news or information.

Concepts are studied as components of human cognition in the cognitive science disciplines of linguistics, psychology and, philosophy, where an ongoing debate asks whether all cognition must occur through concepts. Concepts are used as formal tools or models in mathematics, computer science, databases and artificial intelligence where they are sometimes called classes, schema or categories. In informal use the word concept often just means any idea.

  • A scientific theory is knowledge of important facts about a natural thing.
  • Similarly, a false claim is not something that appears to be a claim but is really something else.
  • A fact sheet is a very important tool which can be used in public relations for quick reference as it would usually give a total view of your company or organization.
  • In other words, when false modifies a noun that denotes some kind of proposition, it means that that proposition isn't true.
  • All of these statements have the epistemic quality of being "ontologically superior" to opinion or interpretation — they are either categorically necessary or supported by adequate documentation.
  • In informal use the word concept often just means any idea.
Factoids description

It bends my brain that an English language community has fallen into the trap of debating philosophy. If it's determined to be untrue, then it's no longer a fact (and indeed, never was a fact).

It is important to realize that a concept is merely a symbol, a representation of the abstraction. For example, the word "moon" (a concept) is not the large, bright, shape-changing object up in the sky, but only represents that celestial object. Concepts are created (named) to describe, explain and capture reality as it is known and understood. Generally speaking, facts transcend belief and serve as concrete descriptions of a state of affairs on which beliefs can later be assigned. A fact is a thing that is known to be consistent with objective reality and can be proven to be true with evidence.

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They will know the company’s mission statement, history, founders and other key information specific to their needs. A fact sheet is a very important tool which can be used in public relations for quick reference as it would usually give a total view of your company or organization. These short documents can be used on their own however they are more often used as a supplement document for a website or news release, to take the place of a brochure about the company or as an attachment to a press kit.

Rosch found typicality effects which cannot be explained by the classical theory of concepts, these sparked the prototype theory.[12] See below. According to Carl Benjamin Boyer, in the introduction to his The History of the Calculus and its Conceptual Development, concepts in calculus do not refer to perceptions. As long as the concepts are useful and mutually compatible, they are accepted on their own. For example, the concepts of the derivative and the integral are not considered to refer to spatial or temporal perceptions of the external world of experience.

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How to Create an Impressive Fact Sheet for Your Company (Template Included)

Is fact a noun or adjective?

Concepts are defined as abstract ideas or general notions that occur in the mind, in speech, or in thought. They are understood to be the fundamental building blocks of thoughts and beliefs. Concepts as mental representations, where concepts are entities that exist in the mind (mental objects)

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As it turns out, though, the definition of fact as "a statement that can be proven true or false" has been active for four centuries. On the other hand, it has been criticized and contested for at least the last two centuries. A scientific theory is knowledge of important facts about a natural thing. The facts in a scientific theory always have evidence that shows that the fact is not false.

In the simplest terms, a concept is a name or label that regards or treats an abstraction as if it had concrete or material existence, such as a person, a place, or a thing. It may represent a natural object that exists in the real world like a tree, an animal, a stone, etc. It may also name an artificial (man-made) object like a chair, computer, house, etc. Abstract ideas and knowledge domains such as freedom, equality, science, happiness, etc., are also symbolized by concepts.

Is the word fact one word or two?

When writers are trying to explain an unfamiliar idea, they rely on definitions. All definitions attempt to explain or clarify a term. This lesson will introduce you to the three different types of definitions: formal, informal, and extended.

Etymology of True and False Facts, epidemiological and ontologic views, carry wide ranging effects on the course of history's indigenous peoples. Or to look at it from a different angle, isn't true fact a redundancy?

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Slang dictionary

It is frequently used to denote a small fact, although I have a difficult time trying to imagine facts having any sizes that matter. Although in many respects it's a synonym for fake, it doesn't behave quite the same. Let's take a few collocations with fake — fake ID, fake fur, and fake blood — and replace fake with false. Again, the meanings don't change, so up to this point, false and fake are interchangeable. However, we do get a clear difference for false statement.

A person who understands the scientific method can test to see if the facts of a scientific theory are correct. When statements have been tested and shown to be not false, they are said to be "true". The facts of each scientific theory have usually been questioned and tested for a very long time by many people. However, the critical point is that an agreed method has been used to show that the statement is not false.