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Pascal Coin prides itself on being an easy to understand and easy to work with Crypto because it is very similar to a bank. Using accounts instead of a cryptographic address lowers the entry barrier for people not used to the crypto space. Everybody needs to have a personal account in order to receive or send coins. The name derives from the use of Pascal programming language in the reference client. 

Read White Paper Here


  • Written in the Pascal programming language. This is the first cryptocurrency written in the Pascal programming language. Easy to understand for students and binary multi-platform compatible. (like "C++", the language used to make BitCoin)

    • All code is new and written by the Pascal Coin creator Albert Molina
    • Cross-platform. Source can be compiled with Delphi and/or Free Pascal compiler and run over with Windows / Linux / Mac
  • Pascal Coin works with ordinal numbered accounts instead of complicated cryptocurrency addresses, yes, like a traditional bank (from account "0" to account "XXXX")

    • To operate with coins, first, you must have at least one account (like a bank)
    • Accounts are created on each block by the miners. Each block creates 5 new accounts
    • Users can't create accounts by themselves. Unless the user is a miner and creates a block. Users can only create public/private keys to operate with accounts. Users can also have someone with an extra account send one to their public wallet key.
  • Crypto keys (Public key/Private key) are not part of the address like Bitcoin, keys are used as a personal password to operate with your accounts (like a password PIN), wallets can also be locked with a password.

  • Due to the White Paper explained concept, historical transactions can be deleted, but there will always be some nodes with all historical transactions to check consensus on the blockchain.


  • Average block time - 5 minutes

    • 288 blocks per day
    • 105,120 blocks per year
    • Note: Average is an estimation, due to internal adjusting mechanism, real average time is a value between 4 and 5 minutes, having a range of 288-360 blocks/day or 105,120-131,400 blocks/year
  • Pascal Coin use's 4 decimal values: ex. 15.1234 (15.12345 is not a valid value)

  • Initial reward per mined block is 100.0000 Pascal Coins per block.
    • This value will be divided by 2 every 420,480 blocks (average 4 years), so the next cycle reward will be 50.0000, 25.0000, etc. ... until reaching 1.0000 Pascal Coin per block.
    • The minimum reward will be 1.0000 Pascal Coin. After block 2,943,360 (avg 32 years) the block reward will remain a constant 1.0000
  • Pascal Coin uses self-creating accounts. Each block produces 5 accounts
  • 3 operation types can be done with Pascal Coin:

    • Transaction 1 to 1: A single and simple transaction, from one account to another account.
    • Change Account key: Change Public/Private key of an account.
    • Recover funds: Explained on the White Paper. This is to prevent lost keys/lost coins inside the Pascal Coin blockchain. This operation can only be done by miners when mining.
      • Recover funds can only be executed after 420,480 blocks when no operations occur in an account (approx 4 years)
  • In order to easily operate with Accounts, each account has 2 extra verification numbers.

    • Account "0" -> "0-10"
    • Account "1" -> "1-22"
    • Account "12345" -> "12345-54"
  • Cryptographic keys (elliptic curve keys) used by Pascal Coin can be one of:

  • Genesis block was created on August 11 2016

  • This coin has NO PREMINE. All coins have been distributed to miners from block 0.
  • Note: Current blockchain version is 1. The Pascal technical's can only change with a blockchain version upgrade

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Pascal Coin

PascalCoin’s blockchain is infinitely scalable, with blocks past the 100 checkpointing height being deletable. When the new node joins the network, it only downloads the last checkpoint, along with a few dozen blocks.

Pascal Coin is primarily suitable for a bank or B2B payment system – however, thanks to in-protocol double-spend-detection and in-protocol 0-confirmation insurance also for everyday shopping. Overall, Pascal Coin brings instant zero-fee transactions. Operations in Pascal are the equivalent to “transactions” in traditional cryptocurrencies.

Pascal Coin description

Pascal’s blockchain throughput from its efficient memory usage works in tandem with the nearly instant transaction speed of the SafeBox model to enable infinite scalability. Pascal’s total throughput is essentially only limited by Moore’s Law, storage space, and a highly decentralized architecture. It should be emphasized that Pascal’s blockchain throughput is technically unbounded.

Why to mine Pascal Coin?

