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Bali vs Maldives

The count can easily reach 20,000 in an area of 5,780sqkms of the island Bali. Our guide Deva explained that since Balinese Hinduism is a mix of 3 faiths there are many temples and ceremonies. Balinese families build their houses within a compound wall and each family has a temple. It is meant for the worship by the family members. Every year, Bali opens its magical doors to more than 4 million visitors.

Street Food

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We did love to find the small offerings everywhere we went. While I am at the temples let me also explain a unique method of prayer there. As you stroll through the streets of Bali you will see offerings in plates lying on roads in front of shops.

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What can you not eat in Bali?

The most popular time to visit Tanah Lot is in the evening, at sunset. Most groups and tourists arrive about an hour or two before the sun sets and stay until it gets dark. We suggest you arrive in the morning to avoid the crowds, especially during high season. Avoid lunchtime, as it usually gets too hot at this time.

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If you are lucky, you can even see some ceremonies inside the temple. Vihara Dharma Giri is a Buddhist temple in the village of Pupuan in Tabanan, West Bali, best known for its giant, chalk-white sleeping Buddha statue. Gunung Lebah Temple is one of Ubud’s central landmarks, positioned at the western end of the Jalan Raya Ubud main road.

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The first king of the Balinese Warmadewa dynasty, he was believed to have installed Bali's first formal government. Blanjong Temple also showcases sandstone statues of Hindu lord Ganesh and various animal figures.

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Bali Tourist Attractions – Popular Place To Visit

Some people believe that drinking Yakult for a few weeks before travelling and while in Bali will increase the good bacteria in their gut to fight off any nasty stomach bugs. This is not medically proven so still take all other precautions.

A little time spent planning the things you want to see and where they are will go a long way to keeping you on track and on budget. That’s when there will definitely be crowds of visitors at Tanah Lot (but it would also be a unique experience).

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Can I eat salad in Bali?

Balinese Hindus, for example, consider cows to be holy and therefore refrain from eating beef. Tourists are not expected to do the same, but you may consider not ordering beef when eating with a local (also, bringing and eating beef in temples or sacred places is prohibited).

What is a Natural Remedy for Bali Belly?

It’s something experiential and good for the soul. One of the reasons i would want to go to Bali is see temples.

While the weather is mostly hot, it can vary, depending on whether you go to the beach or mountains. Read our guide on what to wear when traveling to Bali and be perfectly geared up for the adventure of a lifetime. In addition to the shop in Kuta Bali, shopping places in Ubud also included in the list of top ten shopping places in Bali.

  • Though modern Balinese shake hands as Westerners do, the traditional salute is the Sembah salute as in the Indian Namaste where the palms are joined together and placed vertically against the chest.
  • PubMed is a searchable database of medical literature and lists journal articles that discuss PURA syndrome.
  • Never again and I kept apologizing to the Gods while I was running away from the temple.
  • I loved that about Bali, it doesn’t how touristy the Island is getting it still holds to it’s identity and religion.

Bali is a busy island, other than the idyllic resort properties. Pickpockets and petty thefts are relatively common, so be careful about your belongings. Avoid paying heed to hawkers and roadside vendors as they may fool tourists.

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Are there monks in Bali?

Top tips are to eat in recommended and/or busy restaurants, and wash your hands before you eat. Salad is fine, bottled water is fine, ice in drinks is fine. Be very careful with your alcoholic drinks, the consequences could be a lot worse than Bali Belly

In both you will be served traditional Indonesian food in a very simple setting. Some Warungs are simply wooden shacks along the roadside with a couple of plastic chairs, a table (if at all), a rice cooker and a gas stove with a frying pan. It is definitely something that you do not want to miss out on.

Is it rude to tip in Bali?

So why are some trees or statues wearing a sarong in poleng cloth then? When an object is wearing this cloth, it means that a spirit resides within. The cloth keeps the spirit and its energy inside and also protects the people from being disturbed by the spirit.

The temple’s name loosely translates to ‘mountain valley temple’ in archaic Balinese. It dates back to the 8th century, and has close spiritual ties to Batur Temple. Tanah Lot regularly features on Bali postcards and travel brochures, thanks to its stunning and unique offshore setting. It comprises an ancient Hindu shrine that sits on top of an outcrop amidst constantly crashing waves from the Indian Ocean. The sea temple is a constant highlight on tours to Bali’s western region – sunsets here are not to be missed.

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Many inventive food vendors own "kitchen"-carts on wheels that they set up as the sun sets, one dish is cooked and served to diners who sit on plastic stools at makeshift tables. South-east Asia is famous for its street food, including, of course, Indonesia especially Bali. Without having tried those places you are missing out.

Is Bali Belly Contagious?

We thought we saw a lot when we visited but we did not even scratch the surface! Tanah Lot was probably my favourite, even though we visited on a mostly cloudy day. It would be so interesting to visit when a festival was on.

Types of pura

Thank you for clearing up the confusion of why menstruating women aren’t allowed in the temple. I appreciate its more about the prohibiting of “bloodshed” as opposed to women being impure. I actually used to live In Bali, and although I’m not religious myself it was amazing and quite an experience to see all the religious festivals that used to take place. When I first moved out there, I had no idea about the offerings and just how many temples there were but You’re right there are so many. And even in our villa we had a temple build in, which our landlord would come around every so often and perform a ceremony.

How should I dress for Bali temple?

Our guide Deva explained that since Balinese Hinduism is a mix of 3 faiths there are many temples and ceremonies. Each and every house of Bali has a temple. Balinese families build their houses within a compound wall and each family has a temple. It is meant for the worship by the family members.

Maldives offers more in terms of adventures and going to different islands, but it is more expensive. The Maldives is hailed as a popular location for solo travellers as it provides many options and amenities. It is advised to stay in resorts if you're not sure about the area. Island-hopping and resort-hopping are much-recommended, especially for women travellers.

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The temple is a national cultural heritage site and welcomes visitors year-round. Lempuyang Temple is one of Bali’s oldest and most venerated temples. This temple is also believed to predate the majority of Hindu temples on the island.

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