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Hermione Granger

Ron receives a Howler from his mother, berating him for taking the car. Hugo Granger-Weasley (son)Born1 March 1980Ronald Bilius Weasley is a fictional character in J. His first appearance was in the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, as the best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. He is a member of the Weasley family, a pure blood family that resides in "The Burrow" outside Ottery St. Catchpole. Along with Harry and Hermione, he is a member of Gryffindor house.

How old is Ginny?

Ginevra "Ginny" Molly Weasley is the only daughter and youngest child of Arthur and Molly Weasley. She is in Gryffindor and is the sister of Ron Weasley. She is one year younger than both Ron and Harry.

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Harry, meanwhile, has been thinking about the vial of Felix Felicis tucked away in his trunk. He has been considering using it in the hopes of getting a love interest better matched to Ron, as well as a girlfriend for himself. Finally, having been given a mission to retrieve a memory from Professor Slughorn, Harry uses the Felix Felicis potion to make himself lucky.

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Ron was furious with the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, when he refused to believe Harry and Dumbledore, and calmed Molly when she was shocked by Black's appearance in the room. Ron did not go against Harry's story when he finally heard it, sticking by his best friend. Early in the spring, Ron joined Harry and Hermione in visiting Sirius Black, who had taken to hiding in Hogsmeade. There, they discussed the disappearances of Ministry officialsBarty Crouch Snr and Bertha Jorkins. In the weeks leading up to the final tournament task, Ron and Hermione helped Harry prepare by researching and trying out different jinxes and other helpful spells for the task.

She, however, is already dating Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff, who is not only Harry's romantic rival, but is the Hogwarts' Champion in the dangerous Triwizard Tournament, a recently revived inter-school competition. Harry hears the disembodied voice again, causing Hermione to dash to the library to research something, but she is found petrified before sharing what she learned.

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In addition, Fleur's blunt personality, apparent self-centeredness, and tendency to speak her mind irritated both Molly and Ginny. Mrs. Weasley became convinced that their mutual feelings were based more on physical attraction, as well as the adventurous side each possessed — him as a Curse Breaker, and her as a Triwizard Champion.

14. Hermione went back to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year of study and her N.E.W.T.S. Harry and Ron did not.

As the two become estranged, Hermione is Harry's sole supporter among students. It is only after Harry barely survives the deadly first challenge that Ron realizes he would never have cheated to enter, and they reconcile. It soon becomes apparent that there may be a sinister plot to murder Harry.

Ron, suffering from arachnophobia, bravely follows Harry as he trails spiders into the Forbidden Forest. There they find Aragog, a giant arachnid who claims he is not the monster in the Chamber and that Hagrid is innocent. Also, a torn-out page found clutched in Hermione's Petrified hand indicates the monster is a Basilisk and uses the plumbing to move around the castle. Harry is certain that Moaning Myrtle's bathroom contains the Chamber of Secrets' entrance, and she is the girl who died.

When she comes over to the Gryffindor table to ask if they want their bouillabaisse on their first night at Hogwarts, Ron is almost struck dumb. After she departs, Ron says that she must have some Veela in her ancestry. Hermione is rather nettled by this, and says that nobody else is acting that silly about her, but Harry notices that many other students seem similarly struck by her. The Monster in the Chamber of Secrets is released periodically and is Petrifying students.

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After Hogwarts (1998-

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On his birthday, Ron finds a carton of chocolate cauldrons that had been given to Harry, and that Harry had set aside as being possibly spiked with love potion. Eating two of them, he becomes instantly infatuated with Romilda Vane. Harry takes him off to Professor Slughorn to get the potion reversed, in the process brushing past Lavender. Ron tells Lavender with great excitement that Harry is taking him to meet Romilda.

Why is Ron The King?

Coincidentally, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley are all the three types of wizards; Harry being a half-blood, Hermione being Muggle-born, and Ron being a pure-blood.

