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Hyperion aims to establish a global decentralized map economy for 7B people and 10B devices. Hyperion organically integrates innovations of three important dimensions coined as the Hyperion Trinity of map technology economy and society structures to eventually achieve a sustainable and self-governed map economy of the world. People are empowered to build map technology share economical return and govern map communities. Crowd builds to incentive quality global map data contribution and distributed system infrastructure hosting with Hyperion Digital Location Right (HDLR) as reward i.e. HDLR mining Crowdshare to establish a sustainable decentralized map economy in which map services fees are distributed to HDLR owners accordingly by smart contract i.e. HDLR dividend Crowdgovern to reach consensus on technology and socioeconomic transition with delegated governance i.e. HDLR voting. The Hyperion global community has consisted of multilevel regional communities governed by HDLR holders dele

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Who is the Greek god of light?

Every gun that leaves our facility has been tested by multiple independent inspectors and is guaranteed to meet our impossibly high standards. All Hyperion guns are meticulously calibrated by our technicians and certified to levels of accuracy never before seen in the industry.

Who is Hyperion in Greek Mythology? - Story & Facts

In practice, of course, the number of combinations of "Customer" and "Product" that contain meaningful values will be a tiny subset of the total space. Hyperion provides New-U Station services and is one of the chief weapon manufacturers on Pandora. They manufacture submachine guns, combat rifles/assault rifles, repeater pistols, rocket launchers, shotguns, and sniper rifles.

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Hyperion and Tableau built together built fundamentally the first versions of Tableau Software which was designed specifically for multidimensional (OLAP) databases. Oracle quickly terminated the OEM arrangement with Tableau Software soon after the acquisition of Hyperion in 2007. The number of aggregate values implied by a set of input data can become surprisingly large. If the Customer and Product dimensions are each in fact six "generations" deep, then 36 (6 × 6) aggregate values are affected by a single data point. It follows that if all these aggregate values are to be stored, the amount of space required is proportional to the product of the depth of all aggregating dimensions.

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Hyperion is almost invulnerable to all types of damage including heat, energy or blunt force. Though he can heal from nearly any wound eventually, the rare times he incurred any, there was a limit to his powers of recuperation. Hyperion's invulnerability is at a very high level yet he is not entirely indestructible.

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Sr. Hyperion Consultant

Hyperion description

Interfacer shotguns use the color scheme simillar to that found on White rarity weapons. Hyperion manufacturers assault shotguns, combat rifles, machine pistols, repeaters, rocket launchers, semi-auto sniper rifles, and submachine guns. In Borderlands, weapons produced by this manufacturer are harder to find than most others, with only Atlas guns being harder to find. “There are many weapons in this world, but only the best have what it takes to bear the Hyperion insignia.

What does Helios rule?

Helios, (Greek: “Sun”) in Greek religion, the sun god, sometimes called a Titan. He drove a chariot daily from east to west across the sky and sailed around the northerly stream of Ocean each night in a huge cup. Under the Roman Empire the sun itself came to be worshipped as the Unconquered Sun.

Essbase also has this concept of Database Outlines, which contain the metadata about the hierarchies, dimensional relationships, aggregation paths and formulas used by a cube. The diagram below shows the content and structure of a typical database outline, for one of the sample OLAP databases that comes with Essbase. The Oracle Hyperion suite of business solutions covers almost every area of finance operations, including financial management, consolidation and reporting, budgeting and planning, business intelligence, and enterprise performance management (EPM).

Helios was married to Perse, but he had quite a few extramarital affairs, and a number of children; these include the Charites, Phaethon, Circe, Aeetes, Pasiphae, Heliadae, and Heliades. At a later time, Helios was conflated with Apollo; to the Romans, he was known as Sol. According to the game mechanics, old-style Hyperion weapons are of another manufacturer. "GD_Manufacturers.Manufacturers.Hyperion_Old" instead of "GD_Manufacturers.Manufacturers.Hyperion". The two weapon sets share the same pool of weapon parts from various manufacturers, but have substantially different titles and prefixes.

BSO divides dimensions up into sparse and dense dimensions, with dense dimensions storing more cells per block, accessing data faster but requiring lots of RAM for large data sets, whilst sparse dimensions store sparse data more efficiently but at the cost of potentially large indexes and more time required to actually access the data. Whilst Oracle OLAP also has sparse and dense dimensions, it’s storage mechanism doesn’t directly compare – data in Oracle OLAP is stored in pages, with composites doing what Essbase indexes seem to do by only storing the dimension member combinations (“tuples”) that actually contain data. Essbase, like Oracle OLAP, uses the concept of cubes, dimensions, measures, hierarchies and cell-based storage.

What is HFM used for?

Oracle Smart View for Office (Smart View) provides a common Microsoft Office interface designed specifically for Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI). It is a comprehensive tool for accessing and integrating EPM and BI content from Microsoft Office products.

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Support for MDX and XML/A is particularly interesting to me, as it’s pretty much the standard language these days for accessing multi-dimensional databases through Microsoft’s support for it in Analysis Services, but for one reason or another Oracle have never got Oracle OLAP to support it choosing instead to go down the SQL route. The standardised XML for Analysis protocol can query Essbase data sources using the MDX language.

