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A crypto currency aiming to become the de facto method of payment for the parking industry. A SHA256 coin operating on proof of work and proof of stake with a coin cap of 25 million. 

The idea of this coin is to lay the foundations to give car park operators the platform to integrate with cryptocurrencies with ease.

They see Bitcoin as the tool that is trying to revolutionize the Financial Industry and that it shouldn't stop there. There are many other industry's worldwide that could benefit from its technology.

ParkByte will be therefore specifically targeted at laying the foundations for processing parking transactions.

Currently Parking can be paid via many methods but there is not yet a crypto related method.


In the UK we are able to pay for parking via Companies like RingGo, they accept Credit Card, Premium SMS methods but not Crypto.

These type of companies have in the previous years been putting a lot of pressure on conventional coin and ticket machine manufacturers because their system is cost effective. Cobalt, RingGo's parent have now "securely processed over £ 1 billion" for "4,000 sites across the UK, by more than 60 local authorities, 10 railway operators and numerous private parking operators".

After having worked in the Parking Machine Manufacturing Industry for 5 years, the coin developers can see there being a huge amount of potential for this coin, its unique iOS / Android APPs and the backend processing servers.

The coin will provide basic functionality, they could then explore maybe a type of CMS marketplace where developers sell their own themes, plugins etc. for the backend server used by the parking companies.


Algo: SHA256

Ticker: PKB

Block Time: 60seconds


Timeframe: ~27days

POW Coins: 3,688,710 PKB

20% Premine: 922,178 PKB 

Premine Burn: 1,077,822 PKB

Total POW Supply: 4,610,888 PKB 


Min Stake time: 1hour

Year 1 - 5%

Year 2 - 4%

Year 3 and onwards 3%

25m Total Coin

RPC Port= 59060

P2P Port= 58060

Mkt.Cap $ 0.00000000 Volume 24H 0.00000000PKB
Market share 0% Total Supply 25 MPKB
Proof type PoW/PoS Open $ 0.24
Low $ 0.24 High $ 0.26