This would cause a sell pressure and the PASA price may lower. • A significant number of Pascal users are willing to keep their PASC on exchanges and therefore don’t require a PASA. The verification throughput of Pascal and a traditional blockchain are also similar.

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Pascal Coin description

He even claims, that with this language, he could correct some Bitcoin code hiccups like blockchain size and enable recovery of lost keys. This innovation helps also with the double expenditure control (just check the accounts balance).

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Pascal Coin description

Random Hash is a “high-level cryptographic hash” algorithm that combines other well-known hash primitives in a highly serial manner. However, the team plan to implement the update later in 2018. Compared to the VISA network, this coin has fascinating structure. The blockchain serves just the decentralized mutation of the SafeBox. The PoW requirement for Byzantine consensus is not permanently needed.

If you invest in PASC, then keep in mind that this is a community funded effort. There’s no giant budget for marketing, and most of the people working on this cryptocurrency are likely volunteers. That doesn’t make them any less dedicated, but it does usually control how much time they can dedicate to developments, and things may move much more slowly because of it. An instant, 0-fees, infinitely scalable, and deletable blockchain cryptocurrency with privacy and smart contract capabilities - enabled by SafeBox technology.

Pascal Coin description


Thanks to the PascalCoin community and to our marketing team for making this possible. There is a full C# implementation of PascalCoin being developed by Sphere 10 software called NPascalCoin. It currently supports the JSON-RPC API with plans for network protocol. However, 0-confirmation transactions are much more reliable than in other cryptocurrencies.

  • The verification throughput of Pascal and a traditional blockchain are also similar.
  • You can buy, sell or trade Pascal Coin (PASC) on more than 10 exchange listed above.
  • Then, it followed the entire market and reached its all-time high in January 2018 – over 5,60 USD.
  • This will in turn, allow you to receive rewards more frequently.

Pascal currently has several full-time developers including Albert Molina and Herman Schoenfeld. Sphere 10, a company directed by Herman, also allocates developers to this project from time to time.

Pascal Coin enables them to transact funds between accounts, similar to real banks. Now, when you hear “bank”, don’t immediately think it’s centralized. The way it works is that it stores a “snapshot” of people’s account balances and removes bloat from the blockchain. This leads us to another good reason why you should mine PASC coins – infinite scaling.

Pascal Coin description

Currently this coin is suffering from a centralization issue and they are working on a solution. A low-memory, GPU and ASIC-resistant hash algorithm called Random Hash is proposed to resolve and prevent dual-mining centralization.

You can buy, sell or trade Pascal Coin (PASC) on more than 10 exchange listed above. The total trade volume of Pascal Coin in last 24 hour is around 0 USD. You can select some of above exchanges to buy Pascal Coin (PASC) with USD, INR, CAD, EUR, GBP, RUB, etc. Also, you can use the same exchanges to trade Pascal Coin (PASC) against cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, XMR, USDT, BNB, etc. Your Pascal Coin investment, however, operates on something they call Safebox.

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Pascal Coin description

The Pascal account, PASA, is indivisible unlike Pascal. Development is organised via the Trello board using Agile development methodology.

Horizontal scaling also exists in this paradigm as there is no interdependence between smart contracts and states are not managed by side-chains. One would be able to run the entire global financial system on Pascal’s smart contract platform and it would scale infinitely and securely. • The network would not be impacted by the large volume of transactions since the natural process of checkpointing discards these transactions after 100 blocks.

Pascal Coin description

Pascal Coin was designed to revolutionize blockchain technology – it is called a super scalable cryptocurrency. It is a cryptocurrency designed for working without the need of historical operations. The creators move away from the idea of holding the entire blockchain data.

Pascal Coin description

Currently there are 5 full-time developers actively working on Pascal. Various other developers have contributed to the Pascal project (web, documentation, code, etc). This would result in a fast, cheap, seamless and genuine anonymity for Pascal users.

Pascal Coin description

As a result, Pascal has a strong privacy roadmap that has already been partially rolled out. Technically, no blockchain data in Pascal is ever deleted even in the presence of the SafeBox. Since the SafeBox is cryptographically equivalent to a node with the entire history, Pascal nodes are not expected to contain infinite history.

Pascal Coin description