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  • The diagram below shows the content and structure of a typical database outline, for one of the sample OLAP databases that comes with Essbase.
  • They will mostly always have high sway, but that will be rectified when fired continuously.
  • General Alexander then sets off an explosion of nuclear force, sacrificing himself in an attempt to kill Mark.
  • Interestingly, some of the Hyperion apps require ASO, some require BSO, with ASO tending towards read-only, sales analysis-type apps, and BSO being more for financial analysis, write-back and dense cubes.
  • The listed accuracy on the weapon is what is achievable after the sustained fire increases their accuracy to maximum.

What is Hyperion planning and budgeting?

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) is a financial consolidation and reporting application built with advanced Web technology and designed to be used and maintained by the finance team.

The General tells Mark that they had never trusted him to act in their best interests and that he only ever saw Mark as a weapon and nothing more, he says it was his job to make sure Mark was pointing in the right direction. Enraged, Mark asks the General if he knows what he could do to him if he wanted to, the general replies that he knows what he could do to us all (meaning the human race) and states that's why Mark is here. General Alexander then sets off an explosion of nuclear force, sacrificing himself in an attempt to kill Mark.

What God is Titan?

THE TITANES (Titans) were six elder gods named Kronos (Cronus), Koios (Coeus), Krios (Crius), Iapetos (Iapetus), Hyperion and Okeanos (Oceanus), sons of Ouranos (Uranus, Sky) and Gaia (Gaea, Earth), who ruled the cosmos before the Olympians came to power.

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Although block storage effectively minimizes storage requirements without impacting retrieval time, it has limitations in its treatment of aggregate data in large applications, motivating the introduction of a second storage engine, named Aggregate Storage Option (Essbase ASO) or more recently, Enterprise Analytics. This storage option makes the database behave much more like an OLAP database, such as SQL Server Analysis Services. Oracle, too, provides business intelligence tools, but company watchers have expected it to make a large acquisition of a standalone business intelligence vendor to fill out its product line. At Key Performance Ideas, our HFM consultants partner with our clients to complete a full HFM implementation that will improve consolidation and reporting processes and reduce internal control risks.

Understanding Essbase

With the introduction of alternative storage options, marketing materials called this the Block Storage Option (Essbase BSO), later referred to as Essbase Analytics. In contrast to "on-line transaction processing" (OLTP), OLAP defines a database technology optimized for processing human queries rather than transactions. The results of this orientation were that multidimensional databases oriented their performance requirements around a different set of benchmarks (Analytic Performance Benchmark, APB-1) than that of RDBMS (Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC)).

Getting Up and Running with Essbase Part 3 Now that Essbase is more or less up and running, what else is there to do on a twelve-hour… Getting Up and Running with Essbase Part 2 Yesterday I looked at installing Hyperion Shared Services, as a prerequisite step for installing Hyperion Essbase. Today, I'm going…Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Being a Hyperion Administrator requires technical skills, but we feel a truly good admin will know the language of finance and accounting as well as IT. Just being familiar with your business processes is not enough — they should be able to help optimize them as well as providing data-driven strategic insights to FP&A.

For example, a new Hyperion pistol named "Earnest Synergy" will have the same Vladof twin barrel and accuracy-enhancing laser accessory as the old Hyperion pistol named "Trustworthy Expeditious". Occasionally, a new Hyperion weapon may have old Hyperion naming or vice versa; the material (see below) is what distinguishes old- and new-style weapons. Actualizer SMG has gradient color scheme with dark blue near the barrel, steelblue for the central section, and silver-ish grey stock.

Accuracy in Hyperion weapons can also depend on certain weapon grips; pistols use an elongated grip, shotguns use an aluminum pump, trigger with thumbhole/grip and SMGs use a dual thumbhole grip. Hyperion weapon sights often contain a consistent aesthetic; pistols have a flattened, futuristic sight with a trapezoidal screen when zoomed in; SMGs have a vertically rectangular reflex sight, shotguns use an extremely angled hexagonal sight, and sniper rifles have a futuristic look with an octagonal screen when zoomed in.

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Additionally, we can help you develop standardized financial data management processes through web-based guided workflows with Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDMEE) and view, import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Microsoft Office applications with Smart View. Essbase (or Hyperion Analytic Services, as the manuals now seem to refer to it) is a multi-dimensional database that, like Oracle OLAP, stores data in a format optimized for fast, dimensional access to detail and summary-level data. Unlike Oracle OLAP, whose primary interface out is SQL and OLAP DML, Essbase uses it’s own language called Report Script (I think) for getting data out, analogous to OLAP DML, MaxL for scripting (derived from PERL), MDX and XML/A.

What is Hyperion financial reporting?

Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, Fusion Edition (Financial Reporting) enables book-quality financial management and reporting targeted at meeting the unique requirements of the Finance department or any functional area that requires very highly formatted multidimensional reporting.


Oracle Hyperion Financial Management utilizes today's most advanced technology, yet is built to be owned and maintained by the enterprise's finance team. There are several significant competitors among the OLAP, analytics products to that of Essbase (HOLAP/MOLAP) on the market, among them SAP BPC, Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Analysis Services, (MOLAP, HOLAP, ROLAP), IBM Cognos (ROLAP), IBM/Cognos/Applix TM1 (MOLAP), Oracle OLAP (ROLAP/MOLAP), MicroStrategy (ROLAP), and EXASolution (ROLAP). Do you manage the extended financial close process using offline spreadsheets, emails and phone calls? This is cumbersome and time-consuming and can often slow the financial close and make it more error-prone.

Hyperion submachine guns, shotguns and repeater pistols feature increasing accuracy as the trigger is held down. They will mostly always have high sway, but that will be rectified when fired continuously.

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