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Luna (LUNA) is a secondary token that powers the Terra blockchain. Terra aims to be the go-to decentralized stablecoin used throughout the globe for everyday purchases. The Terra project utilizes a two token system: Terra and Luna. Terra is a decentralized stablecoin pegged to a number of the world's major fiat currencies including the USD, KRW, CNY, GBP, and most importantly, the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights (IMF SDR). The IMF SDR is an international reserve asset based on the value of five currencies — the U.S. dollar, the euro, the Chinese renminbi, the Japanese yen, and the British pound sterling. The Terra token is the unit of account for the Terra protocol. Luna serves as collateral for the stablecoin, Terra, and provides security and stability to the network. Terra’s mainnet (which launched in April 2019) is built on Tendermint’s proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. There are one hundred validators who have staked Luna tokens for the chance of securing and processing transactions for the Terra blockchain. The probability of becoming the next block producer is dependent on the size of the validator’s Luna stake. Validators are incentivized and compensated through transaction fees and seigniorage (the profit from minting currency). With all transactions on the Terra network, a small fee is paid to validators. Fees default to 0.1% and are capped at 1%. In addition to staking, Luna is also used to stabilize the price of Terra. When the price of Terra rises above the target price (e.g., 1 SDR), the protocol must expand its supply, and when its price falls below the target price, the protocol must contract its supply. Contracting and expanding Terra’s supply means buying or selling Terra at its target price. In essence, the protocol uses Luna as a market maker for Terra. To buy 1 Terra, the protocol mints and sells Luna worth 1 SDR. By selling 1 Terra, the protocol earns Luna worth 1 SDR. As long as the protocol can maintain both sides of this contract, the price of Terra should remain stable at 1 SDR. At the time of writing, the team behind the project is Terraform Labs, a Seoul-based company co-founded by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon. Before Terra, Shin founded multiple companies including TicketMonster, Fast Five, and FoodFly. Kwon was a startup founder (Anyfi) and has experience as a software engineer at Microsoft and Apple. Terra has developed partnerships with over 15 platforms throughout Asia, including industry giants such as TicketMonster (eCommerce, South Korea), Woowa Brothers (food delivery, South Korea), Tiki (eCommerce, Vietnam), and Carousell (eCommerce, Singapore). Those partners, who together form the Terra Alliance, are interested in incorporating the Terra stablecoin into their businesses. In total, this alliance has over 45 million users and handles $25 billion in annual transaction volume. In August 2018, four of the largest crypto exchanges - Binance Labs, OKEx, Huobi Capital, and Dunamu (which owns Upbit) - led a $32 million investment in Terra. Other investors included Polychain Capital, China’s FBG Capital, Hashed, 1kx, and Kenetic Capital among others. Instead of equity, the deal is a token-based investment round.

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terra firma

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Some modern sources, such as James Mellaart, Marija Gimbutas and Barbara Walker, claim that Gaia as Mother Earth is a later form of a pre-Indo-European Great Mother, venerated in Neolithic times. Her existence is a speculation, and controversial in the academic community.

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What is the oldest name for Earth?

Earth as "Terra Firma". The English word "earth" has cognates in many modern and ancient languages.

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In the 1600s, terra firma primarily referred just to the section of Italy that was ruled by Venice at the time, but eventually it came to designate all of earth’s dry land, separate from the air or the oceans. Zeus hid Elara, one of his lovers, from Hera by stowing her under the earth. His son by Elara, the giant Tityos, is therefore sometimes said to be a son of Gaia, the earth goddess. The firm's early investments, while still a division of Nomura, focused on housing (Annington Homes), leasing companies and pubs. Since 2002, the firm has made major investments in the waste management (Waste Recycling Group), energy (BGCL, East Surrey Holdings, Phoenix Natural Gas, and Infinis), aircraft leasing (AWAS), cinema (Odeon Cinemas/UCI) and music sectors (EMI).

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In the Noon Universe, Earth is a Utopian world of immense power and the initial home planet of all humans scattered over the Universe. In the anime series Cowboy Bebop, Earth has become a backwater wasteland after a horrific accident caused one of the jumpgates that humans used to travel the Solar System to explode, destroying part of the Moon and causing the destroyed bits to rain down on the Earth. Center of the Universe, or the Seat of Power in an Intergalactic communityEarth is often depicted as a major power-broker in the community due to anthropocentrism. Perhaps the most notable example of this is Star Trek (where Earth is the capital of the United Federation of Planets).