He, Hermione, and Ron return to the Common Room, but as Harry is under his Invisibility Cloak, Lavender can only see Hermione and Ron, and demands to know what the two of them have been doing up in the boys' dormitory. Hermione, angry at Ron, had been refusing to help him with his homework. When she finally relents, as it seems Ron's spell-checking quill has started making bizarre misspellings, Ron, with a sigh of relief, says he loves her. Ron replies that maybe he should, he has been looking for an excuse to break up with Lavender.

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  • Draco suggests that Harry might be well advised to be their friend, implying the Weasleys are inferior, even though they are pure-blooded wizards like the Malfoys.
  • Scabbers was an unusually old and scraggly-looking rat that originally belonged to Percy Weasley, but was passed down to Ron when Percy was given Hermes.
  • He was further irritated when Harry turned down his offer of friendship in favour of Ron’s.[27] Like their fathers, Arthur Weasley and Lucius Malfoy, Ron and Draco despised each other and frequently exchanged insults.
  • When Ginny Weasley has been taken into the Chamber, Harry and Ron force Professor Gilderoy Lockhart to Myrtle's bathroom after finding him about to flee the school—the legendary Lockhart is a cowardly fraud.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Ron met Harry Potter when they were about to go into Platform 9 3/4. Ron is related to Draco Malfoy distantly; his paternal grandmother was a Black, who are related to the Malfoys through Narcissa's marriage to Lucius, Draco's father.

How would you describe Ron Weasley?

Rowling introduces Ron as "tall, thin and gangling, with freckles, big hands and feet, and a long nose." Ron has the trademark red hair of the Weasleys and is indeed one of Harry's tallest schoolmates, even outgrowing some of his older brothers.

Following the troll incident, Hermione lied to Professor McGonagall to prevent Harry and Ron from getting into trouble.[27] From that time onwards, the trio were best friends, in spite of Ron and Hermione's tendency to bicker. Ron temporarily abandoned his friends, though he instantly regretted it, and returned to save Harry's life.[35] By and large, Ron was always fiercely loyal to Harry and risked life and limb on countless occasions for him. Even in 2020, Ron tried to prevent Harry from being transfigured into Voldemort due he didn't want Harry to be affected by his trauma. The two eventually became brothers-in-law when Harry married Ron's sister.

Harry is grateful for Ron's help, and also for being included as part of the Weasley family. The two boys are nearly inseparable, doing practically everything together, though Harry, more assertive, usually takes the lead in their adventures. While Ron is usually content to bask in Harry's reflected glory, he occasionally feels jealous over his fame and the constant attention it brings, eventually causing a short-lived falling out between the two boys, resulting in a better relationship, in book 4. In book 7, Ron, frustrated with Dumbledore's mission, Harry's seeming indecisiveness, and unable to cope with the harsh living conditions, briefly deserts him and Hermione, though he heroically returns in time to save Harry's life. These clashes sometimes seem related to Ron's own low self-esteem and that he has much to live up to with five accomplished older brothers, and an equally talented younger sister.

As mentioned above, he can occasionally be ungrateful and somewhat cruel in how he treats others, such as Luna Lovegood, though he generally possesses a good heart. When Ron was very young, his brothers Fred and George, as a prank, turned his teddy bear into a spider. As a result, Ron is now deathly afraid of spiders; despite this, he somehow mustered the courage to follow Harry into the giant spider Aragog's lair, showing he is a true Gryffindor. Ron also displays particular susceptibility and weakness to the Imperius Curse when practicing hexes in Professor Moody's class.