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Welcome to Terra Nova National Park

Ten years later the ship was ready but as preparation for launch on a mission of exploration continued Zentradi warships arrived in orbit to search for the ship. Though humanity tried peaceful contact a booby trap in the SDF-1 fired the huge main gun at the Zentradi committing Earth to a devastating interstellar war. To lure the Zentradi away from Earth the SDF-1 attempted a space fold FTL jump. This went wrong transporting not only the SDF-1 but part of Macross Island, 70,000 civilians and two navy warships to an area near Pluto. Pressure held in sub-surface shelters long enough to evacuate the civilians while the ships were grafted on to the SDF-1 as flight decks.

6 'Ray Donovan' Canceled By Showtime After 7 Seasons; Won't Get Final Season 8

What is terraferma?

The word tellus, telluris is also a Latin common noun for "land, territory; earth," as is terra, "earth, ground".

All of the planets, except for Earth, were named after Greek and Roman gods and godesses. The name Earth is an English/German name which simply means the ground.

The series' Systems Commonwealth was founded thousands of years in the past by the Vedran species in the Andromeda Galaxy, with Earth joining in the 22nd century. Humans go on to become a major player in the Commonwealth, but Earth itself has no special importance (although the final two episodes of the series retcon this). Following the fall of the Commonwealth, Earth becomes one of many Nietzschean slave worlds.

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The overarching plot in both the original and re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is the quest to find Earth, which is thought to be the location of the lost thirteenth colony of Kobol. Colonial history dictates that Kobol is the homeworld of all humanity, and that the Thirteen Tribes of Kobol fled that world thousands of years earlier, with twelve tribes founding the Twelve Colonies and the thirteenth heading to Earth. Both shows are similar in that the location of Earth is initially unknown, but clues to its location are gradually discovered by the refugee fleet from the Twelve Colonies. In both series, the exodus of the Thirteen Tribes took place so far in the past that most modern Colonials have come to assume that the stories of Earth are simply religious myths.

In Foundation and Earth, records of Earth are missing, so two citizens of the mature Foundation go looking for it, and eventually find that it is desolated by nuclear radiation. The only sentient being remaining in the Solar system is robot Daneel Olivaw, who resides in a small station on the moon, overseeing the progress of a humanity now spread throughout the galaxy. In Pebble in the Sky, we see Earth in the early days of the Empire of Trantor. Earth has a largely radioactive crust with only patches of habitable land in between, and its people have to undergo compulsory euthanasia at the age of 60.

In the video game FreeSpace Earth serves as the capital of the Galactic Terran Alliance. During the war against the Shivans, a last-ditch attack in subspace saves the planet from destruction, but at the cost of collapsing the FTL node that allows access to the system. By the end of FreeSpace 2, Earth is still sealed off and has had no contact with the outside systems for 32 years, but the Alliance is hopeful they have found a way to restore travel to the Sol system. In the anime and manga series Trigun it is revealed that through constant pollution and humanity living beyond its means that the Earth had to be evacuated after becoming uninhabitable.

  • Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series, too, has a brooding Terran Empire maintaining a colonial enclave on the planet Darkover where the plot takes place, and on countless others.
  • Between 2000 and 2010, an alien known as Giygas took over the planet and destroyed most of the population.
  • Eventually in 2103, the CoDominium dissolves, with the US and USSR engaging in the nuclear "Great Patriotic Wars" which destroy almost all of Earth (it is mentioned that Jamaica and the Tyrolean Alps are untouched).
  • A scientist named Gordon Freeman manages to reach the creature and take it down, unknowingly freeing one of the races that traveled to Earth by the portal storms.
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It is a backwater province, and among inhabitants of other planets there is a prevalent prejudice known as "Anti-Terrestrialism", (obviously modeled on antisemitism[citation needed]), with the main negative stereotype having to do with the radiation-induced diseases prevalent on Earth. It is unknown whether Earth has actually been destroyed, or if the planet still physically exists; in the feature film Serenity, ancient starships are shown leaving a sickly brown Earth with gray oceans, but the fate of the planet is never fully revealed. A puppet show in the episode "Heart of Gold" implies that Earth has in fact been obliterated, but this was never actually confirmed on screen. In the Season Three finale of the re-imagined series, Kara Thrace returns to Galactica after her apparent death, claiming to have been to Earth, and intending to lead the fleet there.

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Is Giga a billion?

Giga (/ˈɡɪɡə/ or /ˈdʒɪɡə/) is a unit prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of a (short-form) billion (109 or 1000000000). It has the symbol G. Giga is derived from the Greek word γίγας, meaning "giant."

During the conflict many Zentradi became fascinated by Earth culture and over a million ships eventually defected. The ship finally returned to Earth but was driven back into space to draw off the Zentradi again. However the Zentradi bought over four million ships to Earth and bombarded the planet. The SDF-1 took out most ships with an overload of its shield system but in the process the ship was left incapable of flight and most of the Earth's population was killed. Over the next two years the survivors tried to rebuild and at last the Earth began to green again.

Terranova Life Expectancy

To inhabitants of planets newly contacted, such as Prince Samual's World in "King David's Spaceship", the condition of the still largely desolate Earth is presented as an object lesson for the prohibitive price of war and a justification for Empire's claim to universal rule. In Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium series (now largely alternate history) the Earth comes under the control of the CoDominium, an alliance between the United States and Soviet Union, in the year 1990. The CoDominium imposes its control over all other nations of the Earth, halting scientific development and warfare. The CoDominium is ruled by a Grand Senate located on the Moon, and eventually constructs interstellar colonies for the joint goal of economic gain and a means of exiling troublesome elements of society.

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Earth is a relatively important player on account of the radical change it unwittingly brought about when troops under the command of Colonel Jack O'Neill killed Goa'uld Supreme System Lord Ra and started a guerrilla war against the Goa'uld. The Tau'ri also created remarkable technological feats, such as fighters equipped with hyperdrives powered by an unstable isotope. Their power increased further when they discovered that, due to crossbreeding with Ancients before their extinction, some Earth-born humans actually possessed a unique gene required to operate some of the more advanced Ancient technology. The peak of their power occurred when the Asgard donated their entire technological knowledge to Earth prior to their extinction.

The conflict was resolved by the creation of the United Powers League, which generally supported the humanist philosophy and controlled all nations except for a few volatile Latin American states. The UPL banned many religions and made English the worldwide language. By this time, Earth people still believe themselves to be the original home of Humanity, but hardly anyone else shares this belief. The plot is foiled by a middle-aged tailor from the Twentieth Century, who possess powerful psychic abilities as a result of experiments performed upon him when he arrived in the future.

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In author Peter F. Hamilton's The Night's Dawn Trilogy, Earth is the heart of an economical empire, its biosphere wrecked by global warming to such an extent that any unfortified structure would be torn apart in a matter of days by colossal, super-sized versions of modern tropical hurricanes. The entire sprawling human population is forced to live in arcologies protected against the so-called "Armada Storms".

Since founding in 1994, Terra Firma has raised five private equity funds. Earth was overlooked and humans evolved, evidently without a patron race. However, by the time of first contact with galactic civilization, humans had themselves raised chimpanzees and dolphins to sentience, giving the human race a claim to patron status. This claim is provisionally accepted by the major institutions of galactic civilization even as it is hotly contested by a number of senior patron races. In the anime series Sonic X, Sonic, his friends, and Eggman hail from an alternate version of Earth; Mobius and Earth were once one planet, but a cataclysmic event split the planet into two and sent what would become Mobius into another dimension.

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What language is Terra?

The name Terra is a Latin Baby Names baby name. In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Terra is: The planet earth. Famous bearer: mythological Terra, the Roman earth goddess equivalent to the Greek Gaia.

Schwartz, the tailor, is often described as being Jewish, though this is never stated within the novel. It is referred to with awe as "Earth-that-Was", having been abandoned centuries ago due to overpopulation and depletion of the planet's natural resources. After fleeing the planet, the remnants of humanity traveled in generation ships for decades (many humans lived their entire lives within a spaceship's walls) until finding a new star system. Collection of Earth-that-Was artifacts is a hobby for the rich, and ancient Earth artifacts are known to be very valuable.

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