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Though she attempted to abscond, Peeves the Poltergeist discovered her sneaking away, and led the students in driving her out Hogwarts. He was given to Ron by Sirius Black, as Sirius felt partially responsible for the loss of Ron's pet rat, who turned out to be the Animagus and Death Eater, Peter Pettigrew, in disguise. Initially, Ron loved him, and enjoyed having an owl of his own, but Pig, as Ron preferred to call him, turned out to be very tiny and hyperactive, and became mainly annoying to Ron (as Errol and Hermes, according to Ron) and had to be kept away from them. It can be assumed that deep down Ron still loved Pigwidgeon considering that before he found out the truth about Peter Pettigrew he still loved "Scabbers" despite complaining about his uselessness nonstop. Ron was a huge fan of Viktor Krum, as he was the Seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team, enthusiastic to the point of purchasing a miniature Krum figurine at the Quidditch World Cup and bringing it with him to school.

Ron, Harry and Hermione stayed at Grimmauld Place throughout August. In late August, Ron and Hermione were made a Gryffindor prefect, for which Molly and Arthur gave Ron a newCleansweep Eleven. Bound by their prefect duties, Ron and Hermione were separated from Harry on theHogwarts Expressand could only join Harry in his compartment for the last part of the journey.

23. Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley became boyfriend and girlfriend.

When Harry led them into the Department of Mysteries, Ron stuck with him into the deepest recesses of the Department. There, the six Dumbledore's Army members were ambushed by twelve Death Eaters, led by wizarding aristocratLucius Malfoy, and Ron helped defend the prophecy Harry took from the Hall Of Prophecies, but his fight was soon over as a Death Eater had wiped his brains. Ron was so confused that he summoned a tentacled-brain from a vat in the Thought Chamber and was attacked by it, but soon recovered later on.

The point of Ron’s abandoning his friends in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was to highlight that while he had his doubts, he would always return to them. That was what ultimately happened but when you compare him to Hermione, who never left Harry at any point, then Ron doesn’t measure up so well. This was rather childish of Ron in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where he assumed Hermione was in charge of all food-related stuff just because she was female. Ron was used to his mother feeding him when he was home and simply connected that with Hermione being the female presence when the trio was on the run. For general guidance and support, Ron seems particularly dependent upon the loving and close-knit Weasley clan.

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Ron and Harry are given Special Awards for Services to the School for this, and he receives two hundred points, along with Harry for their success in the Chamber of Secrets. Dresang also emphasises Hermione's parallelism with Rowling herself and how, as Hermione has some attributes from Rowling herself, she must be a strong character.

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Leung, who first appeared as Cho in 2005’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, says that as a young actor, nothing could have prepared her for the breadth of the production. ” she said of her look as the shy Ravenclaw in 2007’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Bill met Fleur Delacour when he accompanied his mother to Hogwarts to support Harry Potter during the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament, in which she was also a Champion.

The Good Doctor: 5 Times It Was Medically Accurate (& 5 Times It Was Completely Made Up)

Is credence really a Dumbledore?

Our hero, Harry Potter, is the son of James Potter (the last heir of a famous medieval wizarding family) and Lily Evans (a Muggle-born witch). This family tree, a mock up in Ancestry.com, shows the known ancestors and relatives of Harry Potter—including new information added by J.K. Rowling.

At this time Ron proposed to Hermione again after reading about renewing wedding vows, showing that Ron had become rather romantic as he matured, which made Hermione melt, deeply touched by her husband's romantic gesture and agreeing on the spot to it. This shows hows Ron and Hermione's relationship had evolved and much of their bickering subsiding a bit for a more gentle marriage, yet still rife with their uniquely combative and verbally alarming undertones to it. When Ron temporarily left his friends, Hermione cried over him for weeks; Ron was able to return by hearing Hermione's voice saying his name through his Deluminator. When Ron destroyed the locket Horcrux, it taunted him with visions of his greatest fears, one of which was Hermione preferring Harry to him.

He was also shown to help in overpoweringDelphiniwhen she tried to go back in time to stop Voldemort from killing Harry Potter when he was a baby. Harry decides he wants someone to wear the Horcrux at all times, fearing it might be lost or stolen. This has a much more profound effect on Ron than it seems to have on Hermione or Harry.